Series you've watched recently
Watched Sleeper Cell - very enjoyablee and we are watching Homeland now which if anything, is better in some ways. Excellent acting and some twists in the plot that keep you guessing. Next on deck will be Under The Dome... looks interesting.
I finished the 3rd season of "homeland"
This show is epic but i had mixed feelings about the finale.
We'll see how this will turn out in the next season.
Borgen Series 3 was great - Its over now but looking forward to Season 2 of The Bridge. I'll be upping that early Jan onto TPB. Best show by far is Braquo tho (French Crime Drama) . . .

Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

R.I.P. Captain Lou Albano
Person of interest and Homeland!
Very interesting series withamazing senario!
Just watched season the of American Horror story.. I Liked it.. Suprised a little

Tried to watch Grim, But after watching the pilot I can to the conclusion the series was meant for retards. The Werewolf Little red riding hood cliché was done to often. And why was the Werewolf at the end humming the song on the ipod at the being? And why was the same song playing?
Was that the only song the dead jogger had on her Ipod?
I actually like "Mob City" Its cool simply because they dont cut anything out and it shows how crooked cops can really be.
Season 3 of American Horror Story "Coven" is new and Im watching it.
Season 1 and 2 is good too. Asylum "season 2" is the best so far to me.
Saw an episode of BBC The Culture Show, featuring work of Leonardo da Vinci.

info from BBC site

2) Da Vinci's Demons (2013) - Saw one episode. Looks interesting. imdb: 8.1
Torrents available on TPB.
Branded a rebel: Cricket's forgotten men
A moving documentary on the West Indies cricket team that toured SA in '83 and their lives after the tour.

Windies Rebels without a cause - article
Couldn't find a torrent.

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