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Full Version: Portugese Films
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Anyone know where to download Portugese movies?  I am in Brazil right now and it would be a huge help! Thanks
Where ever you find the most movies being uploaded, thats your best shot at finding any movie. Youre not going to find a site that specializes in foreign movies. You just gotta try TPB, or the other big sites.
A few examples of all things uploaded to TPB in portugese, movies etc.

I'm sure there are other searches that would come up with some more, but try these.*/0/99/0

Hope that helps some. Big Grin Though it seems pretty obvious.
There have been quite a few at PB with both English and Portugese over the last couple of months and they have been of good quality.
I just found this section and I'm wondering if somebody has some modern Portuguese films on his to-watch-list..
Even though your post is a few days older now, I may still have a good option for you. Downloading is not the most popular thing to do nowadays and streaming is a safer option. 
That's why I recommend the site Late Night Streaming. There you will find not only movies in English, but also in Portuguese and German. 
My recommendation for you is "City of God", because this is a very classic film from Brazil. Have fun Smile

I Google Translated the query "Portuguese movies and tv shows streaming" and entered it at a search engine.

Perhaps you should do that.