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Do you still go to the library?
How you doin', spud?

I agree with you about e-books and paper books. I remember in my area, when the rain cause the power outage just last July, it was hours before it went back on, and I had to wait until the power to come back on.

I couldn't do my studying on the computer, so I lit candles and just read a paper book.

Traditional and timeless "technologies" win the race.
I still go to library
some of old technical textbook is not preserved as digital alongside some very subversive writings that lost it's fame by some writings about "How to get laid in 2 seconds" stuff
^^Good point Picklock.... a huge amount of academic material simply isn't available in digital format and is likely to remain that way... because of fear. It isn't uncommon for students to have to travel hundreds of miles in person to visit a library in order to photocopy a paper for research, because the library is strictly forbidden from scanning the pages and uploading the papers themselves, and face prosecution by trolls if they do, possibly leading to a lawsuit that the local authority can't handle and which might spell the death of said library.

See here for more details.

Like RobertX said, traditional wins, and probably always will unless more content from the academic sphere is made available to all.
I love our library, full of really good books and technology for all agesBig Grin

Is it clean and well maintained? YES

Is it wanted in our area? YES

Do the staff want to work there? YES

Is it open only 2 days a week??? YES.......... bloody cutbacks Angry

Libraries are portals to all of the world’s knowledge.
I love the library and still go all the time. however I do obtain the books i would like to stay. i have been considering obtaining Associate in Nursing ereader however i am still on the fence. If our library had ebooks, i would get one during a hearbeat however they do not however. I simply cannot surrender on the physical book sort of those I obtain, though.
Everyone goes to the library for different reasons, plenty of them are not there to borrow books. Surprising? Not really, when you consider the library a place that houses many different things.
So, what do people come to our library for?

Take out books, magazines
Read the newspaper.
Put up posters/flyers/brochures
Take out a DVD (or four)
Borrow an audiobook
Visit a staff member
Tutor someone or be tutored
Use a public computer or access wireless internet on own device
Attend a meeting or event.
We’re not picky about why someone visits the library. Often, they come for one thing, but they’ll be back again soon for some other reason. That’s the wonderful thing about libraries…..they’re addictive once you realize how much there is to offer…and almost everything is FREE! Where else can you go in your community for entertainment, education, socialization, information, and so much more without opening your wallet?

Info; http://talesfromanopenbook.wordpress.com...e-library/
Only place where you can get some real quiet. Bring your kindle while your at it. Tongue
Our library is really great, lots of study space! But ti doesn't have a large selection of old books Sad
Yes, it is still a great place to get books and ebooks now. While carrying an ebook is more convenient (as I can carry around a small library) - there is nothing like the feel of reading a soft/hard cover book that makes it that much more enjoyable for me. Going to the library allows me to read without increasing the crazy amount of books that I already have and saving quiet a bit of cash in the process.
Library is a good place where to read good book, maybe meet people with simular interests like you, get help about the books, have a nice quiet atmosphere for reading. There's a big help from libraries, as you can pay about 2 $ for renting a book, that you would never keeep, instead paying 17$ for original book that will later be used for keeping dust on it. Anyways i still go to libraries.

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