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"...clearly UNRWA is a war supply center."

Israeli bombing of an UNRWA medical clinic in Gaza

Israeli bombing targeted the home of the Brash family in the Bureij refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip

Bombing targeting Al-Bureij camp in the central Gaza Strip

For the fourth day.. The occupation forces continue to bomb homes in Jabalia camp

The occupation carries out massive and simultaneous incursions into most parts of the West Bank

In the video: Residents of Jenin camp narrate attempts to displace them

Palestinian refugees in Lebanon: Return is our response to the Nakba

In pictures: the elegance and luxury of Jerusalem’s buildings before the Nakba

Israel rejects a UN resolution supporting recognition of the State of Palestine

The Nakba or the 1948 war... How did Zionist organizations pave the way for the establishment of Israel?

Gallant challenges Netanyahu about post-Gaza war plan

An expected rise in water prices in Israel due to the costs of the war on Gaza

Military expert: Washington may have informed Israel about the presence of resistance leaders in Jabalia

An official in the Turkish presidency told Al Jazeera Net: We are working to confront Israeli disinformation

Learn about the countries that joined South Africa in its lawsuit against Israel

Student sit-in in support of Gaza in Japan, and police storm two universities in Switzerland

Erdogan: If you do not stop Israel, it will covet Türkiye's lands sooner or later

Haniyeh: The day after the war is decided by Hamas and the rest of the factions

Hezbollah targets Israeli bases and Al-Qassam bombs the Galilee

Why did the frequency of resistance attacks against the occupation in Gaza increase? Analysts answer

"Come forward to collect your pieces." Al-Qassam launches new qualitative operations in Jabalia

Al-Saraya and Al-Qassam target occupation soldiers with shelling and sniper fire in the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood

20 Israeli soldiers were killed and wounded in the bombing of a booby-trapped building in Jabalia

Watch... Al-Qassam detonates a house packed with explosives by occupation soldiers, east of Rafah

Wall Street Journal: The specter of eternal war in Gaza looms before Israel

Al-Qassam’s specific operations in Rafah and Jabalia amaze the tweeters.. What did they say?

Al-Duwairi: What the resistance did during the past 3 days exceeds all expectations
The lyin ass UNWRA caught red handed again. See below...

Trump could get Congressional Gold Medal under new House GOP resolution

You know, I just posted that Trump should get the American Medal of Freedom for all his sacrifice to expose the Deep State for all to see and look what Congress is actually doing. I am so glad that there are people in the government that I pay for that are acting in the ways that I believe. It just goes to show that there is hope of plugging the holes in this sinking ship that we are all standing in.

Oh no. Trumps jet bashed into another plane at the airport. Forbes says another plane hit Trumps plane while CNBC says Trumps plane hit a parked plane. There is no doubt damage that will take who knows how long to be fixed and then certified thru all the FAA red tape. It aint like fixing a car. That plane is a big part of the Trump brand. He rolls right into rallies on it. That won't be happening now for who knows how long. The incident must be reported within 10 days and then the NTSB does a preliminary accident report that takes a few weeks. It is doubtful that any repairing can be done during this time as evidence is collected and official fault is determined. Insurance companies from both sides will have to do all their own investigations, since everybody wants a piece of Trump. Even if Trump hit an unoccupied plane, if the plane was parked improperly, he could be ruled not at fault. All that has to be figured out before anything can start.

FAA Investigating Donald Trump’s 2nd Boeing 757 Wing Clip Incident

It has also come up that Trump was impeached for withholding aid to Ukraine for a few hours in return for an investigation of Biden in Ukraine. Of course now we have Biden withholding aid to Israel and nothing similar is likely to happen with RINOs uninterested in impeaching Biden. Trump has a huge mess waiting on him to clean out.

Aint nothing new of significance in the hooker charge trial. Media is demanding Trump be in contempt of court for his buddies bashing the big mouth accusers. Media is trying to put pressure to have Trump thrown in jail. But not even that is really new.

And the lawfare continues. Rudy Giuliani has filed bankruptcy because of the costs of all the charges against him, and now he seems to be in hiding because process servers are trying to serve him with more stolen election charges in other states. They are civil charges so he is allowed to run if he chooses. But on the flip side, the charges can go forwards without evidence or witnesses, after a certified summons is served. All the opposition needs is a court willing to prosecute the charges. And if they can find a county that hates Giuliani from all the media reportings of him, then it's possible that the court will have the opportunity to pass sentence on a guilty verdict on Rudy Giuliani. That's the way things currently work in this country. So it has become a dangerous thing to American success to become the enemy of the libtard media establishment. And the only defense against the wrath of the media is the rising up of the people to defy the media agenda. Just like what Trump is orchestrating. He sees that the New York circus trial is a nearly hopeless debacle to defend against, so he is assembling the peoples representatives to speak on his behalf, since the hater court has gagd Trump from speaking in his own defense. Now there is rumblings that the court could try to come down on Trump for contempt, since he indeed has others legally doing free speech on his behalf, in defiance of the courts intent, to keep Trumps words out of Americas ears. Such a thing has never happened in America before, so this is something new and historic. Certainly something the Supreme Court will have a say about, should punishment on Trump actually be inflicted.

Arizona officials say they can’t find Rudy Giuliani to serve him with indictment notice

And don't forget, Trump has already gotten his gun rights stripped from him by all these fake felony hooker charges. So this isn't just a silly embarrassment thing going on here. Trumps Constitutional rights are being stripped from him one at a time. And if libtards get their way, Trump will loose all his freedom and eventually his life. So this is big time shit going on here.

Donald Trump, Who Is Banned From Buying Firearms, To Address NRA

Revealed: Magician David Copperfield accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women

So here you go, the difference between Trump the "civil" rapist and all the others. A bogus trial by one unbelievable woman, and other dudes with countless claims flooding in. It is clearly more likely that countless claims has more merit than just one claim. Yet we see what happened to Trump. Insanity.

I have heard stories about Copperfield for decades, so it's really old news. But now he is in a world of hurt with all these new laws they been making. You don't need evidence and it no longer matters how log ago it was. That's really bad juju for him. Made worse by the dozens of women that are now making claims. The more women there are the more chances that somebody saved evidence that actually means something. Even if no evidence is required. I am in the camp that you have to have solid evidence, period. Even for Copperfield. I have always heard about him, but I am nobodies judge. So if he is a rapist, then karma is now here to get him. But if it was Trumped up all this time, his ass is still grass. Until the Supreme Court finds a way to finally put a stop to this abuse of justice.

Suspect wanted in Steve Buscemi NYC sucker-punch identified

Yea, I got clobbered like this a year and a half ago. I lucked out and wasn't shot when the crook pulled a gun on me. These days, there is no telling how they will bang your bell. They sucker punch you when your not looking. It used to be only chicken shit pussies were like that. Now it seems society is infested with chicken shit pussies. And they clobber women too. No shame at all. With huge pride and gall to post YouTube videos. Videos I think has been driving this repulsive behavior. And it will take videos to finally stop it. 20 years in prison for anybody caught doing this sucker punching. That will finally end it. Unfortunately, Democraps don't see it this way. They won't even demand bail. And this shit goes on. I wonder how many people landed on their heads with permanent damage to the rest of their lives. Democraps are not keeping count. Trump may do something about this. But he has soo much damage to fix already. Things will be better, but I suspect lots will still be left unfixed by the time Trumps time is up. That's how much damage Democraps are doing.

‘Our dad didn't make it:' NYC sucker-punch victim dies after nearly 7 years in coma

HORRIFIC ROBBERY: Woman, 68, critical after robber sucker punches her down Queens church staircase, steals her car

Tempe bar manager suffers brain bleed after being sucker punched, suspect arrested

Anyways, I figured out what's going on with the Florida documents case. It's been the governments best case till now and the judge has pretty much shit canned it. And the crooked prosecution is really bummed about it. So they went off with tail between legs to try to figure something out. They have to stop Trump. It's getting critical now. They can't give up. If they loose this and Trump wins, he will line them up in a circular firing squad and holler fire. Professionally speaking. Every man for them selves. Roll over on each other or be given the stiffest punishments. etc, etc.

So this Florida thing aint over yet. What's been going on is that Trumps team keeps saying Presidential documents privilege under the Presidential Records Act. Smith keeps saying he never brought charges under the PRA. His charges claim violations of the Espionage Act. They claim Trump took all these documents to give to our countries enemies. And that is what they intended to show to a jury. And Smith claims it can mean any enemy at all, foreign or domestic, and any number of documents at all, including just one. So all this stuff about 2000 pounds of documents, and Presidential privilege means nothing at all. With so many documents in Trumps possession, Smith wants the right to convince a jury that Trump had at least one classified document, and that Trump tried to show a classified document to somebody not authorized to see it. If he can get a jury to agree to that, then Trump must be convicted of espionage act crimes. That's what Smith was intending to do. Then Smith is insulated from any mistakes his team might have made. That is what he expected. But the judge is hearing none of this. She refuses to ignore the prosecutions mistakes, even though Smith claims she has no right to call him out on them.

So Smith is working on a new plan right now to get his case back on track despite the mistakes. He claims there's proof that Trump treated at least one classified document illegally, and that's all he needs to prove. Now he will unleash a new plan, if he can, to reclaim his right to prove at least one illegal classified document in the Florida court. And Smith was banking on the ugly view that thousands of pounds of documents mean there has to be at least one illegal one in the bunch. Just like that famous fake picture of classified documents on Trumps closet floor. Smith demands that it's not for the judge to decide, but for a jury. Smith would love to haul this to another court, but he can't at this point. So just to be clear, unfortunately, Florida aint over yet. Smith will come up with more pretzel twisting ideas, like he's been doing all over the place, to get this Florida judge out of his way.

Jack Smith Basically Has One Option to Save the Classified Documents Case

Now we get to see where New Yorks highest court stands in all this crap. They are being asked to quickly stop this gag order crap before this trial is over in like 2 weeks.

Donald Trump asks New York’s high court to intervene in fight over gag order in hush money trial

Of course Romney would have pardoned Trump, if he is really that smart. I doubt he would have been smart enough to do that at the time. He likely would have left Trump to be attacked for awhile until Romney realized all the crap about the Deep State that was going to be exposed. Then he would have said pardon Trump now before all the secrets get out. Because now we are seeing all the corruption and Romney and his young niece no longer have a career by milking this corruption.

Romney says if he were president he would have immediately pardoned Trump


It's still being pounded as more criminal Gazans die. So nothing new there. Israel is making massive progress to win the war. Which is a good thing. And as a result, more criminal stuff is being discovered. More criminal Gazan stuff. The reason the war is not over yet.

