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Do you still go to the library?
Yup. I am 60+ but feel 18 only. Love technology which has helped me in life.
Love even the Samsung windows phone with Freda the ereader and ebooks on it. I have entertainment and fun wherever I am!
Pull out a ebook and imerse oneself.

Have Joined the local library but hard to get there at a reasonable time. However its got a good atmosphere and lots of old books so still visit but love the epub.
I still prefer the look and feel of books to eReaders. But the convenience of obtaining titles is winning me over.
(Dec 31, 2013, 19:50 pm)NIK Wrote: I still prefer the look and feel of books to eReaders.

I used to say that, but after a while of reading almost exclusively from a Kindle for the last year, I have learned to like it better. I'd suggest going with the black background, white text if available. When I read for long periods of time with the black on white, my eyes felt strained. The alternate is almost no strain at all-- especially in dark rooms.

Also, most book readers have the ability to mark and annotate sections of books. I find this to be tremendously handy when I am studying a new subject or flipping back to an older book. The old way that would have meant me writing in my books (which I refuse to do) or slipping notes into the book (and having them fall out) or just trying to remember. I'll let you guess how good the memory of an aging pothead is. Big Grin

And I love Calibre also. My library is fully maintained and beautiful and it really wasn't much work at all when you compare it with the struggles I go through to maintain my music and movies.
Oh man, I was just thinking yesterday, I havent been to a library since i moved a few years ago. I think im going to go get myself a library card tomorrow!! Like most of yall, i grew up in the library, borrowing VHS movies, "create your own ending" books, ah, as a preteen/early teenager, that place was magical. it is quite sad that they have been dying off. maybe someone could start a movement and get libraries on their own private/managed sort of torrenting system!? ahh.. pipedream. happy new years gusy!
I can't imagine what life would be without being able to pop into the local library and read or get some books...that's me though, i just love reading..

Big Grin
Just When I Have Group Studies. I Don't Love Reading Books Though :/
I still go to the library when i have free time in the winter. Generally, kids are in school and working people are on the job so the library is not crowded or noisy. It's a good opportunity to relax and randomly find new interesting material.
Has anyone here accumulated due dates before? Smile

Anyway, an interesting question that I just thought of is this: is going to the library preferred, or is reading at home?

EDIT: I'm more of an archivist; as you may remember reading my last post in this thread, I only go there because of DVDs, but that's it. I like to keep. I don't stay for hours on end in the library. I can't finish the books on time, and I certainly can't finish it in the library.
Yes...although I have calibre, I can't bear the thought of relying on electricity to power a book, it's wrong on so many levels. Libraries are prevalent and well-stocked in my area and I still get a buzz when the staff call to say a book I've ordered has come in. Occasionally, books loaned from the British Library can't be taken home and have to be read on library property...which can be a pain in the arse having to go back several days on the trot to finish it off, but the book content matter makes the hassle worth it.
cant beat a paperback

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