Can we see the precise total downloads of the torrents we uploaded or seeded?
Firstly, I know that TPB stats about the seeders and the leechers of a torrent indexed on TPB are not accurate. This issue has been underlined many times by the staff in this forum.

My question is slightly different.
What about the total of the downloaders of a torrent that is indexed on TPB.

When I seed a torrent I uploaded or downloaded from TPB there is this option on my client. (I use utorrent)

[Image: utorrent.png]

This picture means that the specific torrent has been downloaded 184+9=193 times till this moment,
 or there is an amount of downloaders that cannot be defined by the client's system?

Thanks in advance
If someone is using DHT only they won't show up in the tracker download count as far as I know. So those stats won't be accurate either.
I havent been usuing utorrent for ages, but I'm pretty sure that column represents number of completed downloads of the specific torrent on the specific tracker (i.e. peers who have reached 100%). Your torrent could easily be spread on other trackers and even DHT. Also, some or all of the 9 reported complete downloads on one tracker could easily be counted on the other as well, so according to your question, the number is unreliable at best.
(Mar 10, 2018, 10:03 am)ill88eagle Wrote: I'm pretty sure that column represents number of completed downloads of the specific torrent on the specific tracker

You can be absolutely sure, because that is what it means: the number of peers who have reported completion to that particular tracker.

So yes, some peers may not report completion to any tracker, and others may report completion to multiple trackers.

The number is unknowable.
This sounds like something that is feasible with private tracker, we are public so I don't think we can tally every DHT & PEX download completion.
thanks for the answers mates


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