Creepy, unsettling or just plain weird music
I like dark and creepy things in general, so that applies to music as well. Here are some songs that might unnerve you or just weird you out (I put them in spoilers to save space):

Bathory - Storm of Damnation

Gorgoroth - Postludium

Aghast - Sacrifice
(If you like that, I have a torrent of this album)

Enemite - Sepulture of All Imago - The Anathema
(I also have a torrent of this album)

Nurse With Wound - Several Odd Moments Prior To Lunch

I would also post the song "All The Dread Magnificence Of Perversity" by Gnaw Their Tongues, but I couldn't find a video.

Post some creepy or weird songs that you know of.


Skinny Puppy - Love spoilered for nudity on album cover

I got four more:

Gorgoroth - Will To Power

Sunn O))) - Cry For The Weeper

David Byrne - Horses

Röyksopp - The Final Day
The most disturbing song i ever heard, and most creepy artist playing it...

Chad VanGaalen - "Molten Light"


Love the shares

Here is one.
Sieg Ziggurat - Kuroi Jukai
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DOA by Bloodrock

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