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Should we close this forum?
(Mar 22, 2017, 07:30 am)bootleg Wrote: It was something along the lines of "the forum doesnt allow that because then it doesnt have the legal obligation to remove that content since its not directly involved in promoting it"

I can absolutely positively guarantee you never saw anything even remotely like that on here. This is the forum of the Pirate Bay ffs--we have never ever given a fuck about so called "legal obligations" to remove anything.

[Not throwing stones but that was the sort of thing you would have seen on Kat.]
Anyway, we're getting off track. Lets get back to talking about what, if anything, can be done to make this forum the place to discuss Daz; rather than just a marginally useful place to use to tell people where to go to discuss Daz.
There are a few people left that still believe in this site. I still see some uploader actively uploading stuff here. I hope there will be more. I'm just a lurker/leecher/seeder. I hope they will keep on rolling.
I think the biggest argument against torrents that I have see is the amount of bandwidth used by torrent ratios.

It may make me a leecher but I have set any torrents I download at 1:1, I figure if I download it once I can share it once.

The idea of uploading to mega and then "advertising" it in a forum here sounds like quite a workable solution, the problem is now to get people on board to start the ball rolling.

An upload to mega negates the excessive use of bandwidth by having share ratios above 1:1.
Putting aside for a moment the fact that I'm OK with mega links if that's the way you want to go, you're wrong about torrents.

Kat popularized a dangerous myth about uploading/seeding/ratios--that uploaders should seed torrents permanently. That is complete and utter nonsense which achieves nothing other than discouraging people and reducing the amount of sharing.

80% of the torrents I have uploaded since 2010 are still able to be downloaded in spite of (and in no small part because of) the fact that I only seed approximately 120%

I mean that literally, and in total. I seed little more than 1.2 times the size of the files and then stop, and they are still able to be downloaded years later with no further input from me whatsoever. I don't even look at them (other than now, when I've just checked to find out how many of them are still live). No constant nursing, no money for a seedbox, just care in their creation and a little understanding of psychology.

I'm not up to writing another tutorial but basically the keys to creation are:
- create torrents that aren't already available--the 7th (or 17th, or 107th) version of something won't survive. The 1st version very often will, even if it is copied and expecially if it isn't.
- create torrents that "hang together". A torrent of (trying to put this in Daz terms so excuse me if it's a little clumsy) all outfits for a given female body will be more attractive and more likely to be seeded than one containing two outfits for one body, one model of a dog, and a random star trek bridge background.
- create torrents that are able to be used "in the box". ie. nothing that has to be extracted or is likely to be renamed, so that people can download your torrent and seed it while they are using it. If you archive anything, for example, it has to be unzipped or unrar'd before people can use it and as soon as they've done that they no longer need the file they downloaded--so they delete it and cannot seed. Same goes for any of the pointless "downloaded from" type files people include in torrents--they're deleted (or deselected before they're even download) and consequently the downloader cannot seed the torrent. [In fact it is worse than that--even if they continue uploading after they have completed downloading, they appear to be downloading, making the swarm look unhealthy even when it is actually in good health.]

The key psychological insights are:
- people are more likely to support a torrent they've had trouble downloading than one which downloads in a flash. Why bother seeding something someoene else is already seeding? So when you stop seeding as soon as you possibly can you transfer the burden of supporting it to the community, which is where it belongs.
- you are less likely to burn out when you don't feel like you've been raped. After you have uploaded, and seeded 120% or so (ALWAYS use initial/super seeding and stop your torrent as soon as the first person reaches 100%), don't even look at your torrent for at least a week. If it's unseeded at that point, you won't mind seeding another 5% or so to revive it. [Before again, stopping ASAP, and then ignoring it for a month.]
- you needn't worry in the least about people being left hanging for a while. They're not paying for instant service, and (if you're paid attention to rule #1 about creation) they're not going to dump your torrent for another as you're the one and only source. They will wait. And waiting will teach them a lesson about value which they will not learn if you spoon feed them.


On a different note, torrents also provide you with an opportunity to build a community (say, this community Angel ) in a way that direct downloads don't. Torrents are found on a torrent download page, where there is a description field available, where you can post a link to your community of choice and explain that you will answer questions about the torrent / about Daz in general / accept requests / etc.

With direct up/downloads i.e. file hosts the dynamic works in reverse--you need a community first, where you can post the links to the files; because the file host/the content doesn't allow you to even describe the files let alone advertise a community.

Not to mention that the very nature of a "community" is giving and receiving. i.e. you cannot have a thriving community where most people are merely passive recipients. If I had a never ending supply of Daz content, and wanted to surround myself with sycophants, yes I could just upload one thing a week and wait to be thanked, and told how great I am, and begged for further scraps. But I don't, and neither does anyone else. But we do all have some things (which others might want) and want some things (that others might have). We can have a genuine community. But we have to put in; not just expect everyone else to.

And if you don't have content to contribute, you have your expertise (to answer peoples questions). Or your time, to try things people ask about/suggest and provide feedback; or to share news about Daz stories of interest etc.
My initial comment about torrents wasn't my personal view, it was arguments I had seen in forums on the subject.

I am in total agreement with you on all points - just a shame a lot of people believe the myths about torrents..........
No worries (even if it had been your personal view). It's simply misguided, and common as you say so it bears straightening out every now and then as new generations of filesharers fall victim to it.

If anyone has hesitated from uploading a torrent for fear of taking on what they imagine to be a huge and/or indefinite commitment, I urge you to screw your courage to the sticking place and give it a go. There is a bit of a learning curve but it's not all that difficult and nobody is going to break your fingers if you get it wrong or expect you to seed forever. [And if anyone does, tell them to grow the fuck up.]

And if you have been uploading, and have grown weary of supporting all of your old torrents, consider taking a more relaxed attitude (or perhaps refining the way you construct your torrents).

Ask me any questions you want about sustainable torrent creation by all means. [Create a new thread though please, lets try to keep this one broadly on topic.]
Taking it outside the Daz community I know but, by request, this topic is of general interest so if you want to discuss self-seeding torrrents there is now a dedicated thread here: http://suprbayoubiexnmp.onion/Thread-Cre...g-Torrents

[While you're out there, take a look around the wider SuprBay forum, there might be threads of interest to you out there.]
Sorry for my absence real life seems to sneak up on ya fast. I will be able to be around more now got it sorted.

Hey I'm all for links or torrents I keep getting letters saying they going to cut my internet off because of torrents. Anyway I hope
this stays open and more will come back or join us. The zone you have to pay to play and I am not going to do that. I have been
buying what I want or need and plan on sharing it after a while (still don't trust daz3d) they may sneak something in to track
files. Everyone got spoiled on Kat me as well but now we need to get it together and make this our home.

My main problem is that most of my content is for poser I jumped ship and found daz studio to be better and it's FREE never
again will I buy poser (started out with poser 4) which I did over and over. I know some will work in daz but don't know if anyone
will really be interested in the older V4 stuff.

Anyway I will try to do my part it maybe mega links or zippyshare etc. A torrent when I think I can manage it.

Hope this forum stays here and gets going.
I'm still a Poser user - can't stand D|S so I'm always interested.

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