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Full Version: Pretty Kitty Kat webcam videos
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Hi. There's this really hot pornstar(IMO) called Juliana, aka Pretty Kitty Kat(mostly on webcam).


[Image: sample.jpg]

I'm looking for her scene called "Juliana Gets Naked" in HD(720p or 1080p). This scene is from


[Image: sample1.jpg]

I'm also looking for her scenes from her Camster website, called: Surprise at the apartment, Its Tuesday..let's fuck, Beach side fuck fest and Feeling a little nasty, all in HD(720p or 1080p). If you does have any of those from Camster and want to help me, please, send me the screenshots so I can make sure I don't have any of them, because I think some of those videos were also released elsewhere but with alternative titles, so I may have some of them. Also, if someone could upload her Picture Sets from Camster and/or Culioneros, I would appreciate soo much.

And finally, I'm looking for any of her webcam videos except those below:


Duration: 11:34
[Image: screens1_0.jpg]

Duration: 08:59
[Image: screens2_0.jpg]

Duration: 12:42
[Image: screens3_0.jpg]

Duration: 12:33
[Image: screens4_0.jpg]

Unless you have any of them with bigger durations than those I included above the screenshots.

I know this is a huge request, and of course I don't expect it to be completely fulfilled, but since there are a quite number of videos and picture sets, I decided including in one thread. So, any help will be really welcome.

Please, if you want money, don't reply this or PM me either.

Thank you very much.

Best Regards.
Hey man....

Try this out:

The last one!!
Have the hole historic of this actress....
(Jan 14, 2014, 01:44 am)kastyel Wrote: [ -> ]Hey man....

Try this out:

The last one!!
Have the hole historic of this actress....

Hehe, actually, I'm the very same who created that thread and posted that video Smile I'm porneyeseeker around there.

I'm looking for that one "Juliana Gets Naked" but in HD 720p or 1080p, that one is just a standard version.

Thank you for the reply anyway Wink
I'm still looking for those Sad

I'm looking for someone able and willing to upload Juliana aka Pretty Kitty Kat videos and picture sets from her Camster Fansite

The videos I'm most positive that I don't have are:

Its Tuesday..let's fuck
Surprise at the apartment
Feeling a little nasty

As for the picture sets, I miss all of them Sad

I would need some screenshots from "Surprise at the apartment" to be sure if I don't own it already.

I'm also looking for her recent webcam releases. Like this one: LINK (not watermarked, original quality, please)

At last, I'm also looking for her picture set called "El Burrito Picinero(Piscinero?)"(this title is also known as "Poolside for some dick", please, don't mistake with another of her releases, called "Poolside Sex") from Culioneros. I own an account, but that picture set was removed from their server, so if somebody downloaded it previously, please, could you upload it?

Sample Picture:
(please, pay attention over her outfit)

[Image: xbig1.jpg.pagespeed.ic._eeCz9vHymzm53r2coY2.jpg]

Thank you so much.

Best Regards.
edit: nvm, only have the vid of Poolside for some dick.
(Apr 20, 2015, 12:46 pm)heSaint Wrote: [ -> ]edit: nvm, only have the vid of Poolside for some dick.

I've been looking for months now... I also contacted BangBros/Culioneros multiple times, and they don't seem to be planning to bring both video and picture set back... I already have the HD video, but I really want the picture set as it's the only one missing from my collection.

So, if somebody does have the picture set and is able to help me... please.

Thank you.

Best Regards.
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