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Coronavirus COVID-19
Its nonsense that masks do not prevent you from *catching* it. The three main routes are inhalation, eyes, and surface to face.

N95 quality masks can handle nearly every size of aerosol. 300nm pores are smalleset size needed.

The problem is that the Chinese has buyer agents scoff up all quality PPE *before* they publicly announced the wuflu.

With them being scarce the talking heads told us they werent needed, as those available were needed in hospitals. And the gummint did not want to appear as incompetant as they are, so bluffed their way out of the situation by saying masks were not necessary.

Its with masks that the Chinese extinguished the deadlier SARS epidemic in 2002.

But gloves and disinfectants are also necessary.
Especially if you have an itchy eyelid.
It gets worse:
Most virii enter cells though only a single receptor (or closely related family of receptors, like AIDs with its 4 CD related family receptors).
This booger has *FOUR*. Very.Different.Types.

The US military is already barring anyone with *antibodies* to the booger. Meaning if you catch it, and just even get a light cold, or show no symptoms at all - forget about Uncle Scam.
They know something WE dont.

This was engineered to maim, and not kill.
And perhaps to never go away.
It hides in nerve cells. Like the herpes family virii.

A warning to those who think its just a danger to old and sick folk....
(May 04, 2020, 23:29 pm)waregim Wrote: But gloves and disinfectants are also necessary.
Especially if you have an itchy eyelid.
When you apply disinfectants, do you apply them to your bare hands, or do you apply them on your gloves?
Both, actually.

We've been using chlorhexidine which we get by the gallon from a feed store for the chickens. Its pretty mild, and is supposed to leave a protective residue. However I really should add about 10% denatured alcohol to it, as while it is a hospital disinfectant and kill virii on hands, it may not be as potent as some others.

The ideal disinfectant is bleach, but it can be corrosive to clothing, and is a strong irritant. Quats such as lysol are not as irritating, and may be more potent, we have simply ran out of it - and are not quite up to doing a Walmart run.

Currently we are using standard quat wipes on hands and gloves outside, chlorhexidine for hands and clothing in the truck and wiping off purchases and mail and shoes, and putting outer clothing in the back bathroom with a 30W UV-C/Ozone Generator for around 30 minutes. Nothing would survive that. I almost didnt when I went in momentarily to toss in some stuff after it had been running for a while. Need to wait a few hours for the ozone to degrade after turning off. Block door bottoms. And dont look at the light. UV-C is not found on earth (except in stratosphere) and will easily cause skin burns and glaucoma.

One of the most potent disinfectants is hypochlorous acid, which is one of the things your white blood cells uses to kill boogers, along with the less potent peroxide. Its very mild, but quite expensive - though it can be made for pennies at home with a computer power supply (just short the green wires).

All this may seem a bit extreme, as well it is. But keep in mind that this is an *engineered* booger, designed to be less lethal than SARS and MERS.
Perhaps for a reason.

I can understand the logic behind the 'anti-covidians' who regard the wuflu as some kind of hyped up conspiracy.
While the Case Fatality Rate (sick/dead) is around 5% we have seen no CFR numbers for the regular flu of those sick enough to be hospitalized over it.
Plus the exposed (antibody+) / fatality rate, from the numbers I have seen is around 0.25%. Lower than the 'official' 0.3% for the 'normal' flu.

Looks like a tempest in a teapot.

The problem is the *specificity* of the antibody testing - which from all reports will cause false positives from nearly *any* coronavirus exposure. That includes normal flu to seasonal colds. Numbers showing approximately 20% positive.

And then there are false negatives. Like on the cruise ships. The problem being with the still used swab testing that relies on the back of the throat. Where the virus only exists for a few days. Even in those dead from it, you would have to go far into the lower lungs to find it.

The *flu* does NOT do this.

So, we really havent a clue as to what this boogers numbers really are.
Or what they will be from residual effects on the major organ systems.
The biochemists are typically a decade ahead of doctors. And their data are cause for extreme concern.
Fauci & HCQ:

NB: HCQ appears to act by blocking DNA replication of foreign proteins. Which is how it blocks the malaria organism. Its been used for years for decades in prevention and treatment of malaria in folks using it over a period of years - and with a good safety record. It cannot help in late stage lung failure, because the Covid is gone from the lung at that point.

