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Happy New Year!

Rarely Heard Selections:

The style of music is listed below each song.

Silent Running - Go For The Heart
(Arena Rock)

Little Nemo - Bed In Summer
(New Wave)

I Can Crawl - Abandon
(New Wave)

Stranger Comforts - Walking On Air
(New Wave)

Face To Face - Pictures Of You
(Pop Rock)

Vis-A-Vis - I Am The Night (Colour Me Black)
(New Wave)

The Silencers - I Ought To Know
(Indie Rock)

Zerra One - The Other Side
(Alternative Rock, New Wave)

Party Day - Precious One
(Alternative Rock, New Wave)

The Beloved - A Kiss Goodbye
(Indie Rock, Synth-pop)

Well Well Well - Revolution
(Pop Rock, AOR)

The Crystal Set - Benefit Of The Doubt
(Alternative Rock)

Far Corporation - Stairway to Heaven

Meat Loaf & John Parr - Rock & Roll Mercenaries

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tears For Fears

Live on German TV, Rockpalast, Cologne

Thursday, May 12, 1983


Memories Fade 0:32
The Way You Are 5:50
Suffer The Children 11:32
Pale Shelter (Long Version) 15:36
The Prisoner 22:19
Ideas As Opiates 24:58
The Hurting 29:12
Mad World 33:25
Watch Me Bleed 37:13
Change 41:28
Start of The Breakdown 46:27
Mad World 53:40
Pale Shelter 58:30

The Sisters Of Mercy - Lucretia My Reflection

The Mission - Butterfly On A Wheel

The Damned - The Shadow Of Love

The Church - Lost

Pink Turns Blue - Your Master Is Calling

Killing Joke - Love Like Blood

Gene Loves Jezebel - Suspicion

The Danse Society - The Night

Rarely Heard Selections:

Trees - Wildwood

A Day In Paris - Prey
(New Wave, Indie Rock)

Iron Curtain - The Burning
(New Wave)

Blanket Of Secrecy - Close To Me

No Right No Wrong - Surface World
(New Wave, Indie Rock)

Lowlife - River Of Woe
(New Wave, Indie Rock)

Happy Easter!

[Image: b1ecc718a7201be0bb62783ce44b5072.jpg]

Christian New Wave / Alternative Rock:

The Seventy Sevens

All Fall Down

This Recording Released: 1984

[Image: 9082d56a914be9e17b04443ac7776e4e.jpg]

[Image: b3d8173f40134c60bd136270df40c80e.jpg]

[Image: 6b247229fcd00a460bebc9b007b64b8d.jpg]

[Image: bd0d70d25d24b55f771abab1d5c5be6a.jpg]

[Image: eb9621f17390f0899fecd90cb17b4fef.jpg]

[Image: 3f2c676c6c30447a78f4df37aabedbb9.jpg]

1. Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba

2. Under The Heat

3. Mercy Mercy

4. You Don't Scare Me

5. Make A Difference Tonight

6. Caught In An Unguarded Moment

7. Someone New

8. Something's Holding On

9. Your Pretty Baby

10. Another Nail

The Ocean Blue

This Recording Released: 1989

[Image: 14cf31d40da1b9529.jpg]

[Image: cf15ed687b8523dbe3f7e60748fdd13b5f327b9f.jpg]

[Image: bac3e379be4f06f81c82ace8c8cf640c9564ec8d.jpg]

[Image: 73376c2e5a927acd956df6c00e96273e8147b884.jpg]

[Image: 54351dc146014feeb.jpg]

[Image: 6b93ecb5a8a57a420.jpg]

A1. Between Something And Nothing

A2. Vanity Fair

A3. Drifting, Falling

A4. The Circus Animals

A5. Frigid Winter Days

A6. Just Let Me Know

B1. Love Song

B2. Ask Me Jon

B3. Awaking To A Dream

B4. The Office Of A Busy Man

B5. Myron

B6. A Familiar Face

(Apr 19, 2018, 00:44 am)daddy bond Wrote: [ -> ]Hi All, Big Grin
      looking for all Music from the 80's no matter what type!

Re-Living My Youth<   Idea Wink Big Grin Angel

Hello. This may be a little late, seeing as your request was from 2018. But in the Promote Your Shares section, I have posted my direct link to all kinds of music from the 80's. Ranging from pop, rock, metal, glam rock and others. Feel free to have a gander.

Just click my name and look for my post:

----=== Music of All Sorts/Genre ===----

The Blue Nile


This Recording Released: 1989

[Image: 1.jpg]

[Image: 2.jpg]

[Image: 3.jpg]

[Image: 4.jpg]

A1 Over The Hillside

A2 The Downtown Lights

A3 Let's Go Out Tonight

B1 Headlights On The Parade

B2 From A Late Night Train

B3 Seven A.M.

B4 Saturday Night


From The Downtown Lights 12":

[Image: 1Bsides.jpg]

[Image: 2Bsides.jpg]

[Image: 3Bsides.jpg]

The Wires Are Down

Halfway To Paradise

Happy Valentine's Day!

[Image: RXGWY6F3_o.jpg]

Talk Talk

Live in Montreux, 1986


Talk Talk - 0:45
Dum Dum Girl - 4:02
Call in the Night Boy - 7:44
Tomorrow Started - 14:35
My Foolish Friend - 22:19
Life's What You Make It - 26:55
Does Caroline Know - 31:44
It's You - 39:52
Living in Another World - 43:49
Give It Up - 51:39
It's My Life - 57:25


I Don't Believe in You - 1:05:00
Such a Shame -1:10:27
Renée - 1:18:55

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