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Piracy Vs Developers
Sorry bored and on a rant but in regards to this war on piracy crap there is blame on both ends!

I wont condone piracy as while widely and easily practiced the simple laws of economy exist. No income flow to developers, no games beyond independent games which dont get me wrong some are really good but it costs money to create visually well produced games. However while piracy cheats the developers they too have cheated piraters and non piraters alike which is also a contributing factor to their money decline... aside from upper management ensuring they get their ridiculous bonus's aside, here in lies where they cheat themselves and their fans. Countless dollars are spent on advertising to hype games whether quality or crappy. Its when crappy games are hyped up so much with expensive advertising and feels like more money was put into the ad than the actual game were cheated. A lot of the time the trailers mislead and show "cool" parts that make the game compelling and feel like its worth a buy is just cutscenes from the game itself or videos produced to look similar to the game and your not getting whats advertised... hundreds to maybe even thousands of dollars have been robbed from people from crap like this. The game shown is not what you buy and sometimes features in the game are later released as DLC that you pay more money for.

DLC's feel like the biggest rip off of all in a sense next to MMO's, you buy a game you expect to own that game, therefor the content thats provided, after paying 60 bucks for a game now your adding in 10-30 dollars more for DLC, almost half the price you paid for the game to be able to get a few new weapons and characters maybe the odd new "scenario" to play but essentially your running through the same damn game, half the character addons are cosmetic and dont have any uniqueness to them besides their looks. 2 DLC packs and i could've gotten a brand new game. For that i dont blame those for the "try before buy" approach.

Biggest F'U's to the fans is releasing games before their completed, Im all for early access games i love watching them develop and see what indie programmers come up with to add to their games... but for well funded well paid corporate level game designers upon game release... their games come out broken, poor performance, not what was advertised, buggy, just plain crappy, too short (Revive renting games ^_^ 5 bucks for a game you can beat in a day Tongue).

Then there is the MMO's i mentioned a few paragraphs back, pay for the game, pay for a monthly subscription, pay for the internet to play it with, pay for items to boost your character in the game, pay for items to change the look of your character in the game, pay for the DLC to play as races featured in the game but not available to you since you didnt buy it... More insulting when they're part of the series lore (YES Elderscrolls im looking at you!).

Im sure i could keep going on but honestly factoring all that in with so many epicly hyped games coming out at similar times is there any wonder there's a piracy problem when a game is advertised to be awesome for 60 dollars and your getting crap for over 100 dollars hoping the DLC will polish the turd and turn it into a gold... still just a polished turd.
Most games are crap nowadays, both AAA's and indie titles are not worth buying the majority of the time, you might as well just pirate all the shit.
What's the era that games are not crap?

I would say the 90s. At that time, shareware titles are something to hold on to. even if you don't intend to pay for a full version.

I wonder, the FBI said that piracy is "not a victimless crime."

My question is, has piracy ever killed anyone before?

I know armed robbery has, and usurping for family heirloom can too.

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