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Topgfx registration?
OK, Sid. Thank you.
My current counts:
Wishlist: 974 items. no subtotal
Cart: No item count
Subtotal $7,312.80
Discount -$1,801.22
Grand Total $5,511.58

Wishlist: 1,413 items. Sub Total: 15,328.08 USD
Cart: No item count but Sub Total: 4,319.23 USD

This is why buying stuff I really really want is a chore.... Daz was cleaned up at the beginning of the year I think. Renderosity was last cleaned last year
I actually managed to log in to TopGFX today. I think I was using the wrong login button (the one on the left) because the one on the right wasn't doing anything when I clicked on it, kind of like the drunk who looks for his car keys under the street light because that's where the light is. I left the page loading and went to do something else for a few hours, and when I got back, the right hand link gave me a drop down and I logged in with it lickety-split.

Quote:Sub Total: 15,328.08 USD
Grand Total $5,511.58

Good lord!!!

I can barely afford the hard drives to store all my stuff. In fact ATM I'm one hard drive failure away from catastrophic CG content loss, as I don't have enough space to back up. Need to get a 4tb backup drive soon.

My current runtime

Attached Files Image(s)
Yeah you got me beat, and I'm in the slow ongoing process of installing stuff from my old Poser runtimes (back when I used Poser, it didn't like runtimes that got too big, so I split them up into V4/M4/Scenes/Hair/etc) into my DS Library, plus reconstructing old products installed in those runtimes that I no longer have the products for, and can't find online. So a lot of it is redundant, but there's no way for me to know how much. My DS library folder is currently at 794gb, and my Poser runtimes add up to 240gb, so about 1035gb total.

I was really gobsmacked at the size of my DS library when I went to back it up recently. DS content has really exploded in size over the years. I thought my Poser runtimes were big at up over 200gb, but that's nothin' nowadays. I ask Windows for the properties on my DS library and I gotta go get a cup of coffee and come back before it finishes adding it up. And I don't even wanna think about all the old content I haven't installed yet. Fortunately, most of it is older, lighter content.
That "runtime" folder of mine is actually a combined Daz/Poser folder, so everything in one folder.
I have been growing that folder since I started with Poser back before Daz Studio came out.
It should have about 90% of my total content I have bought and collected over the years, the missing things are either super old stuff or stuff that has gotten corrupted over the years. 
I currently have it backed up on 2 external drives and an online backup service... If that folder blew up without my backups, I'd only be able to reinstall about half of it and most of that half would be Daz purchases that could be re-installed through their install manager.
I've thought about clearing out the old stuff, but just don't see a good easy way to do so... So I just keep letting it grow...
The only thing I've been able to "clean" is old zips and exe's.. Ran out of space at one point and had to just delete a whole bunch of things...
Sizes of your folders might make a good thread in it's own right but this thread is about overcoming problems registering on topgfx.

Lets respect the integrity of the topic from now on eh?

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