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Full Version: Daz 4.9 help please and thank you
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Where do you find characters like V4 I can't seem to find her in the new daz?
Did you download them? If so, they are usually in your "My Library" folder. If you highlight that folder in DAZ, it will show you the path. Also, the path is shown in 'content' tab under 'Preferences', which is under the EDIT tab on the main menu bar when you load DAZ. That is where almost all Poser content is downloaded into. If V4 was in Poser, then the character will be in the Poser directory structure.
I installed it with the installer that come with it but I can't find it anywhere.
The manifest file will have the links to where it is installed. Open up the manifest file with notepad (or other text editor). All install paths are contained there. Also, if there are readme files that came with the product, they almost always contain the install paths for all the components.
Thank you I really appreciate it.