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MGS1 for PS1 Smile
Black Flag Finished, Now I'm back to my gud ol The Witcher 2
(Dec 08, 2013, 05:15 am)Danimal1q2w3 Wrote: MGS1 for PS1 Smile

Amazing game! I remenber getting it for PS1 the first day it came out freaking epic.

Currently playing: Shadowrun Returns (waiting for the new DLC and wasteland 2 *drool*)
Super Donkey Kong, Japanese version of Donkey Kong Country.

Tougher than most Mario games, and very unforgiving too. Although it gives you battery backup saves, you can't exactly continue after losing all your lives; no continue feature!

Challenging overall.
New to this!! cant get the Xbox games onto a usb stick.. wtf am I doing wrong?

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Just started Skyrim yesterday, I'm loving it.
Gta Sanandreas (Android)
sniper elite v2; its THE SHIT! Big Grin
Rise of the Triad.

Anyone up for a deathmatch? Smile

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