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ur faviourate staff member?
I'm not votable? Sad
(Jan 17, 2014, 08:41 am)Kingfish Wrote:
(Jan 17, 2014, 08:32 am)Carjacker Wrote: WTF is this propagada,a$$ kissing thread?? Methinks maybe Staff should get together and create a thread called 'Best SupRBay Brown-noser and A$$Licker'....Dodgy
Just to keep it in focus, i vote for 'None of the Above'....my reasons cant be safely explained here,but would have to go to the Void.

Are you not smart enough to articulate yourself in a non flaming manor?

I was waiting on this...I figured some Staff would take umbrage to my post and use some pseudo-intellectual statement to try and 'put me in my place' - but,first, I know my place; second,if you cant take some heat,get out the kitchen -not everyone is a lapdog to some online play vote on who's the best Staff member- i mean, are Staff promoting a popularity contest or just choosing a new member puppy?; Third, most anything can be considered 'flaming' if its against someone else's view; Fourth, to say
Kingfish Wrote:Are you not smart enough to articulate yourself in a non flaming manor?
is actually flaming on me in a personal way- though you try to use failing wit to do it - and your spelling comprehension needs work ie., Manor= a house or building.
So, go ahead, Im sure you'll want to do some kinda Staff thing like ban me or censor the post - I support Freedom of Speech and deplore those who call themselves Pirates and Freedom Lovers but censor and get emotionally raged over alleged attacks on their supposed intelligence. Have a great day.
Anyways, lets keep this on focus to the actual Thread. Thanks. Have a great day.
(Jan 17, 2014, 08:58 am)Carjacker Wrote: ....................

Perhaps its best to give some heat before going on about people not taking any! I'm not flaming you I'm just curious why you can't say what you need to say without the perceived 'protection' the void offers further its a bit baffling why you would assert your post would be censored when you were invited to offer your views in the first place so again why can you not say what you need to say?
I surrender my online dignity and vote for <drumroll,please>...........................................................................................................................................KINGFISH! .....well,maybe not,Tongue , but at the least he gets a +rep from me for not abusing his Mod power in regards to my above posting.
Have a great day.
(Jan 17, 2014, 09:20 am)Carjacker Wrote: I surrender my online dignity.............

Post removed under Health and Safety concerns Wink

Kingfish edited Jan 17, 2014 09:57 am this post because:

Personally I'm not voiding this thread instead I going to hit the ban button on those trying to get it there.

(Jan 17, 2014, 08:46 am)Q91 Wrote: I'm not votable? Sad

its only for admin and supermods dude don't worry u r also in top list but in moderator
So people are saying I'm not pissing them off enough...

Personally, I think Moe is a dick. I can say that because I doubt he'll see this.
(Jan 17, 2014, 07:17 am)-nelly- Wrote: And at No.: 1 by a LONG shot:

NIK. For the mix of knowledge, Sarcasim, Wit and Irony.
You may get an answer to your problem. But you get the shit beaten out of your ego in the process. Priceless! Big GrinCoolWink

Mine goes to NIK, he always make my days happy when I'm reading his posts. And also makes me feel uncomfortable for the people he's responding to Big Grin
Elin, oh wAIT WAt?

For me personally I like DemonS
goshh, i have not the pleasure of knowing Staff, yet Dodgy
but i know a place where you receive a mute on spot if you use certain posts i read Undecided

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