Why can't I search TPB by Season (eg S02) anymore ??

Why can't I search TPB by Season (eg S02) anymore ??

I don't want to search for individual episodes; as I prefer to download a whole Series/Season in one go.
So this is kind of a problem.

Also, I prefer the highest quality torrents - so I usually want to filter by largest file size.
Not being able to search easily for Seasons really messes that up.

For Example - I get literally no results if I try:

Slow Horses S02
Slow Horses 02

or similar

Slow Horses 2 - works but gives me pretty much everything and anything - mostly irrelevant

I know I can search by saying Slow Horses Season 2 - but loads of good results get missed that way?

What am I missing?

Thank you for your help
I am familiar with this quirk of the search function; it has been there a long time.  I find it works a bit better for full seasons if you type in the word "season" after the name of the show.  Full season torrents will more likely be listed first, so you shouldn't have to look at a bunch of individual episodes while scanning for what you want.

Oftentimes it is better still to also click on the "Size" tab when your initial results come up.  The results will then be ordered from largest to smallest.  Since the full season torrents are the larger ones, that will leave you with less extraneous results to scan through.  I find this particularly useful because there are so many insanely upscaled files uploaded nowadays.  I hate files three, four and more times the size they should be that deliver very little or no improvement in quality.  By the time I download an entire season, I generally already know how many episodes there are and about what size the torrent should be in order to have files of acceptable quality.
The best solution to the problem is simply don't use the search function as we all know it's broken and doesn't work very well.  The best thing to do is learn which uploaders are the ones that supply all the best quality and instead of trying to search for results like say 1 season at a time just simply find the uploader and click on their name...

That way you can then search through their pages and find what they've released.  Chances are they will have done it all at the same time but sometimes you'll find that bad and messy uploaders who scatter things everywhere won't have done as good a job...

You're right though all the best uploaders share good quality and not bad over compressed efforts.  Remember there's been a trend around TPB now for many years and lots of people believe that when you rip something or when you use somebody else's rip then you should try and compress it as much as possible to make it easier to download.  This in theory is incorrect and many lessons need to be learned here now and into the future.  You simply can't just throw away too much like a lot of people do because you will totally spoil the quality of what you are watching.  The actual correct thing to do is share larger and better looking torrents.  If you throw a lot away then it ruins it and you'll find that sharing low quality video rate efforts is infact worthless...

If you look at the very latest quality now which is 4K quality you'll find that it does look very good but it's totally massive in size.  IMO it's far too big at the moment to share because the broadband speeds aren't good enough yet and it might take quite a lot of years yet before things get better we're all still in the dark ages with internet speeds.  I wouldn't waste your time with small crappy downloads because there's no quality there and there's simply nothing to enjoy or get excited over you'll find that they are boring to look at and such a waste of downloading again the theory that most have is to compress it to hell so it's easier to upload but it's terrible that theory and spoils the future of digital video...

Just get the files from the uploader you like, don't download from just anybody as you'll find that most of them don't care much and just scatter their mess all over with very little decent quality and not much worth offering.  There's many uploaders I've seen over the years now and they're all poor efforts which is why people do more music because it's easier to work with...

There's not that many people these days who are all about trying seed a lot they want it quick and done there's no dedication to quality much anymore, these so called groups and such don't spend enough time trying to make their digital video files look actually pleasing to the eye and this is where most go wrong...  You want the best at the best quality and if you don't find that here at TPB then try some other sites that may have what you're looking for.  Until people actually learn more about it all then sadly this will just continue for years to come and people will just never achieve anything in improvement standards and I guess that's just life really people need to up their game as a lot of them suck, sorry but it's true and I know there's people who can also share the same thoughts...

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