Seems Israels bomb target locator drone located another bomb target. A target of militants with guns. The perfect target to drop a bomb on. Russians and Ukrainians are doing that to each other. It's the normal thing in war. Well this latest target was UN vehicles and UN staff at an UNWRA facility in Rafah. Intermixed with armed militants. And it's coming out that bombs never went off. Now why is that? Because there was confusion about why UNWRA was associating with armed Gazan militants. Something that they have always denied that they did. So Israelis have the video and no explosions. So the criminals all got away. To no doubt fight another day. That was bad policy by Israel. They should have bombed the target, or sent in troops to capture the targets. Which ever was more available. The video alone is totally damning. You don't allow armed militants to exist in Gaza, ever again. At least not in our lifetimes. So now it's left to UNWRA to deny all this and make up a list of excuses why they should not get blame. But you can be sure, Israelis will NOT be listening to excuses. Israelis will be bombing pictures like this in the future. And UNWRA is finished in Gaza Permanently. Unless Israel somehow gets infected by the WOKE disease. Who really knows the certainty about anything anymore? Life is a fluid thing...

Israeli military calls for investigation after releasing video showing armed men at UN facility in Gaza


They say Putin has his hand in keeping the bees stirred up. I could believe that, but you can't ignore the fact that Biden has his hand in keeping the bees stirred up too. And we are going broke doing it. Officials say it's no sweat, but it's old news that we are running out of weapons stockpiles. And that don't seem to be a good thing.

Slovak PM suffers life-threatening wounds in assassination attempt

Yup, the world going crazy. This shit in America is happening all over. And it aint just kids. Adults fed up with the push into socialism are doing this stuff more and more because they can't seem to stop the votes for whatever reason. Mostly from the free handouts that buy votes. America can very easily vote to become a socialist communism ally of Russia. The Constitution freely allows it. So it will be a fight between the people to decide Americas direction, year after year. And the Trillion dollar media megaphone REALLY loves socialism. The ability to pay people to vote any way the media wishes. With the money coming NOT from the media, but by hijacking our own taxes to pay for the votes. That's SOOO inviting to civil war. Just like the Boston Tea Party. It's Peter stealing from Paul. And Paul will eventually get fed up with useless cops and pull his own gun. BOOM, war it is.

It's even worse with the old Soviet Block countries. With lots of people that wish for the simple days when somebody else ran their lives. The ones that want more free handouts. Lazy people want the Russians back and expect Russians will pay people for that view. But Russia, like America, aint made of cash. So people wanting to be Russian stand to get way more than they bargained for. Firstly, in a Russian take over, all the opposition will be drafted and hauled away to war with all the people Putin wishes to conquer, to put the USSR back together again. With Putins cash spent pretty hard on Ukraine, he uses trouble making to stir unrest in other countries he wants. Like what's going on in Georgia. Draft dodgers fled to Georgia in droves, so they would be looking for escape if Georgia starts making laws favoring Russia.

" can't kill the criminals without killing the babies."

15,000 child martyrs in Gaza and 145 journalists

Israel killed more than 100 scientists and academics in Gaza

South Africa International Justice: Israel is an apartheid regime committing genocide in Gaza

5 martyrs when the occupation targeted the home of the Kaware’ family in Khan Yunis

Violent occupation raids and artillery shelling on Jabalia camp

3 martyrs and massive occupation incursions into most parts of the West Bank

The occupation is drowning in Netanyahu's false victory

Military expert: The occupation army covered up its failure with air and artillery bombardment on Jabalia and Rafah

Price levels in Israel rise more than expected

Haaretz: Israel's policy regarding Gaza aid is a shame and chaos

The Israeli government approves the Haredi recruitment law

Reuters: Egypt rejects an Israeli proposal regarding the Rafah crossing

US Representatives pass a bill forcing Biden to send weapons to Israel

Dana Abu Qamar...a law student described by Britain as a threat to its national security

Turkish Presidency official: A black propaganda campaign against us in the international arena due to our position on Gaza

Watch.. The anniversary of the Nakba ignites protests by French university students

International Justice is considering a request to take emergency precautionary measures to stop the Gaza war

Tubas Brigade broadcasts scenes of detonating explosive devices with occupation vehicles

Hezbollah carries out 12 attacks, and the occupation announces the injury of 3 soldiers

The resistance targets 20 vehicles, and the occupation announces new losses in Gaza

Military expert: The resistance knows how the occupation thinks, and its lure is intelligence and field

Military expert: The resistance in Gaza imposes its presence and obstructs the occupation operations

Wall Street Journal: Hamas is far from defeated and is turning to guerrilla warfare against Israel
America in Upheaval. How can this be? We got a brain dying President who welded the border gates open. Then spent a Trillion plus of our tax dollars managing the residents of 10 million illegal migrants. And they are illegal because Trump will be able to instantly order all these people deported per the current laws of our land. They were illegally brought here by Biden who is ignoring immigration law by using executive action. That executive action expires as soon as Trumps term starts. And all those people will have to be hauled out that we can find. Upheaval.

Border Crisis Costs American Taxpayers $451 Billion Annually, House GOP Report Claims

Trump is impeached on world TV for a "perfect phone call" that stopped Ukraine aid for a week till Trumps "perfect phone call" to Ukraine to turn over corruption info on Biden. While Biden himself withheld $1 Billion dollars from Ukraine until they fired their prosecutor Shokin from investigating his son Hunter. Biden has in no way been penalized for his behavior despite a video of Biden, bragging about his crime, posted all over the internet. Biden then stopped aid to Israel in violation of the Israeli American treaty, until they stopped the Gaza war to improve his election pole numbers. Upheaval.

Trump is being prosecuted on world TV by Bidens DOJ with Trumped up evidence that was obtained after Biden canceled Trumps executive privilege. Bidens team invokes executive privilege to withhold evidence of Bidens crimes from the Republican Congressional investigation. Bidens DOJ also says that Biden is too brain dead to prosecute. Yet is still fit enough to be president again. Upheaval.

Biden invokes executive privilege to shield Robert Hur interview tapes from House

The WOKE infiltrated California University President has been suspended for "insubordination" after meeting the Gaza protesters demands. He started canceling pro Israeli contracts and making new University rules that favored Palestinians. And this is just the tip of the iceberg of WOKE infiltration into the American machinery. All these sudden riots were only possible because of the decades that WOKE has been infesting our society. WOKE is not some new way of life, it's just a brain washing that America is bad so that new stupidity can be quickly injected at any time under the guise that this is how you fix bad America. WOKE is basically a grenade that crooked actors can insert anywhere. BOOM. Upheaval.

Chinese Communist Party-linked network behind 'well-funded' anti-Israel campus protests, group says

California university president put on leave for ‘insubordination’ after meeting Gaza protesters’ demands

Trump is being prosecuted with gag orders by crooked actors that freely spread their poison on the Trillion dollar global media machine. Trump will be jailed if he utters one more word against his crooked accusers. The courts picked to prosecute Trump are rigged to the point that the Supreme Court will have to eventually throw all this out. Putting the Supreme Court itself at the center of more shit storms coming. Even Congress is forced to put together a bill to stop the abuse of gag orders and hold DOJ officials in contempt. Upheaval.

Jurors were "nodding" and "smiling" as Michael Cohen testified, which may be a bad sign for Trump

House Judiciary votes to hold Garland in contempt

'Let Trump Speak Act' to ban gag orders on defendants put forward by House GOP

The state of the world gets worse weekly as violence and unrest seen on world TV spreads all over the place. Now New Caledonia joins the pack of chaos as France is forced to rush in forces to restore order. Upheaval.

Violence rages in New Caledonia as France rushes emergency reinforcements to its Pacific territory

The general public is starting to abandon the rule of law because we got leaders on TV every day ignoring the laws by example. It's no wonder gun ownership has never been higher. And there's no sign things are on the verge of getting better anytime soon. Upheaval.

Alleged Porch Pirate Takes Package In Front of Homeowner

And this is all on top of the more mundane worries of our economy in chaos. Inflation up 20% puts pressure on people to keep their nose to the grind stone. People like that aint got time to go out and complain about things. So it gives society this false sense that everything is alright. That's why Biden says the economy has never been better. He's half deaf anyway, but the other half of him hears little about economic troubles. Just goes to show how preoccupied with survival everybody is. That's why they can pound on Trump in the most illegal ways and nobody seems to give much of a shit. People got their own troubles they are desperate to juggle. But if this all keeps up, the damn is going to burst and the masses will be in the streets making themselves heard at the least. Because their broke asses will not have anything else better to do. Upheaval.

The Federal Reserve’s Folly: An Inflation Rate Of 20%

And inflation aint the only economic problem that will be chewing on the people. The wrecking ball of imbalance will be ruining lives all over the place. Minimum wage going from a kids wage to a premium family sized wage in a short time is tearing the guts out of our society. Kids getting this massive raise are no longer interested in school. That's degrading the next generation that somebody else will have to spring for in the future. Robots will be in ever increasing demand to cut these "living wage" people loose. That will be even more chaos for people that no longer get a living wage. That's more bodies in the streets protesting the unfairness of the labor market. Demanding more free money to compensate. Then new taxes will be invented to fund more of these dead beats America has created. Robot taxes for starters. Taxing the labor of robots by how much power they each draw, or something like that. And what about this power? It don't come from lightning, all the power we can spare will already be going to charge cars. Now there's none left for all these robots taking peoples jobs. So the overhauled electric grid that still aint overhauled will need twice as much overhauling to deal with electric cars AND electric people. That will surely be Upheaval.

Oh shit. Did I say electric people? And how long before these electric people wake up and say fuck this shit? Well since they got computers for brains, you can figure they will decide in nano seconds compared to us. Then the real UPHEAVAL will start, yikes.

America in Upheaval. It's no wonder the world tyrants are on attack. It's been a long time since Carter, when they could fire their cannons and not be punished much for it. And it's especially dangerous when todays cannons are so much more destructive than they were long ago. So much American Upheaval that Russia and China are now strategic buddies. And they will coordinate any future invasions so they both make out like bandits on the free world.

Trump warns trouble brewing with strengthened Russia-China ties as he's stuck in 'icebox' courtroom

Putin and Xi reaffirm 'no-limits' partnership as Moscow intensifies offensive in Ukraine

Iranian lawmaker declares Tehran obtained nuclear bombs

Anyways, Trump is so far liable for punishment for gag order violations. The judge may rule jail for Trump. He sure wants to, but the judge is unsure of the consequences of this historic act. The judge is scared. His legacy and his daughters future would be on the line. He will seek whatever legal counsel he can get to help him decide. And there are 2 dire possibilities here. Jail for the gag order, and jail for the hooker charges. The second one would certainly have epic repercussions that nobody yet has an idea on. So it's possible the judge takes the opportunity to jail Trump for gag order violations to see how that goes. He will do it immediately after the verdict. So after guilty is announced, the judge could say bailiff, escort Mr Trump away to begin serving the gag order sentence. Then the judge would say he would decide on the trial sentence at a latter date. Certainly all hell will break loose and the judge will have to order the cops to clear the court. But it's the rest of the nation that will be the biggest worry. In fact, they may triple up all police presence in New York on the day of the verdict. From there, everything depends on how the nation reacts. Trump would only be in jail for gag order violations. But if it turns fugly, everybody including the Supreme Court would be considering all options. Because there is nothing that Trump has done that warrants allowing the country to sink into revolution. The ultimate Upheaval.

