A couple of Requests
Can we have, in the Uploaded section, a THANK YOU button? It would save the thread from being disturbed, by people like myself, who are keen to thank the up-loader.

Secondly, can we have in the General chat area, a "Like" button, because quite often I have liked, or felt in agreement with what has be written, but don't really have anything constructive to add. However, I feel I must let that person know I feel that way. Maybe there should be a "Dislike" button as well, but I hope not.
I know, if I had written something, and people were to just tap the "Like" button, I would be very pleased to get that sort of response.
Just some thoughts.

This is a really divisive subject.

From my point of view, if saying "thanks" is reduced to nothing but a single mouse click it becomes meaningless. If you really want to thank someone, take half-a-minute to make it meaningful. Tell them how you found their upload, or how long you've been looking, or what you particularly like about their upload compared to others, or what you're going to do with it, or...something.

If you're not willing to give up 30 seconds of your time in return for whatever it was that someone spent far more than 30 seconds of their time providing for you then you really aren't thankful.

The same goes for "like" buttons (particularly when there is no dislike button). Not to mention that you shouldn't give a fuck, either way. If you have something to say, something you believe in, something you want to share with the world, say it. It's no less valid if someone, or 7 people, "dislikes" it. And it's no more valid if 8 people, or nobody, "likes" it.

Again, if you are genuinely moved by something, then you will have more than "ditto" to say about it. And if ditto is all you have to say, nobody really cares.

The icing on the cake is that, inconsequential (and statistically insignificant) as one-click "thanks" or "likes" may be, they do (as you point out) take on significance in the mind of the poster. But that significance is out of proportion to the real meaning, and that distortion is harmful.

tl;dr = no
Well, for torrents, there is always the comment section to add your thoughts, for or against. I always check back on my torrents to make sure nothing's wrong, and it's always nice to see a thank you from an appreciative user.
Exactly! IMO, those buttons are a pain. Yes, there's times I want to hit one to show I read and/or agree with something, and I don't want to make a meaningless "Hear,Hear!" post...BUT, that's what those little rep points can be used for as well, as has been discussed in a couple other threads here. Also, like T-Herd posted, a thanks for an upload should be added to comments on the torrent itself.
Yeah, although it wasn't what was asked I want to say that I absolutely support and encourage thanking on torrent download pages (even if it is just "thx"). Most torrents get little if any feedback so it's all good.

And a "thanks" post (long or short) in reply to a request you have made is always appropriate--it lets the person who replied to your request know that you have seen their reply.
Oops, that got a few hot replies. My apologies. As you will see I like say Thank You to the Up-loaders.
As I said on another thread, with regard to Movies and TV etc, since the demise of KAT, I miss greatly the ability to read and comment on those sort of downloads.

I'm having trouble getting logged on to PB. Mainly because I joined a long time ago, and can't seem to get the Name and password correct.
I'd start with a new one but have only the one email address, and so get the, "the email address is already being used" comment.
So for the time being I can't comment on there.
"hot replies", "apologies"?


You guys from Kat are sooooooooo sensitive. After sleeping on a mattress all night you must wake up each morning covered in bruises. Toughen up, this isn't a fucking convent, it's the end of the civilized  world (if you believe the MPAA). At the very least it's a legal gray area where you come to obtain material against the wishes of your government. There wasn't an ounce of heat in any of the replies. And if there had been? Why would you give a fuck? It's pixels on a screen. We had a difference of opinion, it's not like I sentenced you to 50 lashes.

It's replies like yours that prove why like/dislike buttons are such a bad idea--you have nothing to apologize for and you certainly shouldn't be in tears just because everyone in the world doesn't agree with you. You had a point, you made it. Stand by it. Or concede that it was a bad idea (if you've genuinely been convinced). We can agree, or we can agree to differ. No big deal either way.

As for your password issue? We don't discuss members accounts in public. Create a thread in the Account Issues section (where it will only be visible to you and staff) and we'll look into it.
Sid... ahem... Can you really sentence someone to 50 lashes ? Huh 
Ah, yes you are a pirate, maybe also waterboarding and quartering are allowed.... (see Pichard world by Davo)

OK, I see your point. What surprises me is your portrayal of KAT as a tame place. It was as rough as TPB. In fact the Daz community was the exception. Flame wars and trolling were universally despised there. I do not know how it evolved this way. Maybe 3D creation sweatens mores....
"You guys from Kat are sooooooooo sensitive"
"What surprises me is your portrayal of KAT as a tame place. It was as rough as TPB. In fact the Daz community was the exception"

We are and it was.
As an artist, I'm quite proud of those qualities. It's nice to be a 'kinder and gentler' person who seeks out those of similar disposition. I mentioned somewhere before (here?) that we are a bit touchy/feely and that that was probably why we felt so comfy in the Kat forums. In the real world I emigrated north for the same reason, I don't want to live in a country where I feel that I have to go armed. It's a lot more civilized, relaxing, and conducive to social growth and advancement. My pussy likes it better here too.
I find it odd that you would be proud of qualities that are against the very definition of the thing you claim to be (I'm not saying you aren't an artist, for the record).

Sid technically defined what art is. A thing is created, the creator calls it art. It doesn't matter if anyone else in the entire world views it as such, you can not call that single person's view 'incorrect,' only state that you agree or disagree with it. To that person, it is art. This is just an embodiment of the process Sid defined for replying to posts. You make a statement (create art), and people respond to it (or don't). Would you stop calling it art just because someone said they didn't view it as such? Yes, it would be nice if it was immediately appreciated and understood, but this is very much in the minority, historically speaking since art and opinions are both incredibly subjective. Challenging art in a constructive way can lead to better art/artists, much like a disagreeing post can improve the original poster's ability to convey intent through the written word. Just like a child draws a stick figure family, and may later look back on it thinking they would change so much, it makes the original no less art. Art and opinions evolve as we evolve, and the vast majority of that stimulus for change is negative. If no one ever told you that there are more realistic ways to represent the human figure, what would stop you from continuing to stagnate at drawing stick figures? Same for posts, really, if no one ever disagreed with you, whether they do so politely or not is mostly irrelevant, you would never learn that perhaps the way you present information is less effective than it could be. I learned this the hard way on a few more professional forums, and while it was vexing to be corrected, it was more vexing to realize I wasn't communicating effectively, and this vexation caused me to (for the most part) fix the underlying issue of failing to communicate effectively. I would never have had the impetus to do so without someone telling me I wasn't doing it well in the first place (and no, they weren't very polite about it). This was a professional art community, by the way. Critiquing is the first word you will hear in any design course for a reason. Critiquing improves you and your art. Learning how to take critique and apply it effectively makes you a stronger artist. Even if you never change the thing critiqued, you'll get better at defending it. Standing up for your art is the only thing that truly makes it art, Sid just applied this to posts.

Not that it matters really, but this is also why I stopped paying attention to general chatter over at Kat long before it disappeared. No one wanted to be told anything, everyone wanted to be accepted, and more importantly, almost no one could handle being less than absolutely correct (in the general forums and most public 3D art threads I had stopped watching over a year before the shutdown, anyway). The new Kat is much the same way, and why I don't bother to do more than skim it to see if I have a new PM from people I can actually tolerate interaction with. That, and the prevalence of useless phrases ("with all due respect," over/misuse of words like 'literally,' etc.) drives me nuts to no end. I'm picky about stuff like that though.

tl;dr: Being an artist is by definition defending your stance on something you create. Something you create == art. Posts == something you create. Posts == art. It seems illogical to be proud of not being able and/or willing to do the thing that would make you what you claim to be (and probably are), which is defend what you create.

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