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Torrenting Dead?
Is it real? Whats the address?

I would be careful of the one by katcr still though, but thats just me being overly cautious
The best source of information is TorrentFreak ( https://torrentfreak.com/ ). KAT has been unresponsive due to the overwhelming number of KATs flooding back in. They're working on it.
You would think a point system like the one at zonegfx. Would not work but I see stuff on there all the time that never makes it off that site and rarely are their re-post of the same files on there, unlike some other sites where people re-post the same files over and over. To try make money or up there account.
I would have thought that once our beloved KAT stumbled back onto her feet, folks would rush back here and start posting torrents again.
Alas, it's been dead quiet with even these forums all but abandoned. It looks like torrenting Poser/Daz3D items IS dead. Oh pooh.
Well, it is the week before Christmas, everyone's probably travelling or stuck at an airport somewhere. 'Tis the season for last minute shopping. Besides, new KAT is almost unusable still, so maybe everyone is waiting to see how it goes.
I can't even get on kat the site is always down.
So far there's no daz/poser torrent there. Also I'm having trouble logging into katcr forums.
It's dead for me until it picks back up again. Skyback gives me 50x as much stuff. Or it was, until today. Sad

There's no point to me checking both the torrent engines and the upload sites, when everything from the former is present on the latter, first.

This is the first I've heard of KAT being back. Is it legit?

Still doesn't mean it'll be the way it was for DS content, which is all I really wanted on a regular basis.

Quote:zonegfx is by far the most popular sharing venue with many of the established uploaders now sharing there. I see almost nothing being torrented anymore. This might work in our favour since a small site trading niche content is (likely) going to be ignored by the government, RIAA and MPAA. When they take down the next popular torrent site, we'll be safe (hopefully) in our little corner of the net.

It's a mixed bag. Torrents are a far, far better way to share than crappy adware/malware/godknowswhatelse-driven sites that link to crappy adware/malware/godknowswhatelse-driven upload hosts. With torrents, you just click on a magnet link and you're done. No popups, no redirects, no forced ads, no bandwidth limits, no timers, click here, now click here, now click there, no download pages so choked with javascript that they won't load half the time, no one download at a time BS, and no failed downloads.

If I didn't have to control my DL box via Teamviewer across a DIAL-UP connection, which is a lot like what NASA goes through to communicate with a probe near Uranus, I'd upload it all to a torrent site myself. As it is, it takes far too much time for me just to download it all. (I wish someone would make a co-op to share the work and get DS content into torrents).

The ideal would be a torrent site with the DS content uploaders that KAT had, but dedicated ONLY to uploading DS/Poser content, and other 3d stuff, textures, etc. That would be of zero interest to RIAA and other big time suits.

Fathead's right, a moron designed ZoneFX.

Kooroe, I've never seen a problem with re-uploading. I've got a folder full of stuff I downloaded years ago, that's all corrupt now, from a failed drive. Getting it all re-downloaded afresh is on my to-do list. I sometimes request this stuff. Sometimes it's an old item that I don't have. Either way it'll be a "repost" from someone else's perspective. I check every item before I download, on a search program called "everything." It's pretty instantaneous, and I have it set only to catalog my DS content drives and folders. I have a huge content collection (over a terabyte, much of it old stuff from before content started blowing up to often a half gig or more per product), and I'd say about 60% or so of the stuff that gets uploaded is new to me.
I miss the hubs we had back in the day they were great. I have over 100 dvd's that are full of content most is for Poser as I learned it first
tried Daz studio and never went back. Also 2 - 5 TB drives that have content all over them probably over 2 tb of downloaded content
and what I have bought.

My problem is my ISP is up my ass over torrents so I can't download them anymore my boss would kill me if we lost the internet
cause of that. I use a VPN now and once in a while they send me nasty letters.

I hope the torrents do come back but for now I am on cgpersia there's a fairly active thread there with goodies new and old.
Try to go easy on 'Hunter', the gent who runs zonegfx. His heart is in the right place and he's trying hard; learning as he goes. Wordpress is limited in what it can do and he's made the best of it. All downloads are on Mega which delivers excellent download speed and stability and doesn't have any extraneous crap. We have a pretty good little forum going and it's shaping up nicely. I do miss the atmosphere in KAT and I hope it returns.
-We should promote 'Everything' more. I can't believe how fast and stable and no-bullshit it is. All software should run like that.

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