Anyone here seen more T.V shows then me?

1) Misfits (Watching now)
2) South park (Watching now)
3) The vampire diaries (Watching now)
4) Oz (Ended)
5) Suits (January/2014)
6) Teen wolf (January/2014)
7) Dexter (Ended)
8) The walking dead (2014)
9) Prison break (Ended)
10) Game of thrones (2014)
11) Awkward (Watching now)
12) The hard times of R.J Berger (Ended)
13) Breaking bad (Ended)
14) The Inbetweeners (U.S version) (Ended)
15) Elementary (Watching now)
16) Arrow (Watching now)
17) Death Note (Ended)
18) The following (2014)
19) Vikings (2014)
20) Attack on the titans (2014)
21) Vice (2013)
22) Alpha’s (Ended)
23) Sleepy hollow (Watching now)
24) The originals (Watching now)
25) The tomorrow people (Watching now)
26) Under the dome (2014)
27) Almost human (Watching now)

[b]To watch:

1) The wire
2) Spartacus
3) Rome
4) Boardwalk empire
5) Heroes
6) True blood
7) Homeland
8) Blue state mountain
9) The increasingly poor decisions of Todd
10) The killing
12) Beauty and the beast
13) Justified
14) Being Human
15) Continuum
16) Sherlock
i'm sure i've seen many more than you... and i don't even like tv Confused
i wasn't even aware that watching tv shows was a competition.
^ fuck u bob why do your posts always catch me off guard and make me lol
So when you named yourself "xtremeguy" that was aspirational?
If you found time enough to start this thread, you are not watching enough.
You guys are so funny
Getting a harsh treatment, heh... Tongue

Yes, apart from about a thousand different animes completed or ongoing, quite a few "normal" shows as well. And there are folks out there with a lot more under the belt than that... (sane or not)

But more interesting, what are all the (2014)s for? Assuming "Attack on the titans" means Shingeki no Kyojin, in English more often known as "Attack on Titan", it ended this September?

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