Your favorite racing games
(Oct 10, 2015, 09:46 am)jariceals Wrote: Am surprised you guyz haven't pointed out Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012. It has awesome realistic graphics than any other need for speed series. Morever there are dozens of cars there to race with. Also it has a free roam called "EasyDrive"  where you just explore places looking for cars. The racing are quite fast but i enjoy easy drive. Remember such a game can only play if you have a good rig or a computer with awesome specs.

"Absolutely" the game was one of my favorites besides NFS: Hot Pursuit 2. Although the ranges of cars you get in most wanted is better, the storyline is probably finer on the other one. I even got obsessed with one gameplay soundtrack: Galvanize by The Chemical Brothers. The moment you hit the nitro and pitch getting higher...Ugh..., It really runs down the spine. Wink
Need for Speed -- Hot Pursuit 2
[Image: 15871_front.jpg]

Need for Speed -- Underground
[Image: just5.jpg]

Need for Speed -- Most Wanted
[Image: 66741_front.jpg]
(Oct 10, 2015, 02:25 am)NokTham Wrote: I know what you mean, also happened to me when I used to play racing games, I just couldn't stand on picking up on the opponents.

That's the reason I like Super Mario Kart. You don't have to worry about crashing into walls and let the opposition gain ahead. I wonder why I gave that away. Must be something that I've been smoking that day. Sad
Road Rash 2 for the genesis was an awesome game.  Also on PC I have the DOS version of Carmageddon 1 Smile
Go and park that busBig Grin
Here's something that will make you guys laugh:
Props all around to Dolly_cat!!! Need for Speed Hot pursuit (any of them) burned more hours than I can remember...FUN FUN game to play, and the cars looks exactly real... I think I'll redownload the MO-FO (computer crashed and had to reinstall windows).. It'll be fun to earn the cars again!!
Burnout Paradise!!!

[Image: header.jpg?t=1450909984]
Street Racing Syndicate (SRS)

[Image: Street_Racing_Syndicate_Coverart.png]

Although the picture showing game for playstation, SRS also avaliable for PC.
Go racing and get some girls  Big Grin  Blush
after upgrading my PC components, i am able tho play this:

[Image: Needforspeedtheruncover.jpg]

and this:

[Image: Need_for_Speed%2C_Most_Wanted_2012_video...ox_Art.jpg]

both not best games but i like the graphics/visual if compared with previously NFS games.

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