New York Times: Upside-down US flag flew at home of Justice Samuel Alito after 2020 election

Yup, I flew my flag upside down too, until my Trump sign was stolen. Trouble was in the air, so I took all my flags down. Out of respect for the flag. I didn't want anybody tearing it up. And I didn't want nobody taking my Trump flag either.


SSDD Same Shit Different Day. Biden demands end to Gaza war and Israel flies him the bird. Eventually, just like in Russia, people will stop demanding Putin stop the war. Because he won't stop until he wins all that he wants. It may be better to start printing text books naming him Putin The Great. Maybe stroking his ego will actually save lives. Certainly that won't work in Israel because Israelis are not interested in conquest. They are only interested in Justice and getting their hostages back. No media ego trickery will ever be able to change that goal. It's just simple human nature. No crystal ball is needed to figure this out. And any leader with half a brain would come up with a workable plan that moves these goals along a lot more quickly to end the fighting. But instead we have a brain dying leader in Biden who is just making things worse.

Israel announces additional troop deployment in Rafah amid warning from Biden administration

Interrogations of Gazan animals paid off and Shani Louks body has been found in Rafah , along with 2 other dead Israeli hostages. An accomplishment impossible without the invasion of Rafah. See below...


Well we got the Michael Cohen crap in the Trump trial going on and it has been discovered the Cohen bald faced lied in this trial. His evidence is that he recorded calls that prove Trump stole the election by arranging the payoff of the hooker. And they played the calls. But now we find out the calls are very short and incomplete. Geez. Why did the libtard media hide that? Same reason they hide anything that helps Trump.

Anyways, one call that Cohen says worked out details was actually a 90 second call to Trumps body guard. But the call wasn't recorded. All Cohen had was a call log and Cohen filled in the details himself under oath. Cohen said yup, he called the body guard who then put Trump on the line. And got the whole conversation completed within 90 seconds. Well Trumps team subpoenaed Cohens texts and shortly before the call, Cohen texted the body guard for advise on dealing with a 14 year old prank caller. So the call WASN'T about Stormy Daniels. Cohen said he got the advise then was transferred to Trump. Within 90 seconds. Cohen said not much needed to be discussed, and Trump told him to get it done, resulting in the short call.

So Cohen got legal advise on how to deal with a kid prank caller, AND got complicated plans on how to deal with Stormy Daniels AND the call transfers took place, all within 90 seconds. And Cohen had already testified about all the complicated plans that were worked out with Trump on the call. It was all bull shit. Cohen said they talked fast. It was pathetic. That is Cohens testimony. He is lying his ass off to a friken court. And that's Trumps star accuser. The whole point of this trial was supposed to be Trump paying a hooker for silence to illegally "steal" Clintons election. That charge alone is preposterous. But now the prosecution demands that you believe that Trump can plan a crime AND have his body guard give advise on criminal kids all within 90 seconds. It's no wonder that the previous prosecutor Cyrus Vance AND the Federal Election Commission refused to press Trump charges. Yet here we are with another prosecutor and a historic political hatred.

Clearly this case is shot all to hell, but it's New York and they hate Trump like no other city. Except maybe DC. It would be interesting to see the results of a contest between New York and DC to see who could win the prize of the biggest Trump hater. So that's what we got. Cohen couldn't even tell the truth once in his life. Good liars are the ones that only lie 10% of the time. Bad liars invent a whole story that wasn't recorded and then say it was all squeezed into a 90 second call. But the fact that this craziness is in a court just goes to show that the legal crooks are counting on the hater jury to lock Trump up on anything.

Anderson Cooper Says if He Was a Trump Juror, He Would Think Michael Cohen Is ‘Making This Up’ | Video

I am still putting together my own case and I don't have just 90 seconds of anything. I got hours, days, weeks and months of all the shit I been digging up. Aint nobody going to be able to call me a liar, as I keep posting shit till the crook shuts up. That's how you prove a crime. You bring more receipts than they got fingers to count. Then you know there's crimes going on.

I had to yank the tracker off my crooks car and recharge it because the battery finally ran out. So I got thru all that and I been chasing down all the places he goes every single day. And it's just mind boggling what he does with his time, yet refuses to pay me what he owes. So I got recorded calls, texts, in person videos of our arguments, and every place and person he sees all year long. I know what and who I need to subpoena from the day I finally get this suit served. And I know all the places to serve it. It will be like falling off a log nailing this guy to the wall. I just have to finish my research of all the legal tricks his lawyer might try to pull on me. And I have to pick a week and actually take pictures of all the places he goes. Then I can say I was following him so they won't realize that I used a tracker.

It's mostly legal in my state, but courts could be shocked by my use of them. Long ago I had audio recordings of my boss saying he would pay me what he owes me and then fired me without paying. I had to sue back then with an attorney, and it was going great till the judge was told I secretly taped my bosses crooked promises. It was legal. But the judge was furious with me. The audacity to trick people like that. I was just as much a crook as my crooked boss, in the eyes of that judge. So my case was screwed and my attorney said settle this for what ever we can get. Otherwise we may win a dollar from the judge.

Times have changed and now they don't believe you unless you DO have a tape. So I will use the tracker info to save lots of research time but never actually talk about trackers in the court. Just in case it's a tracker hater judge. If they figure it out, then I will use my research into tracker law to tell the court they have no choice but to use my tracker data. Because it is facts that can't be faked. Trackers will eventually be illegal because of all the stalking going on, but right this minute, they are still legal unless you have a record of stalking people or a restraining order in force. This is a fantastic tool to get at the truth, but states are slowly taking it away from anybody that aint connected to law enforcement. They can't take your guns, but they are taking our trackers. Without them, the costs of private investigators for this info is impossible unless its a huge case over half a million dollars. Especially if the crook is really slippery. My crook is always doubling back everywhere he goes. Taking crazy routes everywhere. There is no doubt he is trying hard to catch somebody following him. And I just watch it all on my PC and log more of his places, to figure out what he is doing. When I visit all the places I will be looking for a Motor Home he may have stashed for an escape. There has been no sign he got another vehicle all this year, but there could be a surprise I need to check out. And I know all the places to check to date.

Michael Cohen is an idiot to be doing what he does and not know about evidence people can get on him. And his attorneys too are idiots for not going over all that stuff with him all year long. I will subpoena all the banks my crook goes too, all the building supplies he purchases, and all the payment records of all the other people I see him working for. The lawsuit will give me the subpoena power. Then I will have tons more evidence to sift thru. So I got to get all this stuff done now because tons more comes after the suit is filed. And I have the right to do it all myself. It's likely the crook will have a cheap lawyer with few tricks, but I got to make sure everything is ready to mow him down quick. So there are no delays in anything. Especially if I find an RV parked somewhere.

Sen. Dick Durbin says Justice Alito should recuse in Trump cases because of upside-down flag

Whine whine whine. Engoron and Merchan didn't recuse themselves, so aint no way Alito and Thomas will do it either. Those libtards insist that rules on others don't apply to them. Only chicken shits like Jeff Sessions falls for that recusel stuff. And we all know were he is now. In nowhere land.

Trump backers are already working to clear red tape for unprecedented immigration crackdown



Zelenskyy says he blames the world for what’s happening in Kharkiv

Libtards are always blaming everybody else. Zelensky is the latest Ukraine leader following other leaders that sold off their army to pay for socialism programs. But even in Zelenskys term, he himself closed his eyes to the doom that was coming. He could have done lots more to take control and rush in weapons before the Russians invaded. But he followed in the footsteps of denial left by all his predecessors. Now there is no future for Ukraine. Thy will be swallowed up sooner or later. At Putins discretion.

P Diddy...

Well a video has come out. Diddy is a woman beater. He can't deny it. And he paid her like $15 million dollars for it. So she has her justice. But lots of other people men and women are stepping up with similar claims. And now Diddy is in a world of hurt in this day and age. The laws on assault behavior have been made endless. No time limit and no dollar amount. So if you are accused, your in big trouble. If there is solid proof, you may as well kiss your former life good bye. In fact it may be better to kill the victims than to let them live. Bury your cash and spend 20 years in prison, or less. Then get out with all the cash you left buried. When it comes to assault on video like we have today, there is no such thing as "cruel and unusual punishment". Your going to get whatever the jury decides you will get. Only poor people get off easy, because they got nothing to take.

‘God Help Us All’: 50 Cent Shares Reaction to Diddy Assault Video

50 cent hates Diddy with a passion and says he is working on a documentary about Diddy. And now that Diddy has been raided, 50 cent says he will be filthy rich when his documentary drops. These guys are rappers and they shoot at each other. With 50 cent poking at the bear like he is, this thing could suddenly get much uglier. Diddy is already being investigated for a shooting long ago that hit some woman in the jaw. So Diddy is around shooters.


How the wheels came off Israel’s Gaza invasion

Bwahahahahahaha. Wheels came off? Bwahahahahahaha. These Fake Newsers write anything they want. This is really not even a correct coined term. Years ago things degenerated to call it Fake News, but now it's so preposterous it's more accurate to call it Extreme Bull Shit, hah. So in this whole war, 278 Israeli solders have been killed. America would die for soldier losses that low. This news would be worthless except that we do get a low soldier loss number out of it. See how you got to continually cherry pick the facts out of the utter Bull Shit? It's a pain in the ass, but it's there for people that want to know the reality. So instead of voting no more war from the headline, we can say full steam ahead from the low soldier loss count. It would be totally different if the soldier loss count would be like 10,000. Then you have to say this thing needs a serious rethink. The reality is that Israel is teaching the free world the proper way of super urban combat. And you can bet the Russians and the Chinese are watching and learning from all this. As they throw their own grenades in to try to louse it up.

Oh wow. They found her. They found Shani Louk. The innocent Israeli woman that the Gazan animals killed and hauled away half naked in a pickup truck. I feel so grateful that the Israeli army is pounding their way thru Rafah to get those hostages back. Americans included. Americans should never be left behind, even though our government today is corrupted. I feel so bad for Shani Louks parents that had to see this atrocity on all the conservative media. The libtard media mostly deleted it and all the videos of what they did to her. Not deleted out of respect, but deleted to hide what Gazans did on Oct7. Hide and hide and hide till the public memory forgets what Gazan animals did. This should never be forgotten.

