Films you've watched recently.
Kingdom of Heaven 2005 this is not a good film
Downsizing Matt Damon stars in this woke pile of crap of a movie, asian lady with annoying accent could drive you mad !

Ghostbusters Afterlife kids in the lead roles , this movie to me sucked . maybe if you are aged 12 or less and have nott seen the original movie it might be ok, slow and lacking a good story

Ida Red
Honestly it was pretty weak on the action for having Grillo in the film. I was expecting a little more gunplay! It’s worth a single watch but I wouldn’t bank on sitting through it again.
Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2010)
Awesome movie! Went into this thinking it wasn't my type of flick. Turns out I really enjoyed it and had some really great genuine laughs.
I recently watched Sing 2.

I must say that it's a fantastic family movie, and certainly an upgraded from Song 1. Song 1 uses famous songs as materials performed by different animals during audition and life shows and part 2 continues the same way only in a much more fun and interactive way. We see many new characters and new themes, the story is very good, and the animation is wonderful. It is a movie for all ages, not just for kids.
Heart Heart Heart
Hell Comes to Frogtown i dont know why i watch this, it is terrible

2012 ( 2009) scifi about end of the world, its ok
Star Trek Insurrection

Not the best movie, but builds on something not tried on other Trek movies.

Of course, the theme of an insurrection within the good guys was covered time and time again in the TV series, so not new if you watch the series.
Warcraft, the movie.

OK, if you ask me, not on the level of Lord of the Rings, and I had high expectations for the film.

The cliffhanger was satisfactory, just thought that they can liven up the story to account for the start of the Tides of Darkness story line in the game.

7/10 and that's because I am generous.
Matt Reeves Batman - the movie is pretty dope, the atmosphere is brilliant - this is how a batman movie should look like
Action Jackson (2014), Bollywood movie(Hindi Language)

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