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Billy Idol's Eyes without a Face. That sweet riff in the middle tho.

Jimmy Barnes - No Second Prize

INXS - Don't Change

Rarely Heard Pop Rock and Synth-pop:

Keep It Dark - Love Lost Forever

Two People - This Is The Shirt

Happy Valentine's Day!

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark

In Concert

Veronica's Rock for Greenpeace

Rotterdam, Netherlands, 1985


00:00 Enola Gay

04:20 Messages
09:00 Tesla Girls
13:10 Secret
17:45 Julia's Song
21:50 Women III
27:15 Talking Loud And Clear
31:10 Maid Of Orleans
35:20 La Femme Accident
38:30 Souvenir
42:00 So In Love
45:45 Telegraph
49:40 Locomotion

Great 80's, thanks. Don't miss my failed high school teen love phase, thou.
(Feb 07, 2019, 20:43 pm)dueda Wrote: [ -> ]Great 80's, thanks. Don't miss my failed high school teen love phase, thou.

You're welcome.
Rarely Heard Pop Rock and Alternative Rock:

Device - Pieces On The Ground

Chalk Circle - April Fool

Time Bandits - Endless Road

Duran Duran - A Matter Of Feeling

Rarely Heard Pop Rock and Italo-Disco:

The Rescue - Tell Me Now

Radio Movie - Do What You Want

Something really interesting has recently surfaced‭ ‬-‭ ‬Roxy Music demos for the Avalon sessions.

The person who released them is calling the collection‭ "‬The Avalon Tapes‭"‬.

The demos were never meant to be released to the public.

I have always loved Avalon and consider it to be one of my favorite records.‭ ‬It is a sublime work.‭

For all who enjoy the record,‭ ‬it is a real treat to now hear the songs in their early stages,‭ ‬to observe how the songs were developed.‭ ‬In addition to being able to hear early versions of the songs that we are familiar with,‭ ‬the Avalon Tapes also has other songs that the band was working on at the time,‭ ‬but didn't add to the final cut for the album nor did they ever release them to the public.

On the demos,‭ ‬the lyrics hadn't been completed for the songs so Bryan Ferry mumbled ‬sounds‭ ‬in a‭ ‬melody suggesting lyrics.

Surprisingly,‭ ‬I‭ ‬find that I like The Avalon Tapes as well as the completed record.

After The Avalon Tapes,‭ ‬I am including the entire album Avalon with the songs in order as they originally appeared.‭

Roxy Music

The Avalon Tapes‭ (‬1981-1982‭)


1. True To Life 0:00-4:10
2. More Than This 4:11-8:52
3. The Main Thing 8:53-12:21
4. Unreleased Track 12:22-16:01
5. Avalon (Lost) 16:02-19:21
6. Is Your Love Strong Enough 19:22-23:04
7. The Space Between 23:05-27:32
8. Movie, Move Me (Version 1) 27:33-30:54
9. Unreleased Track #2 30:55-34:51
10. While My Heart Is Still Beating 34:52-38:10
11. Unreleased Track #3 38:11-42:50
12. Take A Chance With Me 42:51-47:21
13. Unreleased Track #4 47:22-50:30
14. Unreleased Track #5 50:31-53:27
15. Movie, Move Me (Version 2) 53:28-57:19


Roxy Music


This Recording Released:‭ ‬1982

[Image: hkpAx9zu_o.jpg]

[Image: hl57Fd44_o.jpg]

[Image: 8q7NPpeW_o.jpg]

[Image: yq4fJbTY_o.jpg]

[Image: mDs0ncYt_o.jpg]

[Image: AoZgYnIF_o.jpg]

Side One:

1.‭ ‬More Than This

2.‭ ‬The Space Between

3.‭ ‬Avalon

4.‭ ‬India

5.‭ ‬While My Heart Is Still Beating

Side Two:

6.‭ ‬The Main Thing

7.‭ ‬Take A Chance With Me

8.‭ ‬To Turn You On

9.‭ ‬True To Life

10.‭ ‬Tara

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