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Full Version: freenas or unraid and automation questions
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Alrighty well let me start off with, I work a lot and don't have the energy to keep it up with my collection. Does anyone know the differences between freenas and unraid other then the price. I own a dell r710 3.5 with 6tb of storage and 16gb of ram. Needing to use automation on literally everything!  This servers just for downloading nothing else. I have a plex server and just want to not worry anymore about transferring everything or renaming it all. Example: I spent over 5 hours once renaming and preparing over 8tb of TV shows most of it anime. I just can't do anymore. it's killing me.

I know about services like couch potato,sick beard, and sonarr already. I just have one question can it cross references my 18TB collection downloads any missing Movies and TV Shows automatically on YIFY, Crunchyroll, ETC . Yeah that right I want the whole 6000+ movies yify has and don't want to spend days downloading them. I also want over 1000+ pieces of anime. all in 1080p goodness! All downloaded and renamed and moved to a huge 64TB Plex server for safe keeping. I am a collector and love to archive media and data-caps are not a issue to me. My ISP just lets people do whatever last couple of month. I have been downloading right around 4TB a month. It's fantastic Big Grin Heart
plex is somewhat cool... Freenas is free and takes up your whole machine. unraid is proprietary and takes up a whole machine, usually one of theirs. They both have some addons for extra features. You could do what you want, but I would just use Linux and add zfs filesystem and add the drives on a good PC, and then write a lot of scripts. filebot is cool for renaming stuff, its a snap app in Linux.

Any way you slice it, your going to spend a lot of money for 64TB.

Good luck!

PS: Look at youtube for more details.
Alright well thank you for the information. Do you know anything about automation torrent software?