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Farewell politux, R.I.P.
RIP 2 years ago. I will not let my frother be forgotten, Although his torrents are infinite. Jesus, seems like forever ago.

I miss our music and pot talks, hanging on IRC F-ing around.
https://thepiratebay.org/user/politux In case anybody should miss the OP and wonder what we are on about

Besides being a legendary uploader he was an even legendarier troll on these forums

The fact that rodney is still butthurt 2 years later speaks volumes
He wasn't my friend, and his insults can show ignorance, but I do have the utmost respect for him for his contributions and presence. I was glad that we did patch things up instead of taking our bitterness to the grave.

He would have seen the end of his thirties and go to a milestone forty if he was alive right now.

God bless you, Sean.

EDIT: Now, how do we throw a wake worthy of his memory?
If I did shed tears they would only be of the crocodile variety.  Much more concerned for all the Covid lives that have been lost.
(Mar 08, 2021, 04:25 am)RodneyYouPlonker Wrote: If I did shed tears they would only be of the crocodile variety.  Much more concerned for all the Covid lives that have been lost.

That's OK if you didn't like Politux. But I'm remembering Sean, the dude who invented Politux. His words can cut, but they were behind an Avatar and fake name and was obviously hiding some real pain. We've gotten into it before. RYP can be annoying, but whomever you may be behind that name is a human. A human I can't hate because I don't know. When I was at my worst, a handful of guys stuck by me. He was one of them.

Maybe its a sign of my age but I find myself remembering all those not only that passed, but are suffering in some kind of pain.
There is one thing I'm going to say about Sean and he shouldn't have done what he did because for this simple reason if he had lived his life one day somebody like an older member of his family like a parent might have needed his help and now he won't be there to help them out maybe in their old age or something along those lines.  That to me is pretty selfish really to take your own life at an early age and not think about your family that might have needed him.  That's all I'm going to say really to be honest in regards to Sean as a person and on here as a forum poster the whole time I spoke to him right from the beginning it was simply nothing more than just confrontation the whole time and I have nothing good to remember him by other than him telling me how shit my torrents were or how I am doing mp3 encoding wrong and all this carry on when I have been doing this stuff for over 20 years now and for a young buck like himself to challenge me on these points I take all that conversation with a pinch of salt.

Oh yeah and also not forgetting that nasty Grym idiot who Sean was friends with and he was backing him up and posting bad rep comments against me and in the favour of Grym and we all know what happened to that Grym person he burned out because he simply had no idea what he was doing.  Sean backed this guy so I say to that oh dear I guess they got what they got which is pretty bad for them.

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