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Beeps But No System Failure
Hasn't been doing so or I am not paying attention lately.

I am not going to assume that it's gone, but it seems to be giving me a wide berth.

I'm going to have to ask an off-topic question and hijack my own thread, but bear with me.

Just name-drop a desktop PC brand, like Dell and HP, that you use. Don't elaborate since I don't want this to spiral out of topic, just say one thing. It would help me make my choices.

Thank you.
for 2020, don't know which PC brand is good or not good.
all my latest PC are self-assembled.
A little detective work, and still a stab in the dark, but I think I can come up with an hypothesis.

The beeps just happened again, and this time, I think it's the external hard drive that's doing it, not the computer.

This series of beeps happened when and right after I turned off the computer. I may be wrong, but the beeps should have stopped after, but a series of beeps happen right after that time.

Then, I turned off the external hard drive (by turning the off switch) and the beeps are gone. Then I thought, still proves nothing.

After which, I remembered what theSEMAR said about a hard drive seems to be overheating. I had the external hard drive for ten years and have been running it constantly thus. From uncertainty to being able to reach an educated guess, I would say that the external hard drive is the culprit.

Time to spin some money for this Christmas.

What do you think about my "detective work?"
Robert try and open up your external hard drive in a program called CrystalDiskInfo and see what it tells you.  If there's some kind of problem it might show up and let you know if there's an issue.  Also it will tell you about how many hours in total the hard drive has run for.  It's possible it may just be old and knackered and beyond it's lifetime.  I had a problem with a drive just recently and I'd not had it long, a little over a few months but I managed to fix it.  There was problems coming up with it and it was giving me amber warnings and I was going to return it but managed to fix it in Windows 10 and now it seems okay.  It just took a bit of time with me but I managed to sort it I was quite surprised.

I guess if your external is just so damn old then maybe it has just reached the point where it's going to cause too many problems.  Maybe binning it and getting a new one might be on the cards?
From my experience, for old hard drives, this program won't necessarily work miracles, but it can definitely work wonders. HDD Regenerator, uploaded by a piratebay moderator.

before run hdd regenerator, make sure you give a fan for your hdd. it will scan all surface and makes your hdd hotter.
(Sep 23, 2020, 23:28 pm)theSEMAR Wrote: before run hdd regenerator, make sure you give a fan for your hdd. it will scan all surface and makes your hdd hotter.

Stupid question, but how?

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