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Full Version: Can someone please upload this Jor-El model?
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Here's the link to the store page:

I need it in DAE format.
Please! I need this model.
@Moe: Could you please move this to the DAZ3D Requests forum? It seems everyone is ignoring it.
Am I being ignored? If so, why? If not, what's taking so long? I've been wanting this model for months. Angry  Someone please upload it! It's a trivial request, nothing difficult.
WHY is this being ignored?!
Because I don't have it or even know what you are talking about.
Again, just so we are all on the same page. This site is not like a free version of eBay where the request is automatically filled.

It's a sharing site where people share what they have. And there are things that are so rare that no one here has it to upload. You are not being ignored since I've seen requests filled the same day if someone has it. AND, I bet a mod would trash a post saying something unhelpful like "I don't have this", etc... So the only time someone would post under normal circumstances is when they tell you they have it, or where to get it free.

I just did a quick Google search of other torrent sites and came up with nothing... It seems like you are requesting a specialty item that no one in the pirating community here has... If you really need it I'd say the only option is to bite the bullet and pay the $30.00
(Sep 08, 2019, 14:40 pm)LZA Wrote: [ -> ]This site is not like a free version of eBay where the request is automatically filled.

Do you know of such a site? I really want this model, and I don't want to pay $30.00 for it. I want it for free.
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