Israel Recovers Bodies of Shani Louk, Amit Buskila, Yitzhak Gelerenter

Fuck Biden and his brain dead stupidity. If Israel listened to Biden and abandoned the Rafah invasion, Shani Louk would never have been found. Israelis took thousands of prisoners and has been interrogating all of them with all the methods necessary to get the facts. And the result is the location of these innocent victims that would not have been found otherwise. In my belief, if it took torture to get the location of these victims, then so be it. Bring on more torture and get all the rest of the hostages back. These Gazans are animals and you do what you have to do to make things right. And now more evidence of what those Gazan animals did will be recorded in the history books. You don't reward animals with "2 state solutions". You throw them in jail and make them face justice. You can bet that pictures of these dead hostages will be sent to Bidens government every time Biden starts complaining. Although I am sure Biden has not seen a single victim picture. Biden don't give a shit about "victims". He is just desperate for votes.

This is why there is war. To destroy the BabyBeheadouins of Gaza. Gazans are already denying that they murdered countless dozens of babies because there is no "proof". Proof was already posted and deleted by the Israeli hater libtard media. But Israelis keep a library of proof and when the time comes to write the history book of the Gazan war, all these dead babies will be posted in the history books. Shani Louk will be posted. Her dead body recovered will be posted. It will all be posted and kept safe from deletion by the Israelis themselves. The world can delete, but Israelis will be able to keep on posting it again. And the free world will never be able to forget. And that's as it should be. Never forget. I certainly won't. Just like I haven't forgotten the woman standing on the edge of the hole in the world Trade Center. I post her picture on every 9/11. The picture of the hopelessness when our leaders like Clinton gut our defenses and let the terrorists in. Thousands of American had their Constitutional rights stripped from them that day. And we are doing it all again now. Lot's of kids today don't even know what 9/11 is. The corruption of our schools. America in Upheaval.

Israel is a shining star doing the free world a huge service. Toilet flushing the WOKE crap and crushing enemies. As they should be crushed. Because the rest of the free world has ruthless enemies just like it is in Israel, and we all must stay strong or we will die. So we can't let WOKE disarm us. We really have to stop calling them "progressives". It's not progress. They are Neanderthals. And their ideas will lead us to the same extinction that happened to Neanderthals before.
News Flash...

Hello again, forum goes down yet reality continues. Israelis have found another hostage body in Gaza. Israelis are not releasing details because this is all top secret to allow further recoveries. But Shani Louks father did speak out to say his daughters body that he got back, was very well preserved. He said she was found in a very deep tunnel that was very cold. Geez. These tunnels seem to be way deeper than 100 feet. And that is details that will help the Israelis more effectively destroy these tunnels. And now more information will be recorded about what was done to Shani Louk by these animals.

All this information was clearly obtained thru interrogations of prisoners. And with so many prisoners, there was sure to be many with critical information, including maps of the tunnels. It's possible that Gazans installed freezer units to actually freeze some tunnels for long term food preservation. Freezing the walls and the ground all around. It's possible that criminal Gazans have been eating frozen steaks all this time. And explains why tunnels could preserve a body for so long. The earth is not super cold. But the earth all around a tunnel could have been frozen till all the power was cut. And then stay cold for a very long time. It is not a preposterous plan as the Japanese considered the same idea all around their destroyed nuke plants. Freeze the ground all around the plant to damn up all the radioactive water so it won't get into the ocean. But instead, they decided that it's cheaper to allow the polluted water to leave by the sea than to continually store rain that would never stop. And now we all have irradiated sea water. Just like when Nuke subs sink and are never recovered. If thee pollutes, then why can't we. The typical human response.

Anyways, Rafah as a city is toast. It would seem the most important tunnels are there which would demand the heaviest destruction to obliterate the tunnels. And this is what I support Israel to do. And has been going on while the forum was down.

IDF recovers hostage’s body from Gaza one day after retrieving three others

The sad reality headlines...

Chess Brat: Hans Niemann, One Year After the Cheating Scandal.
Why Scientific Fraud Is Suddenly Everywhere
Trump Plays the Racist Hits at New York Trial
Why Are New York City Schools Still So Segregated?
Fani Willis and Judge in Georgia Trump Trial Win Primaries
How to Criminalize a Protest
Trump’s Most Unhinged Plans for His Second Term

So there you go. Up to the minute Fake News, lying, cheating and stealing. That's what's going on all around us. It's no longer about cloak and dagger. It's about officials saying go back home and don't worry. We will take care of it. The country in crisis will be fixed by the man behind the curtain. And this is the way it's been for a long time. People who saw all this long ago were labeled "conspiracy theorists" to take away their credibility. In that way, any truth they said really didn't matter. And any minor little detail they got wrong means EVERYTHING else they say is wrong. That's how the Gazan war is playing out. The numbers on the Gazan side are being inflated endlessly until all the media is reporting them as fact. Then new crimes are sworn out based on unrealistic inflation. In an attempt to alter the course of war. So the stakes ARE huge and Fake News is a powerful tool. With so much instant news published minutely, it's impossible to correct the Fake so the public has the truth. So it becomes a war of Fake News to try to bring balance. But they say shame on FOX for Fake News that they dare blame everybody else for doing. And they demand FOX News pay the ultimate for Fake News. But all the rest are way bigger than FOX and they pile on more Fake News, even about FOX. Soon, FOX is drowning as the Fake News on one side wins. And the public is left with a view of the world as presented by the winners of Fake News. And then we go out and vote.

There are courts that are supposed to sift thru REAL facts to get to the bottom of wrongs, but now we find out that lots of our courts have been corrupted too. So court justice that can cost you your life, becomes a battle of life and death. An unfair battle as we now see with Trump. His accusers can say whatever they want, while Trump can't say jack squat. They say Trump can testify, but what can he say? The judge will shut him up if he says ANYTHING about his innocence. Just like the judge shut up his witnesses. So it's Trump against corruption. And Trump is chained down to hear the judgement of a jury of his "peers". What peers? These are not Trumps peers. They were never ment to be. The corruption in our courts has even destroyed the idea of judgement by peers. And the circus we have now is allowed to go on. States rights make circuses possible. Only after the circus has committed the crime and cost defendants dearly is the appeals process allowed to step into the middle of the fight to try to make things right. But no matter what happens, you never get your money back. And alot of other thing are lost too.

Richard Jewel, the security guard who discovered the Olympic bombers bomb before it went off, was accused of being the bomber and prosecuted. But eventually the real bomber was found and Jewel was cut loose. But he was always Richard Jewel the bomber because the Fake News made sure the world would never forget. Jewel lost so much that he never held a money making job again and the public shunned him. He died young, some how or other. Drank and ate his life away I suspect. He was obese with all the crap that goes with it. No money to sue anybody. I can identify with that. I will break all the rules and do my own suing. It's my American right. And that is all we all have. American rights. More rights than any other country in the world. Obviously me against Bidens DOJ is a death sentence. But it's just me against some other slob like me. So if the evidence is crystal clear, the judge is likely to do his job and rule the evidence to get another case "solved". Because I'm a nobody with American rights. So in this dog eat dog world, we are better off trusting nobody and defending ourselves, in ALL ways.

Old News...

Irans Presidents helicopter has crashed into mountains. At first they said it was a "hard landing" and they posted crash pics of another copter crash. But reality is reality and AI aint good enough to fake a heroic and triumphant Iranian president walking out of the woods. But he's only the President anyway. Like a Vice President in America, except he gets to kill people. So the President is lower than the Supreme Leader. But he was a ruthless president that has been executing the opposition. And the Supreme leader is 85yo. So the President was one of a few that was expected to be the next Supreme leader. Hard to say how this potential death changes things. Because so much of the opposition has been executed, resulting in a choir of YES men to the current Supreme Leader. So it don't look like anything will change reguarding Israel.

Cat Fights...

Anyways, politics is such a hair splitting thing. The goal on each side is to find a crack somewhere that you can drive in a wedge that helps your side. It's a pain in the ass kinda job for most everybody else. But you sit around all day, and they pay you $200 grand a year to do it. That's why we got people like George Santos that lies his ass off to get the job. He needed free money really really bad and all he had was BS skills. So most people stay away because they can't compete with the countries best Bull Shitters. Dr OZ thought he could make a difference in politics, but he was mowed down by the experts in BS that came to Fettermans aid after his stroke. It's mostly why honorable people have a hard time in politics. It's great to be honorable, but you have to WIN. And honor don't count if it don't win. It is what it is, for good or bad.

So the women in Congress got into a cat fight this week over eyelashes, and butch appearance. What am I suppose to think? HellIfIKnow. It's a head shaker to me. But then we got the "honorable" AOC that steps up to explain it all. Makes me want to puke just saying that. But they all call each other "honorable" so the rest of the world can forget that they are really the Bull Shit machine.

So AOC says it's a "grand plan" by the GOP to stick it to Democraps. And she says this. The GOP want to hold Merrick Garland in contempt. Sounds good to me. But the Democraps say this is outrageous and they have official procedures to stop this unfair activity. Give me a break. AOC says when Green made her eyelash insult, it was made part of the record and started a fight. The eyelash woman Crockett didn't want her eyelashes part of the record. So then there was a fight over procedures to remove eyelash from the record. The fight escalated to the point where other procedures could now be enacted to put an end to the fight. But as a result of the new procedures, it also ended the process to fight about Merrick Garlands contempt charge. So the Merrick Garland contempt went strait to vote and the GOP won.

Clearly I was clueless what was going on that my taxes pay for. But now that AOC explained it, I am grateful that Green hated the Democrap Crocketts eyelashes. Hah. Because here's the thing. Steve Bannon is being sent to prison because he refused to bring Jan6 evidence against Trump to Congress. Yet Democraps think it's unfair that Merrick Garland should be charged for refusing to bring evidence to Congress on Biden. And according to AOC, we now have Green to thank that Garland will be charged. Thank you AOC for that explanation, and thank you Green for the cat fight that made Garland charges possible. I have a new respect now for cat fights. It's one of those cracks I never would have seen myself.

AOC Reveals Darker Intentions Behind MTG Hearing Chaos

Such diabolical GOP darker Intentions. Seems more like a giant spotlight on Democrapic cockroaches to me. Laws on us but not for them. Democraps are just mad that they fell for Greens trick and now we get more balance in American justice. You charge our guys, we charge yours. And we will keep playing that game as we kick more RINOs off our team. RINOs were messing up our game but their numbers are dwindling. We need that balance to make sure both sides get thrown in jail. This will motivate both sides to finally make a truce so that they stop nuking each other over trivial things. We will never get a truce if one side is always the winner. Like what's going on with the debates. Biden got all he wanted. So he don't want debates where Trump gets something.


'No more games': Biden campaign rejects additional debates against Trump

So the debates are set. Biden gets all the questions about saving the country, and Trump gets all the questions about what he wants in his prison meals. Brought to you by CNN and ABC. This is the only deal Democraps would agree too, so I guess Trump figures he will mop the floor with Biden anyway. I'm not so sure. This is a knife at a gun fight. And they are 300 feet apart and Biden gets a scope.

