(Newbie here) BitTorrentCoin Needed
Hi everyone Smile

A rank newbie at programming here, I have a question that I hope the community will take and run with it.

miro was supposed to be the future of tv at www.getmiro.org

Can anyone fork the libtorrent screamingly fast libtorrentc++ and miro and vlc media player for :

BitTorrentCoin and Vlc Media of Exchange Player and Biro

I have no programming skills and dont know how to do the above Smiley

I saw a link above and am not asking for a leadership position or any position in the above and no donations.

Currently I am on a HP laptop with a usb data card 3gsim only 2g speed every one gigabyte is chardged RS.150. I am obviously not expecting it to work on anything like that. Answer : Wimax discontinued many months ago.

even though i went to a good english language school and completed a few years of Bsc in singapore over the ten years since I returned I am net worth zero and havent earned even one usd before this.

I'm apologtic about the useless sob story above Smile

If anyone can do it and put it at www.getbiro.com i'd appreciate it

Ps: www.getmiro.com allows you to reimagine it. Please help ensure like firfox its owned by the community. Thanks.

encryption: 128-bit locker used by windows 7 or for individual fractional reserve banking none.

Hopefully at least someone with the programming skills likes the idea and the community can run with it Cool
No offence, but I would try to learn basic programming. If you do, everything else will make ample sense.

I think that you are adept at the knowledge of encryption and otherwise administrative tasks, or in other words, technical-minded. That will give you an edge and will make up for possible shortcomings.

I would recommend that you use Java or C++.

Once you pick up the basics, test your skills and research on how you can apply your new programming skills with encryption and BitCoin.

Hope this helps.

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