Avast attempts to block VPN software...
I just wanted to let people know here that the latest attempts by Avast is that they are now trying to block people's VPNs in their software...

I happened to use one of my machines this morning and I noticed that Avast have now updated their Anti Virus software and purposely blocked some well known VPN software from running on your Windows 10/11 PC...

The solution is simple really just make some exceptions in your Avast software which is fairly straight forward:

[Image: Avast-Blocking-Nord-VPN.jpg]

I happen to be using NordVPN at the moment, I like to move from one VPN to another one because I like to compare them and see how they differ.  I noticed that NordVPN was being blocked by Avast Anti Virus this morning, the current version of NordVPN I'm running is  Just watch out though as when VPN updates and you get newer versions you will have to create a new file exception for the openvpn-nordvpn.exe file as time goes on.  Just watch out for that, I know it's annoying really, I say that people might get annoyed by all this and maybe drop Avast making them less popular who knows...

The whole idea of a VPN is to protect yourself online from harm to avoid being hacked into and Avast are also supposed to protect you in the same from viruses yet Avast don't want you running NordVPN they want to run their own software instead it's a bit silly really you should have the freedom to choose who you want to go with not be bullied by who they actually believe you should have...

Avast may have screwed up I guess which doesn't surprise me after all it's 2022 so what do you expect would happen?
I appreciate your concern, and as we all know, using AV software depends on user's test and security they actually need, not every AV detect and stops VPNs, if any AV software that's for good because their security designed to catch third-party apps and program that get functioned under security holes and can control your files and folders, that's why it catching it up, still you have excluding option, so, simply exclude your VPN via AV setting and Avast won't catch it anymore.

Btw, I'm Windows Defender user, using it along windows with higher security settings, and it never disappointed me!


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