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Downloading movies
Seen the remake of Stephen King's "Pet Sematary" (2019) yet?
Somebody I know has seen it already at the Cinema and said it was very good.
Cool! Looking forward to watch this, one day soon.
I never liked the original one to being with.

I wonder what these guys are thinking with "remakes."

Liked the bad-ass evil child though.

(Apr 18, 2019, 19:19 pm)RodneyYouPlonker Wrote: What you should do really is if you're a fan of that movie you should get it in 4K if you can afford it and just sack off all the downloading stuff and then you can get the nice 4K quality if you buy yourself a cheap player.  That's what we did earlier on this year and got a free movie during the whole process one of which had Brad Pitt starring in it and it looked excellent better than any kind of "download" you will find on the internet.  If you love your movies and you want the best well you can't beat that really and I wouldn't waste your time on here trying to download these Hindi style rips or whatever they do with them as they only produce files that will A. Clog up your hard drive and B. Not give you the proper quality as it should be.

I'm not sure if the film in question is available at the moment in 4K but I'm sure it will be eventually, also a good movie to experience in a higher and more detailed resolution.  If your TV system is new then you are most likely going to benefit from all the HDR technology that exists.

Well, Rod, I tried to buy everything, meaning DVDs, even the tenth anniversary versions.

Turns out that the quality is crappy; it deteriorated and I had to buy another copy.

Does 4K have better protection?
The 5.25" plastic format is an evolutionary replacement for vinyls, cheap and fragile media. They are subject to scratching and even wear on the metallic layer. Were they made of diamond covered titanium, like Spok's tricorder discs, they would last for centuries - And hurt the market. Also the drives wear out with time, so buying best quality professional hardware, keeping your media in proper storage, and doing regular maintenance, all are requirements of a good media collection.
Quote:Does 4K have better protection?

Part of the reason they brought this format out is because of people like me and what I'm getting up to.  This is the reason why so many releases have already come out.  Yes they make it harder to copy and then again you can still do it, there's forums around the net where they talk about this exact specific thing.  The protections are harder but it's like anything using the right program will do the job.

The problem is at the moment broadband is not good enough to cope with the size of 4K movie torrents.  Until things get better it could take many years, if people don't have good enough computers and good enough broadband then they will suffer just like they are doing at the moment so the temptation to just buy a disc and sack off the downloading movie files is a very high temptation.

Another thing about 4K, yes it's a lot better than the likes of DVD.  Not just the quality of the video you receive but also they are made better.  DVD is very old fashioned now and no wonder so many stores have shut down it's because they focused their sales on DVD too much and nobody wanted them so therefore they failed.  Should have focused a lot more on Blu Ray instead same again with 4K they really need to focus on that cos some people are years behind.  The problem I have is that 4K is too expensive, I can't afford it myself.  I have to avoid really unless it's a special treat, like they really do charge so much.  They are wanting the maximum money they can get.  It is too much out of my price range yes I could afford it but I'd have to cancel all my servers and ditch this whole torrent thing and then yes I could afford 4K then I could probably buy 1 every week after about a year I'd have about 50 titles.
Anyhow, I have no more money to buy any video discs, so don't judge me for being a cheapskate.
Fleamarkets. Auctions. Buy media by the boxload.
I'm not near any Flea Markets.

I'm not going to use eBay.

What kinds of media?

(Apr 21, 2019, 07:55 am)dueda Wrote: so buying best quality professional hardware, keeping your media in proper storage, and doing regular maintenance, all are requirements of a good media collection.

Well, I would take your advice, but I'm too poor to get "best quality professional hardware," and it's not like I shove my original collections up my asshole!

It's a vicious cycle; of course I will continue buy what I want to watch, but I am dismally angry at people who tell you to buy and not pirate.

The last time I checked, all the pirated movies/TV shows are restored effectively and efficiently.

For those people who say I'm a cheapskate, I bid them well in life.
(Apr 21, 2019, 16:15 pm)RobertX Wrote: Well, I would take your advice, but I'm too poor to get [...]

Likewise; insert anything costlier than a peanut and that's me. $10 is happiness. So I'm not a decent media collector or pirate, for all matters.

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