Haircut One Hundred

Pelican West

This Recording Released: 1982

[Image: p1VwryTT_o.jpg]

[Image: yos8WBIu_o.jpg]

[Image: wYNBb274_o.jpg]

[Image: 7liRhfUy_o.jpg]

A1. Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl)

A2. Love Plus One

A3. Lemon Firebrigade

A4. Marine Boy

A5. Milk Film

A6. Kingsize (You're My Little Steam Whistle)

B1. Fantastic Day

B2. Baked Bean

B3. Snow Girl

B4. Love's Got Me In Triangles

B5. Surprise Me Again

B6. Calling Captain Autumn


Nobody's Fool


Boat Party

Ski Club Of Great Britain

October Is Orange (Day 1 And Day 2)

[Image: Ec7tsIrj_o.jpg]

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The Railway Children

A Gentle Sound

Released: 1986

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[Image: uHVm0Wyk_o.jpg]

[Image: pDNRY6Jw_o.jpg]

A1. A Gentle Sound

B1. Content


Reunion Wilderness

Released: 1987

[Image: dIWx9Jow_o.jpg]

[Image: CdAAhjH5_o.jpg]

[Image: v5zWcggQ_o.jpg]

[Image: 638D2Z3m_o.jpg]

A1. Another Town

A2. The First Notebook

A3. Railroad Side

A4. Careful

B1. Brighter

B2. Big Hands Of Freedom

B3. Listen On


History Burns



[Image: vh1XsoLK_o.jpg]

[Image: T5pZhNMo_o.jpg]

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[Image: QxaolWHr_o.jpg]

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Released: 1988

A1. Somewhere South

A2. A Pleasure

A3. Swallowed

A4. Merciless

A5. My Word

B1. In The Meantime

B2. Over & Over

B3. Monica's Light

B4. Chrysalis

B5. No Great Objections


Second Nature

I Caught You

Can't Follow The World

Union City Blue - Live - (Blondie cover)

Happy Valentine's Day!


Live - Rockpalast  Hamburg, Germany May 8, 1984


To Look At You 0:00
Soul Mistake  4:52
Just Keep Walking  8:07
Face The Change  10:56
Melting In The Sun  14:18
Old World New World  17:50
The One Thing  22:10
Love Is (What I Say)  25:30
Jan's Song  29:24
Dancing On The Jetty 33:28
Black and White  37:30
Spy Of Love  41:55
I Send A Message  45:55
Original Sin  49:20
Don't Change  54:34
Golden Playpen  1:02:12
The Swing  1:05:16
Stay Young  1:09:10
Wishy Washy  1:15:01
The Loved One  1:23:50

Silent Running

Shades Of Liberty

Released: 1984

[Image: 6taab8xp_o.jpg]

[Image: 2PJwN3Nf_o.jpg]

[Image: kAZUzQE8_o.jpg]

[Image: ECwVm4rx_o.jpg]

[Image: 47M58COA_o.jpg]

[Image: w5WWFVnj_o.jpg]

[Image: C5sgVhgY_o.jpg]

A1. Home Is Where The Heart Is

A2. Emotional Warfare

A3. One-In-A Million Day

A4. Sticks And Stones

A5. That's Life (In The Real World)

B1. Shades Of Liberty

B2. Crimson Days

B3. Young Hearts

B4. Go For The Heart


Speed Of Life

Extended Mix:

Sticks And Stones

Gene Loves Jezebel


[Image: ZXPfGNAW_o.jpg]

[Image: yvEBvsxe_o.jpg]

[Image: tsZHQpQi_o.jpg]

[Image: JCAnTCzx_o.jpg]

[Image: 3dHaFYaG_o.jpg]

[Image: iUpo4qU1_o.jpg]

Released: 1986

A1. Heartache
A2. Over The Rooftops
A3. Kick
A4. A White Horse
A5. Wait And See

B1. Desire
B2. Beyond Doubt
B3. Sweetest Thing
B4. Maid Of Sker
B5. Brand New Moon



Psycho 2

Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year!

[Image: 9.jpg]

Talk Talk

The Colour Of Spring

Released: 1986

[Image: 1.jpg]

[Image: 2.jpg]

[Image: 3.jpg]

[Image: 4.jpg]

[Image: 5.jpg]

[Image: 6.jpg]

A1. Happiness Is Easy 00:00
A2. I Don't Believe In You 06:20
A3. Life's What You Make It 11:16
A4. April 5th 15:39

B1  Living In Another World 21:27
B2  Give It Up 28:13
B3  Chameleon Day 33:25
B4  Time It's Time 36:41

Happy Valentine's Day!

The Chameleons

Live - Camden Palace, London, November 1984

00:05 Don't Fall
04:05 Intrigue In Tangiers
08:06 Monkeyland
13:05 Second Skin
19:20 Singing Rule Britannia
23:25 Pleasure And Pain
27:25 Return Of The Roughnecks
31:53 A Person Isn't Safe Anywhere These Days
36:56 In Shreds
41:35 Splitting In Two
47:42 Here Today
51:24 Thrusdays Child
55:11 Paper Tigers

Asylum Party

Picture One

Released: 1988

[Image: mS6t5AQ1_o.jpg]

[Image: Z5oAQqPq_o.jpg]

[Image: qTE6xQ6d_o.jpg]

[Image: z55M1vTA_o.jpg]

A1 00:00  Julia
A2 04:05  Sweetness...
A3 08:59  ...Of Pain

B1 10:37  Before The Smile
B2 15:01  White Light
B3 20:00  Together In The Fall



Released: 1989

[Image: u9h9k6LA_o.jpg]

[Image: Vtt3Cs5M_o.jpg]

[Image: uAOblXRw_o.jpg]

[Image: hTOPCw2K_o.jpg]

A1 Play Alone 00:00
A2 The Sabbath 06:23
A3 La Tourmente 09:42
A4 First Days Of Winter 16:14

B1 La Nuit 19:33
B2 Better Days Ahead 24:16
B3 Winter 28:49
B4 Pictures 33:44


What Will You Learn

Released: 1989

[Image: H8bBOJ6H_o.jpg]

[Image: ReW5j6dG_o.jpg]

[Image: C2k9SttH_o.jpg]

A1 Misfortune

A2 La Riviere

B1 What Will You Learn

B2 Echoes And Lights



01 Call In Silence (Demo) 3:11
02 The Wind Will Blow (Demo) 4:29
03 Dreaming (Demo) 5:00
04 L'Ennui (Demo) 4:41
05 Le Voyage Immobile (Demo) 5:58
06 Nice Day Bad Day (Demo) 3:49
07 Sadness Sweet Sadness (Demo) 4:11
08 The Wind Will Blow - Remix (Demo) 4:31
09 Some Grey Mornings (Demo) 5:58
10 Asylum Party (Demo) 3:39


love the band orgys cover song of this!

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