Guests can post in the General Discussion sub forum without having to register an account. Please do not abuse this privilege. We do recommend registering an account as some features of this forum are available to members only.

  1. Don't post images, videos, or links containing child porn unless you are reporting a bad torrent.
  2. Don't post images, videos, or links containing pornographic or nude pics, death, mutilations, excessive blood or guts
    unless they are clearly labelled and, in the case of images or videos, enclosed within SPOILER tags. *
  3. Don't post spam or advertisements, or links to:
    sites containing malware; pay sites, money making, or referral schemes;
    direct downloads or torrents requiring passwords or containing fakes, malware, or scams.
  4. Don't use URL shorteners or redirection: post direct links only.
  5. Don't solicit or volunteer compensation.
  6. Don't solicit, volunteer, or attempt to collect personally identifying information.
    The posting of personally identifying information of any member (including private messages)
    without permission will result in a permanent ban.
  7. Don't seek help in someone else's help thread — create a new thread of your own.
  8. Don't create a new discussion thread if there is already a discussion thread for the same topic. †
  9. Don't post in languages other than English.
  10. Don't cross-post or post on inappropriate boards. †
  11. Don't bump [we turn a blind eye if it's been at least a week] or double post. †
  12. Don't post off-topic. †
  13. Don't troll, threaten or flame. †
  14. Don't edit, argue with, ignore, or spoof modcalls.
  15. Don't reply to modcalls. If you want to debate a modcall, PM the moderator (or a supermod or an Admin).
  16. Don't use puppet accounts to break rules or evade bans — you will be held fully accountable.
    If you wish to appeal a ban, you can do so in our IRC channel: on efnet

Please note that we can't predict every possible scenario. We're not out looking for ways to warn or ban people but, in cases of outright obnoxiousness, or obvious stupidity or carelessness, we reserve the right to do so.

You can create threads to discuss most anything; and we'll ensure you can do so without excessive disruption. To that end moderators may intercede to direct people back on topic. Note that such "modcalls" aren't topics so replies to them are, by definition, off-topic and therefore unacceptable. If you wish to discuss a modcall, PM the moderator (or another member of the forum team). New threads can be created to discuss points deemed off-topic.

We may remove members that are considered to be a nuisance to the community. We exercise our power as objectively and responsibly as we're able to. You are free to give us feedback on our management; however this is a private forum and not a democracy. Final calls belong to the Administrators.

Thanks, and enjoy your stay!

* The basis of this rule is that images are absorbed involuntarily, immediately and in their entirety. People can stop reading text they find offensive and skip over further posts but that isn't possible with images. Images are also viewable beyond the range of the keyboard user. The value of free speech is diminished if people are afraid of opening threads (or spoilers) for fear of what might assault them or be revealed to people behind them. Hence you're permitted to post porn, etc. but not to force it upon people. Requiring simple, clear and accurate labels is our way of maximising your freedom to post and everyone else's freedom to browse. Note that blanket terms such as "NSFW" aren't good enough; descriptive terms such as "nudity" "porn" or "gore" are what is expected. The rule applies in all forums including The Void. Breaking it is a bannable offense.

† These rules are not enforced within The Void, which is hidden to protect the innocent. To gain access, join the Voiders group.