Introduction Thread - New members say hi here!
Hi everyone, i'm new in the forum.

Saludos desde México.

Just saw your other post.

Looking forward to downloading it.
Hi all,

With all the recent shit and censorship going on I decided to help people and seed some stuff, plus considering that Chia coin is not going anywhere I could spare one of the hard drives for torrenting.  Cool
Hello all ? I'm just surfing the torrents and forums from my phone, and hoping to find a solution to a problem...
Found this site serendipitously. Now I'm going to have to upgrade my NAS. Smile
Hi Suprbay ...long time TPB consumer, new to register. I'm not into forums of any kind, so you probably won't see me around unless you come looking. I'm just posting to solidfy my account and prevent deletion. Having an account here is simply a nice addition to my virtual footprint for deepwebbers and minions to follow in. Expect them.
How to post a new post?
(Mar 23, 2022, 23:14 pm)typpk Wrote: How to post a new post?

You just did.
Hello dirtbags
Greetings everyone.

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