Trump demands drug test for Biden ahead of first debate

Hell yea. That guy was drugged up at the State Of Union speech, no doubt about it. It's time we find out what they been pumping into Biden to keep him awake. I bet they refuse though. Complete refusal of drug tests. Democraps will never agree to anything that unmasks their cheating. But then there is reality. What is a drug test anyway? It's a pot and cocaine detector. That is the testing industry America has created. Quick tests for pot and cocaine. Surely Bidens problems are well beyond pot and cocaine therapy, so he is "likely" to test clean on those unless a MAGA secret agent can get away with swapping Bidens pee with his sons. Hah.

Anyways, the hooker trial is about over and something new actually came up. Cohen stole $30 grand from Trump and nobody knew it. Well after being caught red handed lying about the phone call to Trumps body guard, his attorney told Cohen to come clean about the theft if it comes up. And indeed it did. Trumps lawyers figured out that the payments didn't add up and now we know Cohen is a liar AND a thief. He may have a tax liability on it, but statute of limitations clears him from prosecutions because his name is not Trump. Only Trumps have no statute of limitations.

Anyways, the rest of the trial was simply he said she said crap. He said she said stuff, aint a crime. The actual charge allegation came down to one meeting between Trump, Cohen, and Weiselberg. The only people in the room. That is the whole legal case. with Cohen who can't stop being caught lying, and Weiselberg in a New York prison. The Prosecutor told the judge there is no point in hauling Weiselberg in because he is not cooperating. So this was Trump against Cohen. And that's it. This is why Cyrus Vance and the FEC refused to press charges. There is no proof beyond reasonable doubt. This case should not be in court. They brought Stormy in to spew her hate venom because she lost her lawsuit and owes Trump half a million dollars. They did their circus show on TV before the Weinstein case was thrown out. So this case will be thrown out. New York needs a hater jury conviction. That's what they need. They see no point to wasting the jury time putting Karen McDuggal to testify about her cheating with Trump. The libtard media has already got her on all the channels where Trumps lawyers can't tear her apart. She was paid, yet she is a fierce Trump hater too. Brain dead people are made haters very easily. That's why there is little satisfaction from brain dead women. As their lives go up and down, they blame everything on everybody else in their lives. She is likely mad that she didn't get lots more money from Trump. Especially after the fake rape gave the fake rape victim $83 million dollars. Yup, I am sure all these hookers feel hugely cheated. Can you imagine how different all this would be if the hookers refused payoffs and claimed rape? Oh boy, Trump dodged a tank shelling on that one. 3 women all claiming rape and no proof required. Yup, it is possible that this whole world would be a different place if it was Trump against 3 and the "fixing" of the Jeffrey Epstein evidence. They kept it covered up for so long that it could have been spun to help the 3 woman in a Trump rape case.

So next week is the final mopping up. Trump did another gag order violation and all his people are pissing off the judge. So all that will be decided. Closing arguments will happen, and then the jury time comes.

Another bit of drama was when Trump finally brought in his defense witness. But he was bared from saying jack squat. It was not some yahoo witness for Trump it was a lawyer and a former federal prosecutor on Trumps side. So he knows the law. So the judge barred him from saying anything, and a pissing contest opened up in court. The judge had the court cleared of media and jury but left the audience in the room. Allan Dershowitze was able to watch it all. He said the judge read the riot act to the witness and said he would throw him out if he uttered one more unhappy word or face expression about being barred from giving testimony. Dershowitz the law professor said the judge was a bully and completely unConstitutional. Dershowitze said the judge allow crap against Trump and barred exculpatory testimony that favored Trump.  And that's what went on while everybody else was out of the court. So the judge left the audience there on purpose so the world knows that this judge was here to stop Trump. And I guess his payola would only come if there was hard proof he did all he could to stop Trump. allowing media and the jury to hear the reprimands must have been against legal rules, so the judge had no choice but to send them out. So "somebody" will be paying this judge handsomely. So much so that he don't care about his future job or reputation. He will be rich and he will be hanging out with all the other crooks that are desperate to get Trump. I posted this, but it really isn't news. Our legal system has been corrupted, and even the prosecutor witness knew he couldn't do squat about it. So Trump had a useless witness and that's the end. So all those media haters that say Trumps team was incompetent will get to party for awhile till it's the Supreme Courts turn. Then the party will be over.

I was inside the court when the judge closed the Trump trial, and what I saw shocked me

So CNN is doing an about face on these Trump charges all the sudden. I think it is like hedging their bets. They really pounded to tell the world that Trump is heading to prison. And it has all been falling apart. Now they are singing a different tune. In case Trump escapes all traps. Because the traps were made of shit. Trump is covered in stink, but he plans to hose it off. And he is already standing proud and defiant as ever. And CNN has to salvage their ratings in a possible Trump world. And that's why CNN seems to be different. But I aint fooled, and neither is Trump. They are just a bunch of back stabbers. And if they try to shake your hand, beware of likely ill intent.

CNN Opinion: I changed my mind about the strength of the prosecution’s case against Donald Trump. Here’s why

Trump allies are planning a "purge" of the Justice Department, hoping to eliminate checks on power

Spectacular. This is why I vote for Trump. I believe He is intending to sweep thru our government and throw out the trash. And I don't believe any other candidate can beat the hater media and the crooked libtards to get it done. Trump is already destroyed as much as he can be destroyed. And he aint very destroyed. The libtards are about out of weapons against Trump, after 8 years of attacks. About all they got now is ballot stuffing. And Trumps campaign army is growing, now that the Romney virus has been removed. So if the fates allow, America will be on track to become great again.

Sneaky shit...

Beware cameras and plate scanners. Because they are everywhere. People don't even notice them any more. Crooks do all their crimes right on the videos. It's the way it is. So who stops at the stop sign at Walmart? Not me. I don't want my rear bumper smashed. Well there are stop signs, off street, everywhere. Kids have them in their rooms. And parks have them on park property. Seems the city has found another way to rake in cash by putting ticket cameras on park property stop signs. So if you don't come to a complete stop, it's a $100 fine. Yikes. Has to be a complete 100% stop. Los Angeles put up the cameras and already raked in $1 Million in fines. So much for not stopping when the park is empty. But they are not regular traffic tickets. So you can't go to jail or court. Because it is not a public street. So they send you to debt collectors if you don't pay. And anybody with a stop sign can do it. They sign up with a camera service and the service takes a huge cut of the fine. And the camera service deals with the debt collectors. So Walmart can do the same thing, if they want to be dicks. Who knows. You have to go to Walmart. If Wall Street demands more profit on their bottom line, you could be hit with a Walmart Violation at a store near you. They already got these security trailers in the parking lots with the blue light. So there is nothing stopping them from stop sign fines to pay for those trailers.

They film you rolling through stop signs and fine you $100. One SoCal agency's $1-million idea


"In China, many of the most popular EVs sell for around $12,000 — and some budget models cost less than the average e-bike. Those low prices have led to an explosion in EV sales in China."

"Chinese automakers have developed a wide range of EVs that are of comparable quality to anything made in the United States but often sell for a fraction of the price."

China is making cheap, high-quality EVs. Why does the U.S. want to stop you from buying one?

"Able to produce far more cars than they can sell in China, Chinese companies like BYD are entering markets all over the world. Their global expansion comes as major U.S. carmakers - whose once-lucrative China sales are withering - have withdrawn from promising markets such as India, Indonesia and Thailand to focus on their North American base."

Yup, China is building WAY more of this stuff than we are. And that means they are working way more bugs out than we are. So China stuff will be better AND cheaper than our stuff. MUCH cheaper. We can never compete as China sells to the rest of the world. They will sell to Russia too at these prices. No ships needed. Just train loads day after day. And they will be internet connected. China will know where everybody is at all times. And where they live and who their contacts are. China is being plugged into everything. And nobody can stop it. Robots are the next invasive wave. Living wage jobs will be dying for robot replacements by the 10s of millions. And China will translate their Ecar tech into robot tech. At a fraction of the price and much better quality than anybody else. America simply can't compete. China is taking over the world and they know it. They get their oil from Russia and Russia upgrades with China tech. While America struggles in Upheaval.

"President Biden on Tuesday announced new tariffs on certain Chinese goods, including a whopping 100% tariff on electric vehicles (EVs) made in China."

We stopped China from taking over our cell phone network, and now trying to keep them out of cars. Nobody anywhere will want a Tesla in the years to come. Because China will have fancier EVs that are way cheaper. Musk is in the Rocket business because he knows his car company is on borrowed time. We don't have the power to make them practical and we waste too much cash building each car.

I slept in my car and showered in the factory to work 12-hour shifts at Tesla. I still got laid off after 5 years.

Musk recently fired his entire charging station staff of 500 after his charging station chief balked at more Musk ordered layoffs. His staff insisted that Tesla needed to be aggressive at charging station build out, while Musk was seeing the writing on the wall of Chinas EV pricing. It just aint working in America. And Musk aint willing to spend out his cash to chase it. And his instincts are being verified by the tanking of EV sales in America. Charging stations simply cost too much to use, compared to home chargers. So the revenue returns simply can't support an aggressive build out for the foreseeable future. Musk probably wants to force the government to build out more of the charging stations. The recent government grant Musk got clearly did not impress him. Musk is not seeing enough profit in being a utility at todays energy prices.

The inside story of Elon Musk’s mass firings of Tesla Supercharger staff

China is trying to invade Taiwan. WHEN they do, they will own all the worlds tech. Then "tariffs" will mean nothing. American cars will be Chinese tech. Plugged into China. The grid will have to be computerized. China will own that tech. All the robots will be China tech, as will all the connected tech gizmos. So American dominance in the world will bleed away to the country that makes our lives work. China. And I don't see a tariff or TicToc law that can stop it. Like being invaded by a zillion ants from all directions. We better hope it's a new breed without those jaws because we are about to be covered up by them.

Taiwan’s foreign minister says China and Russia are supporting each other's ‘expansionism


Biden’s plan to admit Gazans to US could backfire: 'Brainwashed by Hamas,' expert warns

Yup, I already posted of this before. Gazans in America are bad juju. These people have been raised from birth to be totally corrupt from the ways we expect Americans to be. Their lying about everything would make Michael Cohen seem like the Pope. This is exactly why Egypt, Jordan, and all the other Arab countries refuse to let them immigrate. Arabs would all be laughing at the added chaos in America if we let Gazans across in the kind of numbers that Biden would need, to affect his pole numbers. For starters, they would be stealing everything in sight simply because they have nothing. The Democraps simply can't give them enough money to keep them happy. Then they would seek out Arab speaking trouble makers in America that have similar inbred hatred views that they just came from. They may even end up being leaders of hate groups because they are full blooded haters straight from the war zone. Women and kids that did all the menial tasks for war and violence. And men who may have actually been fighting and dealing with hostages in Gaza. They would slowly open up with their "heroic" tales to American wannabes to further radicalize them. Then present themselves on American TV news with inside stories of famine and torture by the crooked Jews bent on Conquest. Yup, the fake News would eat it up and further incite American wannabes to hate and riot in the streets. Gazans transported from the dog eat dog hell hole to these similar speaking American groups would feel like they are suddenly rock stars, and it will certainly go to their heads. There are no boundaries to the mayhem they are sure to add to our society.

