Filesharing monetization through ratio system
Monetization implies a change, "charging fees for something that used to be free, or attempting to make money on goods or services that were previously unprofitable", a commercialization of something previously non-commercial.
It needs to create a demand for something, and then to create an artificial scarcity of it, in which you have control of the product.

It's like diamonds. They are just small rocks, but their price is huge. There was a marketing campaign by De Beers that created the demand. Then you control the trade system ("they stockpiled diamonds and sold them strategically to control price"), creating an artificial scarcity.

Private trackers are systems that work like that.
You inject bandwidth into the system. The more users, the more bandwidth. And then is established a ratio system.
Ratio system automatically generates an excess of bandwidth. If someone uploads more than what he downloads, other people must be in the reverse situation. In order to avoid punishment due to lack of seeding, users inject more bandwidth, what only makes the problem bigger. This "broken-by-design" system generates an artificial scarcity of ... ratio. Torrents are overseeded, ratio is scarce.
The excess of bandwidth would collapse the system right away, so they use "freeleech" to purge the excess.
Having control over users ratio and freeleech they control the trade system. VIP users (pay users) are "ratio-free". The less freeleech, the more excess of bandwidth, the more scarcity of ratio.
This way there are "harder" trackers than others, in which ratio is more expensive.

So freeleech is not just a gift from the awesome and generous admins but a necessity to avoid a system collapse and to control the trade system.

"Ratio-proofs" are not to show how much you "care about sharing", but to show how much bandwidth can you inject in the system to make ratio valuable.

And all the "technics" about "how to improve your ratio" just show how pernicious and Kafkaesque all this nonsense is.

Filesharing have nothing to do with private trackers, in fact they are just a monetization of filesharing, something that's against the essence of sharing.
That's not what monetization is at all, but whatever.

The solution is, don't use sites that use private trackers. It's not like diamonds, where you have to buy a diamond to get a diamond. You can use torrents without using private trackers. I'm thinking of a certain site, but I can't remember the name right now. But I guess that was your point. Smile

Also, diamonds aren't just small rocks, or I'd be a trillionaire, cuz I have a million small rocks in my driveway.
If you pay money to download something, then you're "converting or establishing something into legal tender".
Even if you personally are not paying money, your bandwidth is used to create the trade system in which other users do pay.

Your driveway rocks have not been monetized, but you can try.

Private tracker are not a problem, so no solutions needed.
It seemed that the whole gist of your post was against private trackers and how they messed up filesharing. Maybe I misunderstood.

I don't want to get into an argument about what monetizing means, so forget that.

But I don't understand your point. You seem to say that private trackers are bad, but then you say they aren't a problem. I'm confused.
I just wanted to clarify the misconception regarding private trackers having something to do with sharing. They don't.

Private trackers are not "a problem", they're just a scam for hypsters. To each their own.
Hypocrisy is the essence of monetization. You want something morally regrettable, so you disguise it, and you buy it, adding insult to injury, bragging about your impunity.

They want to show their money, to be envied, so they buy diamonds, and then they say it's an act of love. Devil laughs.

People can't stand public torrents, they just hate them. Using their precious bandwidth with freeloaders!, what a waste!
They want every fucking MB to be logged, stored, monitored, linked with unbreakable chains to the almighty ratio, and then they say they only care about sharing.

What a laughable bunch of hypocrites.
Ratio system is a "broken by design" system.
Because its purpose is not efficiency, but the monetization of users' bandwidth. So you can not "fix" anything, because it works the way it's supposed to.
So, if you try to fix it, you only achieve ridicule. If you read this article about the 'Altruistic Mode' of utorrent in torrentfreak:
you can see how stupid all that is.

Basically, you can only download one piece of the file, if you have uploaded two before. So if you stop uploading, the download stops, even if there are seeders available. That's how stupid this mode is. Of course, it's designed to be used in private trackers.

Obviously, this is as idiotic as it can get. Because that's what you get when you try to combine sharing efficiency and ratio system.

You can read brainwaves like:
"Sometimes a torrent is so overseeded that downloading a complete file guarantees you’ll get less upload than download, even if you keep seeding until the end of time,”
“There are some sites with ratio enforcement which make it essentially impossible to get a positive ratio"
"Of course it’s impossible for everybody to have a positive ratio"

No kidding!

But no worries!. You can always pay for a seedbox you don't need, or pay some "donation" to show your love for the community.
You seem to miss the advantages of over-seeded files. Namely, fast downloads and content availability even of rare files.
Why are you bitching about private paid trackers anyway? It's not like you have to use them. Somes people like them, some don't.

Don't use them and stop bitching.

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