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Hi, I hope I will not be the first time I introduce myself. In that case I apologize! I downloaded version 4 of the simulator in question but without the activation key is as if I did not. Since I read that many friends are using it with satisfaction I let myself ask you how to enjoy it. That is to get a registration key. Thanks for the courtesy.  Smile

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FYI:For those get "could not create license file" error when running p3dv4kg, here's a solution:


Just change the url (i change that to stop track backs)
Hello guys
i have Prepar3D v3 and i ask how to Update to the latest version as free download link ? 
Hello community, an idea about a link to prepare3d last version (academic if possible) v the old link to cloud no longer works.
Thank you and good day.
I am pretty sure someone is working on this but PREPAR3D V4.1 is out and it would be nice for the Pro Plus! Thanks

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Thanks sir!
Good evening, 
Lockheed Martin has updated P3D to v4.3: 
any chance of the client link would be great

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Copy, paste the " ......." link into browser and hit enter, it will automatically download.. 12gb zip file

Professional Plus:

To update to 4.3 you will need to have an already activated version of 4.2 which can be downloaded from here:

First uninstall P3D 4.2 client,content and scenery in Control panel .. when it asks if you would like to deactivate the product chose no or cancel.. Your P3D folder will remain, and all add ons will remain dont worry .. just the client, content and default scenery have been removed .. Restart pc, and run the new 4.3 installer and install to the same directory..

You can also delete all Lockheed Martin folders that contain configuration files from user/../appdata and c:/programdata .. I did, but it may not be necessary as you will lose scenery config and settings etc but I did just incase of potential conflict.

Enjoy =)

Edit: There's a link up for 4.3 on Rutracker now, I'm not sure if this has been cracked but i can only assume so.


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