Not downloading

Firstly sorry if this has being asked before but i don't have time to search!!!

When i click on the download link nothing happens?? I am using bit torrent and it is the latest version this is also the case with another torrent site this site asks me what programme i want to use.

Thank you

there are a few reasons why nothing is happening...

first, don't click the giant download thing... that's an advertisement

only click the little double green thing or the magnet link.

now, assuming you are clicking the appropriate thingy, you will need to ensure that your torrent client is set up to handle magnets and, or is associated with torrent files.
I have done everything correct and download frequently but now nothing???

Thanks for your reply!
okay... describe in detail what you are doing.

my guess is that you upgraded something that changed the file association which is why you are being asked what program you wish to use.

i'm also assuming you indicated you wanted to use your torrent client already...

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