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specops the line
Zelda: Link to the past.

We need more retro gamers, who knew the real games.
I just beat Super Donkey Kong, the Japanese version of Donkey Kong Country.

I beat the last boss, but the saves screen said I have less than 50% done. I killed every level, I don't know why.
Recently started playing Super Mario World.
It is a lot harder than I remember.
Haven't been playing much

*mostly L4D and luxor 2 HD
^still fun after 6 years
Battlefield 4 & Call of Duty : Ghosts
2014 FIFA World Cup Brasil ;-)
I haven't had time to sit down and play a game the last week or two, but I have been playing Clash of Clans on my phone. It's a fun little game. Before that, I was playing Dark Souls 2.
Microsoft Flight Simulator X
bioshock 2....i must finish this game this time
i was a hard core gamer, now i am more of reading a book time changes you

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