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Full Version: Do you still go to the library?
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I'm a fan of libraries. I can't stand reading large amounts of text (IE, book-sized amount of pages) on a digital device, so books are more my speed. The problem is that I haven't the money to buy many that I see around, so borrowing at the local library is good. Smile

However, I'm curious if y'all pirates prefer torrenting your reading material; are forced to do so due to lack of accessibility; or are like me and go to the local reading rental. So share away.
I do.
I used to be brought to the library as a kid by my Dad. Years passed and life happens and all that fell to the way-side. Now years later. I love nothing more than going to the library either to study. Or spend a few hours with my youngest.
Electronic is brilliant and accessible to so many. But the intensity of reading a hard copy can't be rivaled IMO.

As you can see. I go there partly to learn how to spell Smile
In the Central Library of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, there is always a book sale for Shakespearean novels, (burnt!) CDs, and (outdated!) Certificate books for exams.

I've never borrowed books before due to the fact that I cannot read as fast as people do. I usually just borrow videos to copy on my computer.

I do remember, however, of buying HTML guides, Samba guides (with the software), and programming guides that are ten years old.
I do occasionally. But I honestly have so many thousands of ebooks that I rarely feel the need to look for a new book.
In many aspects torrent sites have taken over libraries. In my opinion there are many benefits to torrent sites. I don't get why torrenting is such a big deal since libraries don't require you to buy material either.
  • You don't have to waste gas
  • There are no late fees
  • You don't have to worry about being first to get a movie
I haven't been for a few years. Used to go all the time.
I still read some hard copy books, but have come to prefer the bookreaders.
As you get older they are a lot easier to hold.
Well, that's the reason why I torrent ebooks. If I had a library nearby I would go there everyday, but sadly, some of us live in countries where libraries are not prevalent. Undecided
I love to go to the library too, but recently my local gov. closed and turned it into an information center due to low patronage .
Obviously I protested, but I didn't get enough signatures to convince them the library was worth funding.
I haven't been to a library in years.

With over 5,000 eBooks in my collection and the Internet at my fingertips, I rarely find the need.
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