Can you please do something about fakes
TPB being flooded with spam torrents Most of them do get taken down but it takes hours. The problem could be easy fixed by not allowing anonymous uploads and not letting new users upload until they are trusted. PLEASE DO SOMETHING!!!!!
TPB has never had 24/7 mod coverage, so feel free to report fakes etc in the Report Torrents/Comments forum, or on the TPB IRC chan.

There may be anonymous uploaders at your end, but I can assure you there is no such thing as an anon uploader to the Crew, and we don't see the point in penalising hundreds of thousands of uploaders by not allowing them to upload something anonymously, just because a minority of fakers don't put their usernames to their torrents. People have very good reasons for anon uploads, uploaders who wish to release a screener or something that's been leaked for example, and don't want any legal crap associated with, or targeted at their name.

If we didn't allow "new users upload until they are trusted," then we'd have no new users.

Read the forum FAQ for the TPB/suprbay basics:

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