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Full Version: Swan Song by Kelleigh Greenberg - Jephcott
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Swan Song

by Kelleigh Greenberg - Jephcott

Over countless martini-soaked Manhattan lunches, they shared their deepest secrets and greatest fears. On exclusive yachts sailing the Mediterranean, on private jets streaming towards Jamaica, on Yucatán beaches in secluded bays, they gossiped about sex, power, money, love and fame. They never imagined he would betray them so absolutely.

Based on ten years of research comes a dazzling literary debut about the rise and self-destructive fall of Truman Capote and the beautiful, wealthy, vulnerable women he called his swans.
Not published until June 14, 2018, and one of the reasons an Amazon link should be attached to requests.

thanks to the forum and have a good weekend!
Thank you so much for following up, apologies for all the bumps.
You never need to apologize for bumping a thread. Often a book simply isn’t available at the time it is initially requested. Bumping reminds people, “Oh yeah, I should check that one again.”