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Full Version: Microsoft Combat Flight Sims I II III
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Back in the late 90's and early 2000's I used to play CFS I II and III on MS Zone till they took it down, That was one game I bought every cd that was made for those games and played for hours, anyone on here play or belonged to a squadron on there when it was active? I wish they were still going today cause those games were just fun when you had nothing planned for a
Curiously I don't remember ever playing a MS Game but Dungeon Something.

Maybe this can help?
Yes, I am familiar with that site and I've done the p-2-p gaming scene, it really isn't that fun for a flight sim game, lag is a big factor or the game freezes up for a long period of time, the ZONE was way more fun.
There were some game server/virtualization services, like old PlayOn! but lag is still there, and in a flight combat it's an issue.
Ping and FPS become a social factor. I had lotta fun with Falcon, but it was only thru local network, decades ago.

"The Internet is the new superpower, and Social Network Engineering it's religion."
Oh totally, on the SuperPower and Religion concepts, You played Falcon huh? I still have that on cdrom too lol, I played that one too, If it was any kind of a flight sim, I more than likely have ( had ) it at one point or another, The only flight game I totally sucked at is the one a lot of people still like X-Plane That game is my nightmare in flight sims.
I played EA's F15, a fun action game. F22 was weird, felt like slow and I never learned how to fly. That was in the 486/DOS era. But Falcon was crazy, the user manual included flight techniques, like the Himmelman, and nothing like fragging your adversary's tail when they think will manage to evade.

X-Plane is very popular nowadays, a huge simulator; even the space shuttle is there. Too much for me, I'm more for Wing Commander than Trainz...
Oh GOD !!! Wing Commander...I worked for Origin in Austin Texas back when that game was all floppies, I have all those Wing Commander games still today...HAHAHAHAHA.... Kilrathi ! and the Terrans, You ever want them, let me know I can hook you up !
Good old times when games were for gaming. They made or published a big part of the game history. I miss it.
Sure playing on an Apple II or IBM PC was crap, but back then it was like having your own time warp machine.

I guess the entire Origin, Interplay, Epic, and a few others' catalogue is around on torrents.
Heard there's a new "shroud of the avatar" game now. Eager to see.
Bugs or not, I played Ultima IX like acid without the reactions.