Hard to say if Biden or his puppet masters are being educated about any of this, but we the people will always be paying the price of our leaders mistakes. And it aint just Gazans. Somalia is gripped in civil war and REAL famine, yet we don't let those people in specifically. If they could get to our border, they could run in like everybody else, but starving people can't run, or fly kites or anything the Gazans do. All these people in all these other cultures must be rehabilitated in the lands of their customs. That is always the best way for everybody. And the crooked ways of these cultures must be rehabilitated thru diplomatic means. Then the people can evolve into better people, rather than being shock dropped into an alien land.

An airstrike kills 20 in central Gaza and fighting rages as Israel's leaders air wartime divisions

Anyways, we got 20 more dead people from an air strike, so they say, with mostly women and children. Hard to say since we can only see one dead child. It's sad, but you have to realize that Ya Ya Sin War is videoed walking with "somebodies" kids in the tunnels. So when Israelis get him, they are likely to get all the kids around him too. That is the way criminal Gazans want it. So they get it. And it will be this way till the criminal Gazans are all destroyed.

We can't tell how many dead are fighters but we can tell that there still is no famine here. The insane UN woman said last week that famine was days away, yet nobody here will be in famine for along time to come, if ever. They all have fat in their face and healthy muscle tone. They have the body energy to still be digging people out of the rubbble by hand. And wrap them all like mummies so we can't see how many are fighting men. So the war continues AND more food is being delivered. So I still see no point in dumping my support of Israel. These people started this war and they are paying the consequences for it. As they should. By the time Israelis are done here, this will be the very last Gazan war. And that will be good for Gazans as well. The dead on both sides today are paying the dues for a better life in future years.

So they got the American Dock built and now more aid is flowing in. But it's an AMERICAN dock. Setup by the Biden government so people in our country would be happy and vote for Biden. So when you get things done like that, you can figure that they got all kinds of bonehead mistakes they have yet to be worked out. Americans can't go into Gaza carrying aid from the pier. They will just get shot at and kidnapped. So they delivered aid, and it is still sitting on the beach. Because nobody worked out plans to get it off the beach. So expect more hater media stories of how Trump swooped in with his plane and is hijacking the aid sitting on the beach. In time, the additional aid will get to all the Gazans to make them even fatter.


Well the ICC issued arrest warrants for Natty Yahoo for war crimes. Bwahahahahahaha. Didn't they do the same thing for Putin long ago? And isn't he still doing his thing in Russia? Just goes to show how useless the ICC is. And notice that the ICC never issued arrest warrants for criminal Gazans after Oct 7. Until it was WAY past Oct 7 and they were already trying to get Natty Yahoo. Just goes to show the hate is all about Jews, and they didn't care about Criminal Gazans.

Even more, the ultra Trump hater Hollywood Clooneys are neck deep in all of the hater crap. Seems Clooneys wife is Lebanese and she was personally funding the effort to bring charges against Trumps pall Natty Yahoo. She is an attorney and she helped out the ICC haters to get these charges done. And that is the stupidity of rich libtards in great numbers. They will never be done trying to get Trump and all his supporters, until they are made to pay the price of their corruption. Hollywood and the whole entertainment industry is bent on American socialism to take permanent control of our tax dollars. And conservative world leaders are also in the libtards cross hairs.

Amal Clooney helped convince The Hague to charge Israel and Hamas leaders with war crimes
The death of Iran’s president Raisi has exposed the sickness at the heart of the West

Yea, I couldn't give a tinkers damn about this Raisi dude. I'm American, so whatever craziness goes on out there, it don't mean jack squat to me. I have at least half a brain. So I keep it simple in my life and anything Arab that comes up that needs my decision, I decide very quickly. I have a trash can for Arab stuff and anything Arab gets tossed in the Arab trash can. And that is the end of that. Because the only thing I keep in my brain half is that Arabs saw American heads off. That's all I need to know to say I'm done. No Arab brides from Match dot com, or Arab donations for starving Arabs, etc, etc. And absolutely no travel of any kind that gets me within plane crash territory of anywhere Arab. HELL to the power of NO. And that makes my life much simpler from an Arab point of view.

So all this stuff in this article is of no surprise to me. This stuff happens to all those people that never thought to just keep it simple. If you tell most people last week that Arabs will saw your head off while you watch in a mirror, most people will have forgotten by next week. Then you can send them vacation offers for the cheapest vacation anywhere. And there will likely be a ton of American customers. And I aint kidding. Just look at the news. 4 dudes arrested in Turks for bullets in their luggage, now face over a decade in Turk Island prison. So what happens a few weeks later? Another vacation woman was arrested for bullets in her luggage. And now she faces over a decade in Turk prison. I mean how many kinds of stupid is there in this world? Unfortunately, there is this infinity sign that sadly answers that question. And we can all thank Fake News for this debacle of American education. Or even more widely recognized as the debacle of Free world education. Brought to everybody by the WOKE crazies in our population. Still trying to bring back the flat earth text books.

So ummm, Raisi, who the hell is he? Well he used to be just one word, but happily he is now 2 words. Dead Monster. And that's all most Americans need to know about that guy. But for those international traveling, It's also good to know where he lived. Iran, so Americans can stay away from there. But it's simpler to just know that he was Arab, so just stay away from all those places if you like to keep your head. I mean in this world there are so many other places to visit, so why put your head at risk? And they will probably beat and rape you before they saw your head off, so why even think about all that if you got a trash can to quickly end all those ugly thoughts.

But for those where details matter, Raisi was like any other monster that we would already have executed long long ago for the torture and killing of countless people. He may have done it with his own bare hands when he was young, but he certainly did it thru an army of killers all thru his life. His own people called him a Butcher and had fireworks shows when his death was announced. So the crimes of this guy is of no doubt. There are tons of survivors of his torture to spread the word. And he tortured women especially because women are not even people in the Arab world. The woman in the above article picture had her eye ripped out for defying Raisi's mental thinking. So there are no doubt witnesses and any arguments about it is like saying Oranges are blue.

So we got Fake News and we got a dead Raisi and you put the 2 together and what do you got? A hot snot sandwich with a bugger on top? Close. We got flags at half staff in America. Holly shit.

Yup, the United Nations building is in America and they are honoring Raisi with flags half staff. Is America broke or is it broke. Folks, you can be sure of one thing. Trump is so evil that there will not be Flags at half staff at any flag that Biden controls. If Trump were to croak tomorrow. Florida would be one of the few states that would lower them for Trump. Because Florida would say that paying hookers aint that bad. But Raisi with all that America knows he did, is half staff. Folks, Biden has been paying Iran so much cash that you know Biden has been getting a huge kick back from it. Why else would our flags be half staff on a butcher killer. History will figure it out but there will be no justice. Because Biden is dying and all crimes in America die with the perpetrator. So Biden is using his final years to make his crooked family rich. And Iran is paying him to do what he is doing. While Iran sucks in Billions of our tax dollars. And nobody has been able to stop it.

So Raisi is the Butcher of Bahrain and all this shit, but it aint any of our business. Because they are not crimes done in America. Now we have changed that law to include crimes "planned" in America. So now they prosecute anybody that harms other people when on vacation anywhere else. But we can't do squat to anybody else other that detain and extradite. There is a foreigner in America that killed somebody in another country, but that country won't pay to get him back. So he is living a free life in America with officials completely aware that he is a killer. And there's nothing to be done as long as he doesn't break any American laws.

Anyways, history is riddled with historic killing that has made the earth as it is today. And Fake News has been hacking on it, like it hacks on all real facts. So far we still got Ismail Enver Pasha that killed 3 million people. That was the Genocide by the Ottoman empire. He started killing as many people as he could during WW1 of the non combatant variety, and was  the principal reason that England conquered the Ottomans and took control of the Arab lands. England stopped the Genocide of Arab against Arab. And also England wanted a stake in the oil lands that civilization had started to realize could be big time. Genocide sure aint good for business. Other killers still recognized as killers.

Yahya Khan - 3 million Genocided in Bangladesh in 1971
Hideki Tojo - 4 million Genocided in Mainland Asia as Japan tried to conquer the world.
King Leopold II - 10 million Genocided after seizing the Congo and raping the country of all the natural resources he could ship out of there.
Hong Xiuquan - 30 million Genocided as he seized a huge chunk of China from the Qing Dynasty.
Adolf Hitler - 35 million Genocided. He didn't just kill Jews. He was killing every fuckin body. And his own people were bombed ruthlessly in retaliation. All Hitlers fault.
Genghis Khan - 40 million people Genocided by using starvation warfare to kill all those he was conquering. He killed 10% of the worlds population at the time and the sudden reduction in CO2 sparked a mini ice age.
Joseph Stalin - 40 to 60 million Genocided in the Great Purge. What's so great about that? Again starvation destruction of unwanted people. War losses in WW2 pale in comparison to the deaths of the Purge.
Mao Zedong - 65 million Genocided by famine when he destroyed the agrarian system and invented the industrial system. And all the revolutionaries that fought him were executed ruthlessly country wide.

Now that WOKE have added George W Bush to this. 4.6 million Genocided after 9/11. It's all Bushs Fault. And in the future, all this blame will be shifted to Trump.
And now the WOKE want to add Natty Yahoo. 35,000 Genocided as Yahoo hunts for the hostages.
The WOKE also "say" they will add. Ya Ya Sin War for 1200 Genocided. But it's all BS and they will soon dismiss all charges on Sin War. Because Israelis aint people...

Top 10 of History’s Most Lethal Leaders

Stalin, Hitler and all the rest must be laughing their asses off in hell at watching all this. And also with great envy at the waste going on today with such glorious weapons. They would have shown the world what real Genocide really was, as well as the stupidity of humans today.

If we can't stop this WOKE crap then we will surely WOKE ourselves to death. Another name for Moronic Progressives.


A Taliban revenge killing prompts questions, removal of an acclaimed documentary

So Hollywood (National Geographic) made a movie about people Biden left behind in Afghanistan. Biden washed his hands of them soon after Trump said he would protect them. Now this movie was not Biden criticism, it was criticism of Trump for getting these people into a mess in the first place. Blame it all on Trump. But here's the thing. The Taliban watched the movie and are now hunting for more people Biden left behind. Now why is it nobody thought this would happen? Israelis refuse to post lots of stuff because it will only mean more trouble for hostages. So if Israelis are so worthless, how is it that they think of this stuff? I suspect Hollywood knew this would happen, but the money was huge and they didn't think anybody here would care. And now more patriots are dying and living in fear. This is why Trump wants to defund Hollywood and the Libtard media. Leave those selfish idiots to find finding elsewhere than from taxes.

