How to get a free RDP
If anyone is using free RDP please comment.
No RDP pre-baked, but you may make one on a public server of Hashbang (Read the page's source to enter). The 1st server has a lot of space and resources to do anything you want and is community-run. The downsides are: Need to know Linux, no way around; Closing a session closes all processes, it seems, and Cron (a scheduler) is not working right; The owners said not to use for P2P Piracy or take over 10GB out of TBs; The graphics is going to be run on software rendering if you manage to get it done. From all I seen, the server is one of a few who allow random people to be used for own tasks for free.

I am interested what other people have to say, maybe there is RDP that I don't know of.

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