Series you've watched recently
I love this thread!  Smile

Just finished watching Season 13 of Supernatural...loved it! Some other recent ones that started slow but got better:
Once Upon A Time
(Nov 01, 2013, 16:18 pm)asterastrip Wrote: I finished the first 2 seasons of "Homeland" and i'm currently watching the 3rd.
Great fu**ing series, job well done so far.

You might be interested to know that in Series 1, when Carrie & Saul are on a rooftop, supposedly in Beirut, the skyline in the background is.... TEL AVIV! After all, they started filming the series in Jaffa, but moved towards the end of that series. Still, watching it in Israel (where I live) was quite fun to recognize the surroundings even though it was supposed to be in Beirut! 

I watched through Season 4 and that was enough for me... 

If you want another one set in the Middle East, try Baghdad Central
Torrents here:

Oh - you might also try FAUDA - VERY popular Israeli series.
Torrents here (first two seasons at the top of the lits - with hard-coded English subs)
Series 3 just about to start in Israel...
I watched it as well and noticed the background was different.
I've finished Freud on Netflix. Well Austrian German sounds more friendly than German German. The series is overall good, but also ridiculous and fantasy.
The stories are really great too!

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I finished Missions S1 and in the middle of S2 thanks to Spud. I love the whole vibe of the show but found some parts of the writing kinda over the top and cheesy... still I'm sticking with it! I've always wanted an Interstellar TV show and this is the closest to that right now. Although I've yet to watch For All Mankind on Apple TV so will have to check that out too.
I just finished "The Sinner" Season 3. Matt Bomer is awesome, but I didn't like the story at all. I hated the ending.
Just saw the Pilot of this year's rendition of Brave New World.

Got to take my pills!
Just finished watching the seasons of Mindhunters. . .such a great series!!!
Netflix Sex education lol
But I really liked it

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