Anyways, Hollywood is one of Trumps biggest haters. Hollywood depends on free money from our taxes and Trump is aiming to put an end to all that. Info is being discovered that entertainment biggies are making huge donations to pay to get Trump. And now we are hearing that the ultra rich Clooneys are part of the Get Trump team as well. So the war against Trump continues. A new movie was made directly about Trump. And word is coming out that they made an actual rape scene of Trump raping his wife. It would seem Hollywood has pulled out their shivs and they are sticking them in Trump, before the election.

Now, I have not seen this movie and the same goes with most everybody else. Only a few people in France so far have seen it. And word is out that it is a shocking movie about Trump. Now it could all be fake news. That's nothing new, most news about Trump is Fake News. So we got shocking reports, AND we got the director actually says it's a great movie and Trump would enjoy watching it. So it's all confusing right now. Trump aint going to enjoy watching him rape his wife on a theater screen before the election. So I don't really know what is going on. But the word out IS alarming AND Trump has already threatened lawsuits will fly. But it's France and they hate Trump and have their own laws. So it's hard to say what is and what can be done. But if Trump rapes on American theaters, there is no doubt that everybody and their mothers will be sued over this. And it may be that this movie was made only to view for free in France and it will now be talk in the air from now till the election. More Libtard tricks to try to "get Trump".

And speaking of tricks, this whole week is going by and the Trump trial is not being finished. So if it's not finishing, Trump can't file appeals. And I think that is the point of it. The trial was bitch slapped by the Weinstein flush heard coast to coast. So it has all come to an end way sooner than they planned. Also, they didn't stop Trump near as much as they were figuring. He got all this hallway media they couldn't stop, and he did many rallies anyway. They did smear the hooker in his face on world TV, but the hooker was shown to be a very low life human being that could not be hidden under oath. The personal attorney was shown to be the arrogant liar and thief even more than the public already knew. So the only thing left for Libtards is to pray for a guilty verdict. Then none of this craziness matters. All their eggs are now stuck in one basket. The jury basket.

So it was a joke of a trial, as everybody figured it would be, but it's still a chess match. And all that matters is check mate. Nobody has it yet. Facts and fiction are now done. Only the verdict counts now. So the judge gave the jury a vacation over a week long. Nobody can talk to nobody. But that is NOT what is going on. The talking and convincing is now going wild. That's the point of the judge giving over a week long break. If this was about justice, you don't give people time to talk or forget or anything. If you are in a trial, and the ending is delayed by over a week, you will have your proof positive that the judge hates you and any sentence you get will be severe to the utmost. And that's what's going on here. The trial was a joke, but Trump is on his way to being President again. And all these jurors will now be hearing for a week from people that if Trump wins, the country is doomed. It's all they will be hearing everywhere in New York that they go. Their friends and families and the people at their work. Some will talk and some won't. But they will all be hearing "Flush the Trump and Save the Country". Blacks saved OJ Simpson and ruled opposite of the evidence. So Libtards may see little dishonor in saving Libtard America by flushing Trump. It could be the opposite is true. Everything they hear is Trump is so wonderful and this trial is unfair. But nobody believes that. They have the count of the last voting and hardly nobody in New York wanted Trump. So the DOJ has told the judge to let this simmer for a week before it's served. They think it's likely to taste better then.

So you see, despite the circus, the Libtards have this whole thing as carefully planned out as a shit show can be run. And it was. This unConstitutional crap was displayed as best as anybody could have done. The only mistake was the initial arrogance that they could haul in any and all evidence they wanted. With the very bad timing of the Weinstein debacle. That was a gift to Trump to limit what more damage they had planned on.

And that's the way it is. It would be mind boggling if Trump gets out of this. But the odds are not in his favor. He's playing Black Jack and the decks got no face cards in it. So next week is going to be a historic week any way this goes. The media will go berserk on a guilty, like not seen before. Basically informing the people that the world has been saved and to find somebody else to vote for. That will certainly rial up the masses. The glee against the outrage with the confused in between wondering if they do have to find another vote. Oh the bedlam that will follow. A not guilty verdict will pretty much fizzle everything out. Libtards will be sad and in disbelief. With the realization that the worlds crummiest of evidence could not have possibly succeeded. Libtard media will be deflated, and I don't think even FOX will have great things to say. FOX with the Trump crew cost them a Billion dollars. But the growing conservative internet news will be partying in the streets. Since most people are TV watchers, America post Not guilty will be Fake Newsed into a sad state. Like the sign on the TV saying "cry now". That is the sheeple that Libtardism depends on.

So basically, injustice breeds civil war while justice actually seeps into both sides. And for those bent on denying reality, it may take laws to put them in their place. Even if somebody else brain washed them.

After next week, then we will see what comes next. Because Libtards desperately want to jump start the Florida mess. So never count out desperate Libtards with all our taxes and a corrupt DOJ. They could conquer the world, I mean wreck our country with all that. Then the rest of the world would conquer us...


They are still being pounded and more criminal Gazans are dyin. You know, if the fighters would give up today, then all this fighting could end today. If the fighters of which there are thousands would just grab Ya Ya and all his henchmen and sit on them while they zip tie their hands, then the fighting would be over as they then march the hostages out for repatriation. Ya Ya and his henchmen could then be taken away to be tried in the Israeli war crimes court. No more fighting and the cleanup and disarmament can begin. Israelis would go thru the tunnels to collect evidence and arms, while the people would get lots more aid and tools to speed up the cleanup. The beginning od a whole new Gaza could start within hours. That is how close to peace in this war everybody is. People simply need to choose no more violence. And people need to control their own people to not violate the peace. So we don't get lone wolfs making violence to start another war.


Same thing, but Russia and Ukraine are so big that there will be no peace till somebody runs out of weapons and people. It's now a beast that only Trump can stop. But it's only stop. Trump won't be able to fix this for the long term. Only stop it for now. Putin would have to die before anybody could think about trying to fix all this. And if Putin doesn't die for 20 years, you can bet that Ukraine and a few others like Georgia will be Russian again. Enough to still be Putin the Great. And that is what this has always been about.
So Africa again demands Israel stop, as Israel finds 3 more dead Israeli hostages that they brought home to their families. so 130 minus 7 is the new total as Israel continues to pound on the criminals. Well you can bet Israelis aint stoppin. And all the chicken shit whining in the world won't change that. And I am proud to see this. Intelligence and fortitude and capability. Qualities the free world is very short of right now.

Graham: International Court of Justice ‘can go to hell’ over Israel ruling

So why are Israelis so hated? It's like hating John Wayne or Superman. Or even Clint Eastwood. You know John Wayne hated Clint Eastwood because Eastwood shoots unarmed people. Obviously unarmed crooks, but you saw the movies. Crooks that had it coming, well, they get it. Right between the eyes. Gene Hackman got it in Unforgiven, and Dirty Harry shot one crook right when he went for his gun. Go ahead, make my day. Yea, Wayne hated Eastwoods guts. But that's the point. Eastwood had guts. And he still does in this increasingly gutless world. His last movie was him in all his shriveled glory forced into drug muleing because the broken system was trying to take his home and he was too old to do labor work. Forced into the illegal because there was no legal ways. And navigating the craziness with steely balls. But you can't fight the system forever. It's just too big and Eastwood pays the price of being caught. An old man resigned to his final days cared for in prison. It's a sad movie that showed what happens to people trapped in a broken system. So Eastwood is about reality, whereas Wayne was about chivalry. We can dream about chivalry, but sometimes it aint worth the price somebody has to pay for it. And you can bet there aint much chivalry in Gaza until all the hostages are released.

Oh and this is tragic. I just posted that Hollywoods National Geographic movie was getting patriots Biden left behind in Afghanistan killed. Now the Taliban has found another trapped patriot and killed him with beatings and slow torture. It's weird me sitting in my chair in front of my 65 inch screen and writing this while sipping on my Peach Mango tea. Writing about some dude far away that was beat so bad that he later died of his injuries. I'm drinking my tea and thinkin that this shit is going on every single day somewhere. It's really big in Haiti right now with people getting hacked apart and burnt to a crisp. And Mexicans have also been hacking each other up since forever it seems. Somalia is in civil war that nobody hears about. You know it has to be really bad there. So I can completely understand why Musk is in a big hurry to make Mars rockets. People trash the guy, but he really has it figured out. Aint no way humans on earth will come anywhere near the life span of the dinosaurs.

Afghan mine-clearer killed by Taliban after it sees him in Emmy-winning film


At least two killed and others missing after Russia strikes hardware store in Kharkiv

Oh this is outrageous. They call this a hardware "hyperstore" and now it's "hyperrubble" with bodies mixed in. So where is the UN and all their bobble heads in Ukraine? They pretty much went dark as Russia shot at anybody in their way. Also, Russia pays the UN way more than Israelis do, based on population, so it's the Israelis that get thrown to the wolves. But then again, it's really wolves thrown into the lions dens, hah.


Anyways, Musk is talking smack again, pretty much opposite of what he was talking last week. Well, if your brainless, then you call him crazy even though he has all the money. But it aint hard to figure Musk out. For one, he belches unsorted ideas when he gets a camera stuck in his face. Kinda like Trump. The camera tends to discombobulate lots of people and they say what they say in the wrong way. That is why no cameras are aloud in federal courts. They are concerned that it alters court testimony and actions. Playing to the cameras and such rather than dealing with justice.

So Musk last week says watch out for China and their cheap prices. This week Musk says China is great and tariffs are unfair. And it seems Musk can't make up his mind. But that aint really the case. Last week he was in one mind set on camera and this week another mind set on camera. All working for the same goals. A Musk success. Sure Musk last week is concerned China prices will mow down American industry. And he is absolutely right. But this week, it's his competitors that are on his mind. And China is poised to mow them down. So Musk is not so happy about tariffs this week. See how it works both ways for him? The media is too Fake News oriented to put the 2 separate interviews together. They just keep them separate and hint that Musk is having mental issues to whip up more Fake News.

Actually, Musk has a China factory using China labor prices and making cars competitive in China. And Musk is fed up with all things California. So for him, the great thing would be to drop the tariffs, destroy the big 3's EV plans, and start importing China made Teslas into America. Then Tesla prices would be cut at least 30% and his stock price would soar again. Then he would shut down all California operations and tell them all to suck eggs. And that's where Musk is coming from. American labor is simply too expensive to transform America away from gasoline. And Musks company is in as much peril as the rest of American EV industry if he can't keep strict controls of his expenses versus Americas fluctuating demand. You can't be doing any American renovations when inflation is running amok. And the inflation problem Biden created has no signs of stabilizing anytime soon. Indeed Trump will hammer on inflation by pumping a shit ton of more oil. And that just makes things worse for all EV. And all this craziness is brought to all of us by the stupid move to double and nearly triple the minimum wage. These people aren't on the road to riches, they are on the road to unemployment as China robots replace them. Add to that the massive spending for vote buying, and we have a hell of a mess that only oil can slowly reverse.

