Coding a generic form
Question: if I was to code a web page form, can I use PHP and skip Perl altogether?

My complaint is that Perl is inconvenient to use. I just gave up on it. CGI coding is not my way.

PHP is heaven.
You absolutely can.
Thank you.

Perl is pretty much a joke and no shops use it.

PHP 8.1 really is an awesome programming language...I started programming in the mid 80s in C and after 10 years of pointer errors I moved to C++ and OOP.

When i first started web development in 2001 I saw the LAMP stack as the obvious winner as its very hard to compete with free.
(Aug 16, 2022, 23:39 pm)RobertX Wrote: Thank you.


Perl is rather for console scripting. For web-development PHP and JavaScript (node.js) is your choice.

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