What's the best pinball game ?
I adore electro magnetic games but I don't have the money to buy one.  So I'm hoping someone can recommend a few that I can download
Sonic Spinball for the Sega Genesis.

Just download a Genesis emulator and the Sonic Spinball ROM and start playing.
Pinball Fantasies Wink Although I haven't played it in like 25 years. But I played the shit out of that game back then, on my 386. I think it's an Amiga game originally? Maybe I'm wrong. It was also released for consoles, like SNES and PS1 (probably the best version as well as the most accessible, since PS1 emulation is near perfect in DuckStation and the PS1 is powerful enough to render the game in its full glory).

There's also this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silverball

I had that too on my 386. It's apparently a sibling game to Epic Pinball, which is considered to be the superior game.

I remember it being pretty good.

Anyway, besides Pinball Fantasies, there's a bunch of other pinball games for PS1. You might find more modern pinball games in that catalogue that are good.
Pinball FX 2


but only has 1 seeder.
@ theSEMAR
I've heard about that pinball game series. It's supposed to be good. Nice suggestion!

I thought I'd share a direct link to the PS1 version of Pinball Fantasies. I tried the PS1 version earlier today and it's a good port:

Here's the emulator (DuckStation):

You also need the PS1 BIOS files, I uploaded them here:

But if you feel unsafe using my archive, you can probably find the BIOS files on archive.org as well.

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