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Private trackers
What's your opinion about private trackers?
They can be a little exclusive but I personally don't mind the hassle of using a private tracker site if I can obtain media that I can't find on TPB, plus I know it'll have been checked and verified first. Making members responsible for who they invite tends to weed out the hit and runners, although it doesn't prevent them from just leeching, and with the ratio to keep up, most torrents are seeded constantly. Sometimes though, your ratio is hard to increase if you download an unpopular torrent (or one that has so many seeders that it practically takes forever to get a 1.1). Although private trackers have their uses, I definitely prefer to use TPB.
(Jan 18, 2014, 14:48 pm)connor17 Wrote: What's your opinion about private trackers?

i don't like 'em. their rules usually reek of fascism.
it's either you share as they dictate and you stay or you share as you see fit and there's the door.
Well, that's not really any different to the way TPB works. TPB just dictates less than they do. For example you can't share torrents with the private flag set here.

While I agree there is a higher degree of assholery among private tracker admins (and members) it's worth pointing out that they exist to mitigate against BitTorrent's Achilles Heel--its punishment of seeders. They are better at providing older/rarer/less popular content. And they're arguably safer, in term of less fakes and malware and less likelihood of IP harvesting/copyright trolling.

They're certainly harder work than public trackers--you need to know what you're doing and to keep on top of things.
Well, basically I like private torrent trackers because i am the guy who just hit and run so when any new torrent is released getting leechers more than seeders and the upload speed is more so i remove the torrent from my torrent client and grab it from private trackers like torrenting.com Or iptorrents.com

So the conclusion is that They are not that Bad really Smile otherwise Public trackers are the best but u can find some rare things on private trackers like books on p2pelite!!
necessary evil
I've just read that http://zxcv.fm (formerly thebox.bz) has announced shutting down by Aug 1, 2014. Everything is free leech until then.
Thought some of you might want to know.
(Jun 04, 2014, 05:46 am)bob5695 Wrote:
(Jan 18, 2014, 14:48 pm)connor17 Wrote: What's your opinion about private trackers?

i don't like 'em. their rules usually reek of fascism.
it's either you share as they dictate and you stay or you share as you see fit and there's the door.

Agreed. In my years as a torrenter, I've always come back to TPB after trying quite a few private sites/trackers.
Ratio system is a scam.

People internet connections are mostly asymmetic. This creates a lack of bandwidth in filesharing.

Creating a closed system in which people are forced to having connections better than those common ones won't solve it.
First and foremost, only a small fraction of people would meet the new bandwidth standard, so the core concept of filesharing is lost, i.e., to make stuff available to everyone.

Rewarding a good ratio, and punishing a bad one, are the exact same thing. So people are forced to do things they wouldn't need to do. They pay for seedboxes they don't need, they pay donations, they "cross-seed", they download stuff they don't need just to improve their ratio, etc, etc.
People should understand that all this ratios, and bonus points, are not real. But the time you waste, the money you spend to get these imaginary points are real. They are being abused. And the fact that they don't seem to notice it doesn't change the fact.

These punishment system for low ratios generate an excess of bandwidth, what makes seeding very difficult. If what you are trying to encourage is almost impossible then the system doesn't work as it's supposed to.
In order to avoid a system collapse, ratio system must forget about ratios entirely. This is freeleech, or directly paying money.

People download files because they are "freeleech", not because they want them, just because they don't count as downloaded for the ratio, only counts for ratio when you upload them. So they can upload those files, to people that neither want them, but just want them to upload them to other people, who doesn't want them neither. This is the level of retardation in private trackers.
Thanks to this circlejerking the ratio system doesn't collapse.

In some sites people buy stuff just to rip it and fill requests. They pay real money to get some imaginary points. That's the level.

People should contextualize things, distinguising between what's real and what's not real, or maybe just getting a fucking life.
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