What is minimum time to seed own torrent
After creating and uploading torrent, what is the minimum amount of time (days/weeks, etc) that I must seed as to avoid marking the torrent as fake. Or a similar question: If my torrent is 380mb, how many mb must I seed as a minimum to avoid marking the torrent as fake?
Does the number of other people seeding, make a difference in how long I need to seed my own torrent?
Here is an excerpt from a great tutorial. You can read the rest HERE

9. Start Seeding

Always use initial seeding when uploading your torrents. Don't be alarmed that your uploading will sputter along slowly at first, it will pick up and in the long run you will spawn additional peers sooner with less uploading than otherwise.

To minimise your uploading it is important to get your torrent out as quickly as possible. If you upload to someone who uploads faster than you (remember that peers upload while they are downloading) it's possible they will have uploaded > 100% by time they complete. In that case they may well legitimately stop seeding immediately.

To maximise your speeds your client should be correctly configured, you should not be downloading or seeding any other torrents, and your upload speed should be uncapped (if you're seeding overnight; which is preferred) or capped at 90% (if you're using your Internet connection while you seed).

Saw this on a forum: "Holy crap 176:1! That's very generous! May I suggest seeding much slower if you upload more races? That forces the leechers to stay connected to the swarm so they share amongst themselves more.. Could even go as far as to stop at 95% for a couple days. We're getting these races for free so it's on your terms. Hmm. if the swarm is slower, people may also be more likely to keep seeding than if the swarm is fast.. Sucks to have to use psychology to make people less greedy, but it could help the situation a little."

Don't slow seed. And don't stop seeding. It will mean that your downloaders will have uploaded over 100% before they have downloaded 100%, so they will all disconnect immediately upon completion.

Initial seeding is a much better way of achieving the same thing. Bump up the no. of connections per torrent if necessary, to ensure you connect to the entire swarm.

10. Stop Seeding

People are less likely to stop seeding if they are the only seeder.

Stop seeding as soon as additional seeds appear or availability exceeds 2.0 In either case your presence is no longer required. You can hardly complain about how much seeding you have to do if you seed when it's not necessary.
Torrents aren't "marked as fake" because of anything to do with seeding.
There is a stat in the bit-torrent client called "share ratio", which essentially will tell you how many copies of a seed you have provided for others.

I've seeded four torrents, and after a couple weeks of occasional uploading, I've uploaded about 50 copies of each. When is enough enough? There is steady demand for my torrents, but seemingly less than spectacular willingness to reseed. Every night I seem to have to drag-up the seed/peer numbers to something respectable. Do most people stop nursing torrents after a certain number of hours or uploads?
I would guess that a lot of people who download from TPB and other public indexes don't fully understand how bittorrent works, and once the download is complete, they exit the swarm unaware that they are preventing someone else from completing yet another person seeds back past 1.0.

Others just don't care.

There are undoubtedly some who are impatient and download way more than they can seed back without leaving their computer running 24/7 for weeks on end.

Overseeding can be harmful as well. Don't go around seeding torrents just to create what you consider a "respectable" seed/peer number. Every bit you upload means some other peer has to stick around that much longer to get to 1.0. If the swarm doesn't have a complete copy, then sure, give it a jump start.
thanks for good advice, KJF
This thread sounds like a promising read.

It might actually also help me with seeding in ratio sites. Thanks!
Nice thread..we dedicate to seed our torrents sometimes 24/7 and seeding is a process 'i'e it never ends..!!
Read Here-----> https://pirates-forum.org/Thread-Tut-How...ers-Detail

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