Best Anti-Malware/Spyware ?
I currently use MalwareBytes but my premium trial is running out and don't want to shed out £30 for it.

Whats the best app to use, preferably cheap, if not free.. thanks
if you're very careful about what websites you visit, links you click on, browser extensions you use and what files you download and knowing exactly what they are before you open them, you don't need anything more than default protection in windows 10 these days, you will be safe from 99.999% of infections. i haven't used anti-virus in years.

if you want a good protection though to keep family safe, i'd actually recommend just buying malwarebytes. you can find pro versions of avast, nod32 and the like on the bay that will work, but you won't get updates generally and they aren't as good as malwarebytes. 6-7 years ago-ish i used norton products, very efficient but picked up a lot of false positives and symantec tends to be a resource hog (or was back then).
stick to malwarebytes its worth the money
spybot search and destroy used to be good but now malwarebytes is best
What? Pirated versions of antivirus software don't have updates? That's news to me.

Of course, I don't use anything beyond free antivirus, so either way I won't be worried.
I really like Malwarebytes. It's a lot less intrusive than other programs.

From my experience I always suspected that Spybot Search and Destroy would put spyware on your PC and claim it's doing work. Tongue
(May 20, 2018, 05:37 am)shirepirate Wrote: 6-7 years ago-ish i used norton products, very efficient but picked up a lot of false positives and symantec tends to be a resource hog (or was back then).

Norton Security is what I have... Ithink I aid $17.00 for 1 year subscript. No, it's much less of a resource hog,and it works very well. Having said that, it's also a pain in the rump...

By torrenting, applying cracks/patches, whatever. It picks it up, quarantines it and screws up my stuff... I always shut it off when I install, but it catches it after reboot. THEN I have to go into the list, restore the issues then tell it to ignore... It picks up all the crap, but doesn't know that I'm doing it.... So it's a good program, and I'm not sure If I can say false positive, since it is doing it's job.

I'll continue to go through that as I appreciate it's alertness, but sometimes it pisses me off... I'll get over it though...

BUt you are right, old Norton would take a LOT of resources...
I agree with shirepirate. The windows defender in combo with an ad blocker is more than good enough if you know what you're doing online.
Kaspersky and ESET are The strongest AV Producers at the market at the moment.
For me, the best anti-malware is not having it.
My system drive is frozen and I think it's unnecessary.
Yuck, is it by way of Ransomware?

How do those fuckers get pleasure with stuff like child porn, hacking, or viruses?

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