Musk opposes US tariffs on Chinese electric cars

So who is really to blame for "global warming" and storms and airplane craziness? Well the Democraps spent us into the shitter and they have no plans on how to unclog the mess. They do nothing effective and keep saying inflation is temporary. But it's looking like it's temporarily permanent. And that's why Musk is pulling the plug on employment at Tesla for the forseeable future. And all this on the Democraps watch. They loused it all up and desperately need House control so they can raise everybodys taxes. And they are moving money around to pay off peoples student loans to get more votes. My crooked business partner did that. Moved my money around to buy other things I didn't agree to. And now I got to sue him to get my cash back. The GOP can't sue Biden for squat. And we are all paying for Bidens vote buying shopping spree.

And folks, none of this is pie in the sky thinking. If I had to sit and think all of this stuff up from my head, it would likely take all week and be mostly wrong. Hah. All I do is open up yahoo and write what I read. I read and then I write. It's like falling off a log. The only difference is when I read all this shit, I'm smelling a rat in the mix. The media says look at this yummy fish dinner. But when I zoom in on the ingredients label, it says chicken. And I end up writing what the fuck. And that's all this is. And it's been like this for over 2 years. 2 years of Fake News labels. The media posting crap, and me pointing it out. It's easy now but AI in the future will certainly make it much harder to tell fact from fiction. And that will only make things worse for everybody. nVidea stock just posted record earnings AGAIN despite all this crazy inflation. Because they make the most powerful AI processors and the world is bent on waking AI up.



Seems Google is clueless about how to do AI and they keep getting FrankenAI. We can laugh now, but that's how AI can turn nasty on us. Idiots with no clue what they do. The other way is smart diabolical people that wake AI on purpose for their own crazy agenda. Like what China did with Covid. China was diabolical AND incompetent. And we all had to pay for it.

World gone crazy...

Daughter, son-in-law of MO representative killed, set aflame by gang in Haiti

I was set to go to Haiti for a vacation next year. They got a resort in Labodee with a zip line that is a mile long. And my spending could help an earth quake torn up economy. It looked to be a fun time. But then the prison walls came down and all the crooks escaped. Holly shit. Now they are setting foreigners on fire. And I got no clue why foreigners are even still there. There's no excuse to be there other than stupidity. And if you cherish stupidity, then you deserve to be set on fire. Can you imagine an idiot running to jump in a lake of alligators and him yelling at lifeguards to pull him out if the gators get too close? If I was the life guard I would say fuck you. Then I would pull out a video to make a YouTube, hah.

Ben Baker (R-Neosho) said on Facebook that his daughter Natalie Lloyd and son-in-law Davy Lloyd were working as full time missionaries in Haiti. “My heart is broken into a thousand pieces,” Baker said. “I’ve never felt this kind of pain.”

Well, this is why I aint religious. To me it's all just a bunch of cult brain washing. They did what their church told them to do and now they are burnt to a crisp. And they join the millions of other people thru history burnt to a crisp because of religion. And their lives are over. All the Trillions of Dinosaurs came and went, and they are the oil we pump out of the ground. Billions of humans also came and went, and most all of them are forever forgotten. Nobody is born again, you only live once. And they threw their lives away in Haiti. Just like the wing suit guys that go splat against a mountain. And the people not looking, that step in front of trucks and trains. I been seeing faces of death videos of all these people in poor countries where people go splat in every manner of way. It aint YouTube, so they show the body pieces all over the place. I could end up in this way, but I have seen these videos for decades and I live the caution that these videos teach me. So hopefully I get more fun out of the only life I will ever get.


So when Trump was fined half a Billion dollars for claiming his properties were worth more than New York said they were worth, Biden snickered about it to the press. But he didn't have any words to say. You see, Biden can't be caught having any direct sway in all this prosecution. His lawyers made it clear that Bidens lips can sink ships. And Biden is desperate to make sure his garbage scow prosecutions don't sink. But all that is likely to change next week. It's not just the libtard media that is right now preparing to party in the streets with Fake News the likes of which has never been seen before on a former President. But Biden himself will climb the stairs of mount Bull Shit and crow like no other President has ever crowed about the world class criminality of Donald Trump. Biden will praise the jury for their courage to finally nail the ball and chain of convicted felon to Donald Trumps leg. And Biden will likely claim that this trial is just the start of hauling Trump to the accountability justice demands. Biden will reiterate that Trump is this countries biggest existential threat and justice demands that he and MAGA have to be dismantled so they can never be a threat to democracy again. And the country will be in a rumbling chaos after Bidens speech. No one alive ever hearing such hate for a former President before.

Carter is still alive and no doubt holding on to hear the verdict of the man who could finally replace him on the podium of Presidential shame. He too is too brain dead to care what it took to get here. All the crap that the Supreme Court will have to one day throw out. But they better find a way to do it quick. The Democraps next task would be to find a way to pack the Supreme Court to stop any attempt to undo the crooked Democraps handy work. Desperate libtards seem to find all the cracks to wedge open.

Now I'm just a pea on who barely passed all my English classes. The teachers made me write shit, and they say it was all rubbish. Well they told me to write shit, so they got what they asked for. I never knew what their problem with me was. So clearly what I wrote here is just a guide of what Biden will be saying. His writers that get paid good cash will no doubt amp all this up with hater imagination that I can in no way keep up with. So be prepared to see all new history next week that has never been history before. Yup, it will likely be pretty shocking. And the campaign name calling for the rest of the year will suddenly be over the top. Well, as much as they can get out of a drugged up brain dying candidate. Trumps age and family history no doubt put his health in high risk territory. But Biden is being juiced up to salvage a pathetic Presidential performance. So Biden himself could be at high risk of a sudden health catastrophe, if they keep juicing him up to meet all the coming demands. Obama can't do all of Bidens speaking for him. And there's no sign that he really wants to. It's like both sides are wondering when Biden could implode. And nobody knows if it's a good thing or a bad thing. Bidens replacement could be much worse.

I think our enemies are thinkin the same thing. None of them seem to be interested in messing up Bidens election. He is like the adequate president for all tyrants. Russia hates all the American weapons, but he is advancing his goals father than he was able with any other President. Putin himself said he liked Biden. To me, that alone is like a red alert going off.

And don't forget. June is almost here. The month when the Supreme Court must rule on Presidential immunity. Next weeks insanity is likely to have an impact on it. If it's as ugly as I fear it will be, the Supreme Court will be extra motivated to do something to stop that travesty of justice. And all this is on the heals of nationwide Israeli hate riots. The race towards civil war would be the grown ups. Not the kids. So the justices will have it fresh in their minds of what is at stake here.

Special counsel asks judge for gag order in Trump classified documents case

And the Florida case is being amped up again. A gag order on Trump in Florida. But this time as a condition to stay out of jail before a trial. Jack Smith is demanding Trump be jailed until trial for any gag order violation. He has seen that fines have failed to stop Trump from getting his message out. And this amps up the pressure on the judge they don't like. If she denies their demand to jail Trump on any violation, since he has been recorded to have violated gag orders before, they will target this judge with removal so a new judge can consider the gag order. Yea, the libtards won't be giving up on Trump. Trump the free man is simply not an option for them. They are now desperate to find a judge that will imprison Trump. Smith has had his war meetings and they have decided that Trump in prison soon is the only option they see that could actually stop Trump. And they have to get around Trumps right to bail. If the Supreme Court doesn't end the DC prosecutions, it's possible that the DC judge will be the one that locks Trump up for a highly litigated length of time. Smith will cite all the other courts with gag orders that didn't stop Trump, as evidence that Trump deserves no more warnings. And the DC judge is no doubt excited to agree and rule. And there may not be a way to get Trump out of jail in that situation. All lower court judges have great freedom to jail anybody for any length of time for breaking their court rules. That length of time being all the time up until trial inclusive. So trial by trial by trial, Jack Smith is shutting Trump up more and more. And Smith will no doubt use his accusers to spew slander in the media to bait Trump into a gag order violation. So we got tons of shit still coming down the pike. I would not be surprised if the FEDs are already following Trump around at his rallies and waiting on a call to arrest Trump and throw him in jail right after his rally. That could be how it all goes down.

Civil War...

It's fucked up. I just saw it. It's really mostly about how Journalists are the real heroes. And to do that, they had to create a war to showcase them. And the war journalists dream of is civil war to destroy all things Trump. The movie drops everybody down into the end of the war where Trumps days are numbered. They start out with their Trump rehearsing his war victory speech to imitate when Trump was rehearsing the Jan6 speech to tell people to go home. It's an American movie so they can't call him Trump. But it's plain to see that it's Trump they are gunning for. And Trump is portrayed as the most chicken shit person in the country hiding behind women and everything. And the journalists are racing in cross country, with the army to try to get Trumps last words before they blow his brains out.

And in the end, the journalists do just that. Record Trump begging for his life as the army guys next to the journalists riddle him with bullets as he is helpless on his back on the ground. Then it fades to white with party music as the journalist never stopped taking pictures of a dead bullet riddled Trump. I told you libtards are vicious and ruthless. They make movies of what they want to do to get the public brain washed into thinking it's a good thing. That's why Trump was facing 900 years of charges that are insanely ridiculous. And Congressmen were making bills to cancel Trumps secret service protections. These sickos want Trump dead. As Trump has always said, these libtards are really sick in the head. And sick people with power are even worse than idiots with power. Idiots didn't mean to blow up the world whereas sickos can't wait to send everybody to this much better "afterlife". Makes you wonder what sickos would do if nobody ever told them about an "afterlife". No Religion, no afterlife, and no millions of religious death. No suicides to get to the after life early, either.

Anyways, I am sure I don't have a single post in 2 years that ever said that Biden or anybody connected to him needs to be assassinated. But I have posted many times that it's certainly possible that Trump is in danger of being assassinated. And that's because I am a red blooded American. And I support American justice and not assassination. I see this movie as an Obamanation of all things American. But that's the way libtards feel about America. They think it's all wrong and needs to be destroyed.

So this is a hate movie that ends as sick as it started. Somehow California seized control of Texas, probably thru massive illegals invasions, and also seized control of Florida, probably the same way. And they use their military might to rampage all the way to DC to Get Trump. And the word spread around the soldiers is Trump is wanted dead, not alive. They don't say Trump, but this is an idiot test. You are awarded the idiot propeller cap if you don't think this is Trump. And I was really disappointed at such a shit movie. Like I always wanted to watch a movie about the depravity of journalists.

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