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Full Version: FuZzCasT - Movies, Music and Games for the Sega Dreamcast!
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Hi there  Angel

I'm a huge fan of Sonic and Sega! besides that I love music too!

Be sure to check out my projects and upcoming for the Sega Dreamcast! I've been able to do movie conversions without a frameloss for the console! This is a big milestone for me! On top of this I created music and slammed other awesome artists in for Sonic Adventure and released my first free album on thepiratebay!

Project 1 - Dreamcast - FuZzCasT's Sick Beatz
Project 2 - Dreamcast - Sonic Adventure [FuZzCasT Edition]
Project 3 - Dreamcast - Sonic Adventure 2 - No Music
Project 4 - Dreamcast - Fight Club
Project 5 - Dreamcast - The Matrix Revolutions
Project 6 - Dreamcast - Tron Legacy
Project 7 - Dreamcast - Power Rangers 2017
Project 8 - Sonic the Hedgehog - The Movie
Project 9 - The Fifth Element
Project 10 - Mortal Kombat
Project 11 - Elfen Lied
Project 12 - Scott Pilgrim Vs The World
Project 13 - I, Robot
Project 14 - South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

DVD Quality movies and music on the Dreamcast without a frameloss! Game mods too!

Various laws may apply on your planet or universe/dimension @_@ (I'm sure you know what that means)

To the left you'll see my torrents. I'll link you to the torrents specifically to avoid any confusion Smile[Anime-MX]-(FuZzCasT)

Once the thepiratebay is ready for my next release I will release Scott Pilgrim Vs the World

Rest assured a fast download response as of writing this!

Other news:

Development plans to progress for a more recent codec to attempt to put them on a Single disc. Also plans are in development for to multi select video content from a single disc. We will do our best! The operations are still gaining intelligence  Cool

New album planned to made - FuZzCasT - The Benny Algorithm

Long live Dreamcast and stay tuned for releases from FuZzCasT!