Though unavailable to us proles, a similar drug, ivermectin has also been used with good results .
Available at your local pet shop/feed store.
This link is from a *medical school*.
I am going to reveal to you what they are keeping from you and the general public around the world and what is taking place and soon to be taking place everywhere in the world concerning the covid 19 virus which was on purpose released into the world. Now I know none to few will believe me and most will ridicule me and say I am crazy...but here goes....

The covid 19 virus is a disguised bio weapon basically made up of different strains of the flu. 
But that is not its purpose...that is its disguise...to make you think that it is a bio weapon made 
up from various strains of the flu.  The flu strains are just a camouflage for the main virus
within the virus. Within the virus it's self is another virus that enters into the blood stream and then
makes it was to the brain and infects the brain. That is why you are seeing so much craziness 
and as each day passes by on earth more and more people will become crazy.  
You will see...you will see it with your own eyes. That is why they are trying to come up with a vaccine
as soon as possible.  They know about it but they are not telling you. The people who released this virus 
already have a vaccine for it. As people go crazy they will start to turn on each other and destroy each other...
this is the purpose of the virus.  Go watch the movie the crazies...that is what is coming soon to you...
unless they can get a vaccination for it.  Now you laugh at me...but keep your eyes open and watch.


I am going to go ahead and tell you this.....

They are not going to come up with a vaccination for it for the general public.
Only the ones who have it already will have it.

In other words unless they chose you to give it to you...you are fucked.
And even then the virus will mutate to the point that even their vaccine will not work any more.
They never thought about that happening to them...now that is poetic justice is it not?

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Its not so much 'virus within a virus' - its just that it is capable of binding to much more than the ACE-2 receptor. It can bind to furins, as well as MHC1 receptors. It can destroy cellular MHC1 making it able to live in most body cells indefinitely, as the Killer T-Cells cannot find it.

And it can travel up nerve cells to the brain itself. There have been some psychological aberrations connected with it.
Colchicine so far seems to be the only treatment, as it inhibits neuronal (axonal) transport.

Hydroxyquinone has been shown to block interference with MHC1 and allow it to surface and present itself to the killer T-Cells. At least in mouse cells.

The picture I get is that they took SARS and added tiny bits from selected regions of HIV and possibly Dengue Fever and another to allow extra receptor access. It doesnt have the machinery to kill lymphocytes like AIDS, but can confound them, or even deplete them to an extant - from the NIH reports I have seen.

I would also concur about the vaccine. There has never been a coronavirus vaccine - after many decades of trying. Some attempts have been lethal - like FIP in cats.

I do not think the elite have a vaccine. They intend to rely on *expensive* plasmapharesis. Sucking out the antibodies of the immune. A new take on Doctor Dracula.
new normal?
and why are there still so many people who don't wear masks?
plus lots of demonstrations there and there?
will this make the number of new cases of covid-19 sufferers increase very sharply?
I'm inclined to believe the Covid-19 shit is just a major scam, and the people who bought into it are stupid. Sorry, but the flu comes around every year, kills hundreds of thousands of people and yet no one cares. But now the flu is called Covid-19 so these deaths are serious. The other deaths? Nevermind, totally unimportant. They don't have the tag "Covid-19"... It's just a fucking flu. The shutdown of governments and of the economy worldwide is the real problem and is what's going to hurt us long-term.

The whole thing is designed to make people afraid and suspicious of each other, so they will be busy fighting each other rather than fighting the system together. The psychopaths who are running the show know that people who are afraid are weak and powerless as a result of that fear.

There is no doubt that the psychopaths are playing this as an insidious psyop. But that does not make it any less real.
The Reichstag really was set afire by a kook. But that did not mean it wasnt a false flag. These games are played by mixing reality with illusion, adding crisis actors to *real* disasters. The intent is to keep the stupid proles faithful to the party line, and baffle the smart ones with enough inconsistencies to keep them perpetually confused.

The details on this booger have been around from at least 2015. Including patents. It was just tweaked a bit since.
It is by no means a 'regular' virus. It has very specific enhancements that would take about a thousand years in evolution just from SARS.

They failed with impeachment, and even spoke of a plague to take the chump down. As the wuflu is winding down suddenly in demonrat states there is widespread and coordinated looting to incite the orange man into doing something even more idiotic than normal.

Bring on the popcorn.

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