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Full Version: What's the best way to help people and increase my experience?
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Just decided: reading books and redoing college homework lost their appeal. I don't know how to start enhancing my experience. It's just not "fun" anymore.

I've heard that people are always looking for helpers, people like open source software developers, and now that I have developed a ten-year gap from graduating and not doing anything concrete, I have no life, no future, and no reputation.

I am a hard worker and I don't take shortcuts in anything that I do, except for programs.

I have a shitload of books I bought in my time in college, but even though they have practise exercises, their "answers" don't help much.

If you can help me find a way, I would like to consider it.

And sorry if this sounds like a sorry attempt to write a cover letter, but I do need help.

Thank you.
Maybe try GitHub and see if you can make any contributions.
Sounds like Rob wants to oil his gears. So he could get in touch with some development team and see how they work, but that's the tricky part:
Such colaborative learn-as-you-do works in a quasi-buddy system; video-conference and desktop sharing are needed at least part of the time.
Guess Reddit is a good place to start asking, meeting people, getting directions.
Thing is, I am still familiar with the basics of most programming languages taught to me, and I do maintain a good practise of planning out any program before coding, but I'm not as gifted and as skillful when it comes to stuff like Libreoffice and Linux Mint.

I can troubleshoot my way out of a GNU/Linux problem, albeit with a little reading, but I can't do the complex jobs needed to actually help out in an open source project.

That is my Achilles's heel.
You can study a simple project to start. As Contrail said, GitHub may be of use. qBitTorrent, for example?
Make fun simple little projects that can be published as snippets, while challenging yourself to do something new. Examples of what that might look like can be found on CodePen. Although that site focuses on HTML/CSS/JS, it can be applied to whatever language you work with, if you're creative.
Offering support for simple questions could also increase your experience and gain new knowledge.
(Aug 08, 2018, 19:00 pm)contrail Wrote: [ -> ]Offering support for simple questions could also increase your experience and gain new knowledge.

Agree. Not knowledgeable in programming, but a good life lesson for anything is to put yourself out there and try anything. As long as you learn from mistakes, They are never failures, but LESSONS.

Another thing that helped me is to know yourself...Make weaknesses strengths. If you know yourself you be able to teach yourself anything...
Thanks, guys.

Those college textbooks and downloaded e-books might come in handy after all.

There are also library books that the library puts for sale.

Good ideas, everyone. Well done.
You can learn a simple project to start.
happy wheels